I Don't Own Pokémon

Sequel to: Trapped!

Main Story Line: Lunick and Solana are Ranger Leaders,

Sub Story Lines:

Lunick's Family

Legdendary Bonding

Joel, Spenser, Cameron, Elita Adventures

Solana X Lunick

New Council

Go Rock's Revenge

Rockets Revenge

Chapter One: Another Long Night

(3 Weeks since the events of Trapped!)

Lunick looked around his Ranger Base, Most Rangers were out on patrol or on missions; Solana had taken Murph on a mission as a supervisor. Both Lunick and Solana had promised to get Murph to rank 10 within the next year, even if one of them had to accompany him on every mission, so he was one of the few in the base, once again he found himself going over the memories Suicune had gifted to him, he saw Suicune's meeting with himself and watched as he was captured and freed.

He recived a call from one of his Rangers,

"Leader, we've found some Go-Rock Grunts in the Lyra forest, what are your instructions?" one of them asked, Lunick recognised the rangers as, Alan, John and Luke.

"How many are there?" Lunick asked

"Seven sir" Alan replied

"Await Solana and stay hidden" Lunick ordered, he still felt strange giving orders and having them followed.

"Yes Leader!" Luke replied, ending the call, Lunick called Solana,

"Hey Lunick, what's up?" Solana asked,

"Your needed in the Lyra Forest, seven Grunts" Lunick replied,

"Why aren't we using our connection?" Solana asked

"Official Mission orders" Lunick shrugged,

"Fine, myself and Murph are on our way!" Solana called, ending the call,

Lunick sighed, he would've loved to have gone out and enjoyed a stroll around the Lyra Forest, to defeat some Grunts, but he knew that there should be a Ranger Council member in the base at all times, and as Solana and Murph were out on a mission, so he had to remain in the base until they returned.

He again delved into Suicune's memories, he enjoyed the feeling of running as Suicune, he watched as Suicune ran across plains in far off lands and climbed waterfalls, he was brought to reality when the doors opened and a panic stricken Percy fell inside, Lunick rushed to help him up and Percy smiled at him, he didn't like the looks of this Percy's smiled,

"Lunick?" Percy asked, and Lunick's worst fear was confirmed, Percy wanted something

"What do you want Percy?" Lunick asked, causality

"There's this troublesome ranger…." Percy began

"No, no way!" Lunick replied

"Please, you're the scariest, meanest, biggest Ranger I know, if you directed the meeting then there would be no trouble!" Percy whined,

"When is it?" Lunick asked, curiously

"Tonight" Percy muttered, "9 O'clock, with three leaders and The Father of the Ranger"

"Where?" Lunick asked

"Fall City, It is the easiest place to get to" Percy replied smiling,

"I'll be there, as will you and who else?" Lunick asked tiredly, he had been in meetings every night for the past three weeks, not that he was complaining, but they were getting to him.

"There's me, You and Keith, Chris said he can come if need be, but Solana isn't that scary" Percy replied,

"You've never seen her in a rage before" Lunick replied, "I hide whenever that happens, even Spenser hide when that happened"

Percy shock his head, "Solana can be present if she wants, but this ranger is particularly nasty, Highly sexist and dangerous, assaulted six Rangers and has been disrespectful to Me and every senior ranger he has met"

"Defiantly not the place for Solana then" Lunick agreed,

I can be with you if you want, Lunick Master Ranger Suicune whispered into his mind,

It might be good to have a Great Pokémon such as yourself with us Lunick confirmed

I'll see you Tonight then Suicune replied,

"I will see you later then Ranger Leader Percy, As well as Keith, and anyone else you bring together" Lunick replied,

"Who else could I bring?" Percy frowned,

"Other members of the Council" Lunick shrugged

"That's a plan!" Percy called, "Eight Members of the Council!"

