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I'm going to be skipping to different households so please bear with me.

At the Harris household

Leon Harris was sitting in his room, just staring blankly at the ceiling. It was about one in the evening, and he was terribly bored. He had no plans for today. Impossible I know, a sixteen year old guy having no plans, it was even a Saturday! He decided to go through his options. He needed someone to hang out with. So he started with his family. Xander, his older brother, was on the phone downstairs. "Probably making plans with someone, and is going to ditch me." Leon says out loud to himself. His mother is the next one on his list. "Mom's cool, but it's uncool to hang out with your mother." Leon thinks. He's smart enough not to say that out loud. Jade West, well Jade Harris now, is still her same old self. She has personally showed the boys her scissor collection when they've made her mad enough, and Andre wasn't home. Oh no, she isn't abusive! She would never lay a hand on her boys, but she threatens. You would think once she had kids she would soften up, she did a little bit not much. "Ok, so I could hang out with dad." Leon says, stands up, but then plops back down on his bed again. "Dad's working on a new song." He remembers and says glumly to himself again. Andre Harris had made it big time, as did the rest of the gang. He has even written songs for many celebrities. Like Beyoncé and Jason Mraz. Even three very special celebrities. Cat Shapiro, Tori Oliver, and most importantly Jade Harris. "Leon!" Xander yells. Luckily Andre is in a sound proof room in the basement, he can't hear anything up there and vice-versa. "What!" Leon yells back. "IF YOU BOYS KEEP YELLING I SWEAR, YOU TWO WILL BE SHAKING IN FEAR!" Jade screams back at both the boys. "Threats don't work anymore mom, yeah we aren't afraid anymore!" They yell back, even though it was a total lie. They like to have comebacks though, they are Jade's children. "Two. Words. Justin. Bieber." Jade says trying not to explode, again. Their mother could and would torture them with Justin Bieber, and they know it. "Sorry mom." "We love you mom." The both of them tell her. "That's what I thought." Jade says feeling accomplished. Xander comes up to their room, while Leon still is. "I'm going to the Olivers', to hang out with Andy, and mom says you have to come with so hurry up and get downstairs." And with that he walks back downstairs. Leon got up and started to put his shoes on. Of course he wanted to go. 1. He could get out of the house and do something fun. 2. His best friend Nicole Oliver might be home. And 3. The love of his life, Emily Oliver might also be home. He has the biggest crush on her. Not that she knew that though. "Hurry up." Xander says loudly from downstairs, but not loud enough to annoy their mother. "One minute." Leon answers at the same volume. "I'm counting." Xander replies. Leon decides he doesn't want to be left, and goes downstairs. They say bye to Jade and leave for the Olivers'.

The Shapiro household

"No Mr. Furry, don't play tag with Mr. and Mrs. Feathers'!" 15 year old Skylar Shapiro yells at her and her 17 year old sister's pets, a dog and two budgies. You can see she got her naming skills from Cat. "Don't yell at them!" Her sister Analie yells at her. Analie is the older one of the Shapiro "Twins" as Emily and Nicole call them. Because they are more like twins then the Oliver ones are. "You're so mean to me!" Skylar yells back at her sister. "Skye, I can talk to animals so I can tell him to stop nicely. " Analie tells her sister calmly. "That would be so cool!" "But, you can't talk to animals Annie." Skylar replys. "What's that supposed to mean!" Screams Analie. Both girls run to their mother. "Mom she was mean to me!" "Mom she said I can't talk to animals!" Yell both girls once they find their mother in the kitchen. She was making her famous red velvet cupcakes. Cat Shapiro, now older and more mature, did the sensible thing. "Don't yell at me!" Yells Cat while dropping her pan of cupcakes on the floor. Yeah, Cat hasn't changed since high school either. Robbie takes action, like usual when Cat and the kittens flip out. "Skye, why don't you go over to Emily's for a bit?" Robbie asks while rubbing his wife's shoulders. "Oo yay! I'm going to go call her!" Skylar screams and runs to the phone. "Oo dad can I go too!" Analie yells at her father more than asking him. "No, you are still grounded from failing both your history and biology tests last week." Robbie says firmly. "Phooey." Analie says and walks upstairs. I wanted to see Andy she thinks. Skylar runs past her sister down the stairs, says bye to all three of her family members, and runs out the door to tart her walk over to the Olivers'. Soon the whole group will be there, because Robbie will eventually give in and let Annie come too, like always.

