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Fast forward about a month.

Loki, out of pure boredom and the fact that he was running almost dangerously low on food had decided he would go shopping for supplies. With an endless supply of magic money (he'd taken pieces of paper and used his magic to turn it into legitimate looking money – best counterfeit) he had enough to last him not only through the pregnancy but if there was ever a time he needed it afterward he'd have it.

So the trickster was standing outside some grocery with an inquisitive face upon her features. You wouldn't think he'd go out as his male self, did you? Everyone knew him as the god of mischief and trickery, and that meant he'd have to go as Lori. This time she was a little more casual; hair swept into a French braid while her clothing consisted of a t-shirt and jeans. She felt comfortable like this, though apprehension still nagged her. Thor knew she was with child, knew that she would be giving birth to someone's child. She didn't want to know what might happen if the thundering doofus learned that his team mate Tony Stark was the father.

With a list in hand, she began filling the basket she'd taken from the front of the market, eying goods like a good little Midgardian while her thoughts dwelled. It was a motherly thing, she told herself. Wanting to see Stark was just because she was anxious; he simply wanted the company of the father of her child. She kept telling herself this as she slid the full basket of items on the conveyer belt, as she walked home and changed. And she was telling herself this as she slipped into a press junket about the newly found hostages from Doom's latest plot.

Tony did not like press junkets.

Well he did, if they were about him and the work he'd been doing. But this was about the thirteen hostages that were recently released from Victor Von Doom's clutches. It was a miracle really. They simply began showing up, as if nothing had happened to them. But in all precaution they had them tested for any disease and malice towards their bodies.

All was fine, but the shock had still warranted the Avengers to put something together to quell worried voices and superstitious rumours; not to mention rumors of Loki having vanished with the plot Doom had created. Had he captured Loki? Were they in cahoots? (Cahoots is one of my favorite words, I had to add it. Say it a few times, you'll smile.) All and more would be answered at the junket and Tony Stark was instantly regretting those words while sitting in front of maybe thirty reporters, news broadcasters and police officers that would report back to their deputies and so forth.

It was while Steve – the more press-polite of the team spoke of the precautions they were taking against the newly found that Tony had seen Lori on the edges of the junket; watching them with relaxed yet guarded eyes. She had changed her clothes from shopping (though Tony hadn't known she'd gone shopping) to wear a lovely set of dress pants and blouse with a blazer that was relaxed over her shoulders. Tony's mouth might have dropped open at the sight but unbeknownst to everyone else to him the woman was glowing. When someone finally asked him a question he was stupefied, blinking and taking a moment before asking them to repeat the question.

"Have you received any information on where Loki might be?"

Steve let Tony answer by putting a bottle of water to his lips and giving him a look that even made Natasha fess up if need be. Collecting his thoughts and finally tearing his gaze from the woman in black he grinned;

"If we had any information you'd see us fighting the bastard, not sitting on our asses."

It earned a few chuckles, but when he tried finding Lori again, he only saw her back as she exited the room. Steve wrapped the junket up, trying to answer as many flustered questions as he could as the billionaire made a hasty exit and a furious dash towards the woman. When he caught her she was standing at the end of the street, waiting for the light to change. His hand on her elbow made her jerk and if Loki wasn't at one-hundred percent she might have actually broken his nose.

When she turned to him he had a slight heart attack.

Was she crying?

"Mr. Stark!" She laughed and furiously wiped her eyes, mumbling something about allergies as she did so. By the time she had calmed she looked demeaure with that French braid behind her allowing him to see her high cheek bones and beautifully aligned face. Tony thought her beautiful, though he couldn't remember if he told her that before. They stood there as the light changed, people walking around them, talking and enjoying their own complicated life; unaware of the unspoken words being exchanged between the two.

"How does coffee sound?"

"Tea, please."

They had stood at the intersection for nearly three minutes before Tony had simply taken Lori's hand and brought her to the Avengers Tower. The others had gone out to eat without Tony though he didn't seem to mind, muttering about wanting personal space as he set a kettle on the stove to boil while the coffee maker began to hum away. Again there was verbal silence; nothing but the humming of machines and probably a television left on in one of the rooms.