"Eight?" Lunick asked, "I think the four leaders, Our Partner Pokémon, and my surprise guest will be enough"

"Suicune?" Percy laughed,

"Yep" Lunick smiled, "He'll hide by my side then if they try anything he'll pop-up"

"See you later then!" Percy called waving and smiling, He walked outside and Lunick Sighed, Solana walked in followed by Murph, Alan, John and Luke.

"Cleared them, they were transporting Styler's to Arceus knows where" Solana told Lunick

"Good work Rangers" Lunick replied, "I'm promoting you all to rank 7"

They cheered and Solana smiled as she stood next to Lunick, and the four Rangers rushed off to relax,

"I'm needed in Fall City tonight" Lunick told her, "A Disciplinary meeting with a Ranger and his Father"

"Not one of ours!" Solana said,

"No, Percy's" Lunick told her, "Percy was practically begging me to help; Chris and Keith are going to be there, along with Percy as well."

"So when are you going?" Solana asked,

"Six" Lunick replied, "That way I can Read the case file, and try and find anything unusual and try and figure out what the verdict would be"

"What's the worst that can happen?" Solana asked,

"He loses his licence and his styler snapped in two" Lunick replied,

"Tomorrow night, you are having the night off, you can sleep straight through to morning" Solana told him, "You haven't slept right for 3 weeks, you've been working till one in the morning and then getting up at five, it's not healthy Lunick"

"Yes Solana" Lunick replied, arguing was not a good idea when he was this sleep deprived

"Now, you better get going, Percy won't like it if your late" Solana told Lunick, he nodded and walked out, Minun at his side, they walked slowly through the forest and into the tunnel, they were both very entertained when Suicune appeared behind Lunick and ran rings around them and then waited in front of them.

The Trio walked into Fall city, Lunick looked at his watch, half-seven, he walked into the Ranger base and climbed went to the lift, all the other Rangers were out on a Dinner, he took the lift down to the meeting hall and walked in, Keith seemed to have set it ready, he saw four plaques on the table each with one of the rangers name and rank on, he saw that Chris would be attending and he sat down in his chair and Suicune lay next to him, he picked up a file on the desk and read the file, he saw that this ranger was on his last chance, he should've really been kicked out, but they needed a meeting of the leaders to deal with him. He heard the lift and saw Chris and Percy walk in. They jumped at seeing Lunick sitting there,

"Thanks Lunick!" Percy called,

"I've read the file" Lunick replied standing, "He should be long gone by now"

"We'll I was trying to be nice to him" Percy muttered,

"fine, but If this ever happens again, Call one of these meetings and let us deal with him" Lunick replied calmly,

"Yes Lunick" Percy hung his head walked to his chair, followed by Lunick and Chris. Keith came down an hour later and they sat in silence, each placed their emotional masks on and sat there, they heard the lift arrive and saw a ranger walk out and slouch down.

"Disciplinary meeting is called to order. Council comprise of Lunick, Head Of Ringtown. Keith, Head of Fall City. Percy, Head of Summerland. Chris, Head of Wintown. Ranger in question: Alexander James Williams; do you have anything to say before we continue?" Lunick stated,

"I want my father" Alexander stated,

"Bring him in if he's here" Percy called, and they saw the lift doors open and A man walked out, Lunick scowled, he knew this man, his brother was in a ranger base, worse so was his Nephew,

"So what in hell is going on?" Lester asked,

"Your son is being officially charged with several counts of felonies under the Ranger code, set years ago" Keith explained,

Lester sat down in the chair next to his son and looked at Lunick, who maintained his mask, "Hello Little brother, how's the scars?"

"This is not a time for catch ups, Do you wish to say anything before we continue?" Lunick repeated,

"I Don't care what you said" Alex snapped at Lunick, who scowled.

"I am a Ranger Leader, you need to show some respect" Lunick said, trying to remain his cool, he could practically feel Suicune becoming restless beneath the table,

Calm, my friend Lunick thought to him

I shall for now, if he threatens you, I'll bite him for you Suicune replied, Lunick inwardly smiled at Suicune.