The Oliver household

You've heard about them, let's meet them. There is Andrew otherwise known as Andy, the eldest at 17. Then you have the 16 year old twins Nicole and Emily. Besides from looking identically and being able to sing they are polar opposites. Back to the story. Emily and Nicole are in their "rooms" which is really one big room with a divider in the middle. Andy is in the living room with his parents waiting for Xander his best friend to get here. He doesn't mind spending time with his parent's he thinks they are pretty awesome. They are watching Tori, Beck, and the rest of the gang in high school. They said that some creepy dude, named Sinjin, recorded every day and nobody knew. They found out recently and Beck bought the cds off of him. "You poured ravioli down his pants?" Andy asks his mother. As the day Sikowitz showed the class the video of Tori and Andre at the restaurant was on the screen. "Yes, and never do that." Tori Oliver says still watching the screen. "I wasn't planning on it." Andy replys. "Nicole!" Andy hears his sister Emily yell. "Mom." Andy says. "Yes, I hear them, if they don't fix it themselves soon I'll go up. Until then, anyone want anything from the kitchen?" She asks. "Could you get me something to drink please Tor, yeah me too mom please?" The boys ask. "Lemonade good?" Tori asks, already knowing the answer. "We love you." Both guys reply smiling the Oliver smile. Tori laughs and goes into the kitchen. "I'm glad you picked mom, dad." "Me too, Andy, I can't imagine living without her and you kids." Now upstairs with the girls. "I can't believe you stole that!" "I did not, it's rightfully mine." "Arggg dad!" Beck walks upstairs to the girl's room. "What is the problem you two." Beck says. "Nicole took the picture of Avan Jogia out of my magazine and I want it back." Emily states. Beck trying to end this quickly says this. "Nicole just give it back to her." "But dad, I bought the magazine yesterday for her when she asked. I came in my side of the room today and found it one the floor, so I picked it up on the page it was open to, had a picture of this really hot guy, so I cut it out and put the magazine back in her side." Nicole argues. "Emily if she bought it , can't you let her have the one picture?" Beck asks his daughter. 'But daddy." Emily says and puts on her puppy dog face. "Um, um, Tori!" Beck says. Tori comes upstairs too. "Yes." She asks Beck. "Help me." He pleads. Tori looks at her surroundings. Em had a girly magazine and Nic had a picture of Avan Jogia. Knowing the girls she knew what happened. "Just take a picture of your father, he looks like Avan Jogia then you both can have a picture." Tori tells the girls. "Dad doesn't." Emily starts then stops. "Here Em you can have it." Nicole says. "No, it's ok keeps it." Emily replys. Nicole throws it out. "I finally see a hot celebrity and he has to remind me of my father." Nicole says and walks downstairs. "Thanks for ruining it dad." Says Emily then follows her sister. "Should I be offended?" Asks Beck. "I don't think so?" Tori answers confused. They walk back downstairs. "Atleast they aren't mad at you." Beck tells his wife. "Mom, I can't believe you didn't kiss dad, come on." Emily complains to her mom while watching the younger versions of her mom and dad. "You were saying dear." Tori asks her husband. "Dad could we get "Aunt" Cat some bibble? Andy asks. "That's what I was thinking!" Nicole agrees with her brother. Just then the doorbell rings. Andy gets it to find Xander, Leon, and Skylar. "Hey everyone." Andy says and lets them in. "Where's Analie?" Emily asks Skylar her sometimes ditsy bff. "She will be here in a minute." Skylar says then starts laughing. "What?" Everyone asks her. Now on the screen is the Hollywood Arts first "Prome". "It's a man baby!" Skylar says at the same time teenage Cat said it also. They all look at her for a moment. "Hey did you all get your acts ready for school Monday/" Tori asks the group. There was a bunch of no's. "Well you better hurry you all have to perform in the back to school bash on Monday." Beck informs them. "Why don't we all work on it together when Ana lie gets here?" Xander asks. It's not surprising when he talks with his close friends, but everyone else it would be. There was a bunch of yeah"s and Good ideas from the group. That is how the big group project began.

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