The god had been surprised yes, Tony's sudden approach and even letting the man take him where ever he led. It was silly to think that he actually wanted an intellectual conversation or even anything more than a quick fuck before moving on. To be treated to a drink, let alone a drink of his choosing was almost monumental. Lori stared at the tea bag she'd found in the cupboard, wondering if they ever lived together would they stock tea and coffee or would Loki finally move on to coff—

Woah there, Loki chided himself. There is no if. They would not live together. Times like this the silver tongue thought of running, sinking into the floor and simply hiding. But any more magic would put their child at risk. Their child? Her fist clenched the tea bag and she stopped, making sure the cloth bag hadn't begun to rip as the kettle began to whistle. Loki was treated to letting Tony pour the boiling water into the mug before she added the bag of herbs. Silence once filled the room as the two regarded their drinks as if they were holy beings themselves. Words simply did not come.

Bringing the mug to her lips she gently blew on the steaming beverage, enjoying the sight of Tony Stark squirming though she knew that if she were less calm and taught to have a wonderful poker face, she would have the same look upon his face. Ton was trying to speak it seemed; he'd open his mouth and try and say something, but nothing would come out. So Lori would simply take the lead and guide him through what he might have wanted.

"Would you like me to come to bed with you?" Her voice was cool.



And finally Tony looked at her, almost through the glamour to devour not only this form but to devour the original glamour that kept the monster at bay. No, that wasn't the look in his eyes; calculating, almost angry as he eyed her. This was the look of a man planning something, and Loki did not like it.

"Come on a date with me."

Mjolnir could drop from several stories and it would only sound like a pin.

She stared at him, grinning from ear to ear as she sipped her tea with more than enough calmness to not only make Stark squirm but he even looked like he was sweating. This alone was more than enough to please to make the god inside her purr with content but soon the woman would have to answer, wouldn't she? After she took another sip of tea, she set the mug down and grinned.

"Tony. No. Tony!"

"Why not?"

She wasn't enjoying herself. Anyone saying so might find themselves dead in a few months. But that smile was betraying her as she was pulled along and into the carnival that bounced and not only the music but the smells of food and animals and rides glided into a whole new experience for Loki. He had dragged her to another ride, this one called the Tunnel of Love. They sat side by side in a roomy car; the glamoured god may not have been glaring at him while a bored looking ride attendant briefly explained the rules.

As they were jettied on the little track, Loki was almost silent. She wasn't fully silent no, giggling at Tony whenever he tried to move to get closer. Finally he managed to snake an arm around her shoulders and maybe, just maybe she liked how Tony's stubble against her neck. As they were swept through the lace thin curtains and into the silly ride itself they kissed, slow and passionate. She pulled away to look at the hilariously placed cherubs, kissing scenes and PG-13 shows of not only romance but love. Lori let out a sigh when she felt the man's lips caress her neck and she couldn't help giggling a little at the stubble.

She purred his name, allowing him not only access to her neck but to her front as well; though if his hands fluttered near her stomach she may have stiffened. If Tony had noticed he didn't make a mention of it, pulling away as the ride slowed and Lori was buttoning her blouse again as they were swathed in the lights of the carnival once again. From the rides Tony had led her through booth after booth of food and drink, settling on sharing an Elephant Ear. She wanted to ask why they would eat the ear of an elephant but was quite surprised to see that it wasn't the meat of one of those noble creatures but a large piece of dough, fried and covered in butter and sugar.

Lori watched as it was brought out to them, steaming hot and coated with sugar, butter and cinnamon.

"This," Tony told her as he tore off a piece and offered it to her, "is the best thing in the world." And as she took it from him and allowed herself to eat it, her eyes were widening once again. The sweet, saturated sugar and butter brought out the fried taste of the dough while the cinnamon hinted subtle tones of a sweet herb in the bread that she couldn't name. All she could do at the time was chew and smile at him. It was indeed delicious.

"It's an interesting food indeed," she admitted, watching Tony grin wide. "I like it."

So the two spent most of the evening between food and games, no rides as Lori said she was not a fan of roller coasters. Lori was amazing at any games that came down to aim, Tony failing only to huff and watch the woman excel. Tony had to admit he did like watching her, though his thoughts were indeed on a few of the things that were unfolding between them. There were times she'd tense whenever his hands lingered around her midsection. Another was that she did not accept any alcoholic drinks. The other times they had met (few and far in between, mind you) she would always take a little alcohol.

Tony didn't mind however, considering the only drinks they would get would be a local beer or two, nothing hard like scotch, but it still made him think. No roller coasters, no booze, and freaking out when he touched her anywhere near her stomach. Okay Tony. Breath. Just breath. He wasn't stupid, he knew those signs meant something more than naught, but he needed to know for sure if he was right. But how would he approach the subject?

Turning to Lori gave him a sight he hadn't seen since they'd met a little over a month ago. She was staring at the Ferris wheel, the lights of the fun house illuminating now messy hair from wind and brilliant smiling. Stark took out his phone, taking a very quick picture of her before taking her and. "Want to go on the Ferris wheel?" But before she could protest he was dragging her into the line. She stood in front of him, the shorter man holding onto her hips with strong hands. She was a little tense, but he didn't notice, and soon they were in the open air cart, going up as more and more people were loaded.

Lori sat across from Tony, her eyes occasionally straying to him while Tony stared straight at her. Now or never, Stark. The man reached out, taking her and putting it to his lips.

"Were you going to tell me or keep it a secret?" His eyes were dangerous, but not as dangerous as hers.

"Tell you what, Tony?" She kept an even tone, allowing him to hold her hand despite the fact she looked more than nervous. Her back faced the open sky, she didn't see the sky begin to fill with clouds, but her ears perked at the rumble of thunder that seemed to close in on them. Lori paled and she turned away to look at the clouds. Tony looked unamused, watching as they sailed higher on the carnival ride. As he continued to speak, the thunder came closer, and Lori grew more silent. Time for the quick and clean kill.

"Lori, are you pre-" The sound of thunder made the woman all but jump into Tony's lap. She clung to him, seated with her legs across his lap while her face was burrowed into his neck. She told him in a soft voice she hated thunder and lightning. He took it in stride, he himself not quite a fan of thunder but he'd never admit it to anyone let alone the woman in his arms. The couple (oh god Tony just thought of them as a couple) stayed like that till the ride brought them back to earth and as soon as they stepped out, a man approached them.

Thor looked at them, the words spouting from his mouth father than he could catch them.

"Man of iron, you are needed with the oth—"

The thundering (sometimes dunderhead) god stopped short when he spotted the raven haired woman not only beside Tony but it seemed he had an arm around her. Neither he nor Lori knew what Thor would do next, but a sort of tenseness came around his shoulders, like a brother having an intense urge to protect his gender changing pregnant trickster god of a brother from the loveable man-whore named Tony Stark. As the blond took a step forward Lori tightened her hand on Tony's arm, making him look over.

"Don't be afraid of Thor, he's harmless."

"I'm not exactly afraid of him," she quickly countered, not even paying the slightest attention to the man of iron, but her gaze was firmly on her brother. It would be extremely bad if her cover was blown here, not just her true identity but the knowledge of the child. By the look on Thor's face, it seemed to click together. Despite his lack of knowledge on many of the Midgardian things, gossip was one of the things that seemed to transcend space and through the universe. Thor knew of most of Tony's conquests, though just now it was coming together that Loki had not only spelt with Tony Stark, but he was carrying their child.

And all hell broke loose. (Not literally, mind you.) But when you're a mortal being pressed into the nearest building while being threatened by the blond about bedding someone the god deemed not one to be touched by his wide reaching hand Tony was the one asking questions. Well, the questions began when Thor finally put him down. Lori was standing quite a bit away from the two, though a ring around them had formed to watch the commotion.

"You have bedded my br –" Lori elbowed Thor, all but glaring at him but Tony was standing there with a look on his face that could have made a puppy that the billionaire personally kicked ask for an apology.


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