"You are charged with: Seven counts of Assault, Three counts of disobeying orders, Forty Sexist comments to fellow Rangers, Twelve counts of Misuse of Language and one count of Rape" Lunick listed, "Do you deny these charges?"

"No" Alex told him,

"The penalty as I'm sure your aware is being dismissed and having your styler taken from you" Percy added, to nods from Chris and Keith,

"Who cares?" Lester commented, trying to provoke Lunick,

"Very well, all in favour of Prosecution?" Lunick replied, calmly

The four leaders raised their hands,

"Hand over you styler please" Percy held out his hand while he spoke, he saw the styler be placed on his palm and he pulled it back and handed it to Keith.

"You Are Dismissed from the Pokémon Rangers, if you do not leave this site immediately, then we will be forced to arrest you" Lunick concluded, looking up,

"But we don't feel like leaving" Lester commented,

"Out" Percy told him, but Lunick waved him down,

"You three can Go" Lunick told them, they left. Leaving Lunick and Suicune, Lester and Alex in the room alone.

"So little bro, you're a ranger?" Lester asked

"Brother, leave this building or else" Lunick Threatened,

"You think you can fight me?" Lester asked,

"I'm no longer the scared little boy I once was" Lunick replied Calmly, Lester walked around to stand in front of Lunick, he punched Lunick square in the mouth and He fell to the floor, blood was pouring from Lunick mouth, but he wiped it away,

"You still fall after one punch though" Lester replied, Lunick hoped up,

"I Have friends here" Lunick commented, and Suicune nodded under the table,

"They're not here though are they?" Alex commented, walked to stand next to his father

They both Punched Lunick in the chest and he collapsed down, he then stood upright, "Suicune?" he asked, and the Pokémon jumped onto the table,

"Oh, look boy can play games" Lester said in a mocking tone, "Go, Raichu!"

"Thunder!" Lester called and the bolts hit every wall and everyone including Lester and Alex, they stood strong and Lunick held firm too, Suicune looked angry and ready to unleash an Ice beam, but waited for Lunick to ask him to help.

"That the best your Raichu can do?" Lunick mocked, smiling slightly, Lester grabbed a chair and threw it at Lunick,

"Minun, Discharge!" Lunick called and the chair stopped and fell to the floor, Minun charged onto the shoulder of Lunick and Lunick smiled at the little mouse and waited for Lester's reaction,

"Go Machoke!" Lester called, summoning the giant fighting type Pokémon

"Machoke, teach Uncle Lester some manners towards his betters" Alex told the Pokémon, who looked around and raise its fists walking forward,

"Capture on!" Lunick called, he drew his styler so fast only Suicune's insane speed could match it, he flicked his styler around and the disk began flying around the Pokémon, it quickly captured and the Pokémon stood waiting for orders,

"Attack! Him you useless Pokémon!" Lester told it, but the Pokémon did not move and he was forced to return it to the Pokéball

"So you managed to stop one Pokémon?" Lester asked, he grabbed the back of Lunick's head and raising it up, "But your still the same, worthless, little cowardly Bastard who will cry at my feet again" he slammed Lunick to the floor and Minun ran off alongside Suicune, they both knew Lunick's Trigger was being called that, he jumped up, fire in his eyes,

"NO. ONE. CALLS. ME. A. BASTARD." Lunick yelled, slamming a single fist into his older brother's chest, he flew back and crashed into a chair, then crashed to the floor, unconscious.

"Get him out of here" Lunick told Alex, who dragged his father to the lift and out of the base, Lunick looked around and sighed, this was going to take a while to explain.

Solana was pacing up and down the base, she had felt a massive wave of anger a while ago, she knew it was Lunick's, whatever happened, Lunick was really annoyed…

Spenser had been watching everything, he saw Lunick lose his temper for the first time ever, he had knocked the man out cold, He knew Lunick was in a bad way but he knew Lunick was capable of handling himself.

Spenser wasn't the only one watching Lunick, The Oaks had been watching, they gulped as they heard that word, