This is fiction and is not real. I don't own the real places or people mentioned but I do own my characters and the rights to this story.

Chapter 1 – Some Shocking News

Tuesday, September, 18, 2012

This day started out like any normal day would for 15 year old Adam and his younger 13 year old brother Phil and their Mom. The sun rose, I woke up, had a typical routine nothing different so far right. Well I couldn't have been more incorrect.

"Adam your breakfast is ready" said Mom

"Coming Mom!" a little protest in my voice

However after a few minutes Mom patience is running thin.

"Well the bus will be here in 10 minutes so get down here NOW!" she finally screamed

So I came down went to school nothing exciting happen though except for one thing they mentioned something about this big announcement at 8pm on Global and all the other major news stations.

Around 8 after Mom, Phil and I had dinner which was Spaghetti and was delicious; we went to our flat screen TV in our living room which had all fancy things including that TV and a 750 dollar couch from Leons. Anyway the Prime Minster Stephen Harper came on and addressed the media and before long I knew something was terribly wrong.

"Good Evening everyone" said the Prime Minister

"Anyway we have some terrible news an object has been found in space about 15 million miles from earth and moving at a fast pace" he said

There were shocks and murmurs from the crowd as they react to the terrible news. In my head I thought holy cow is this true?

The news came to us yesterday he said as he continued on, he discussed the facts, who found it and a bunch of other boring details until he said the object was an asteroid and it was heading to the Northern Atlantic about 200 miles east of New York.

"What!" I exclaimed

"When will it hit?" someone shouted

"We have worked it out and it will hit in 3 months." Prime Minister said calmly

"Will it be then end of the world?" some one said tears running down their cheeks you could see since the camera was showing him just as he asked

The Prime Minister took a deep breath and said…

To Be Continued

End of Chapter 1 stay tuned for Chapter 2 Read and Review but don't go too hard this is my first time ever writing a story on here.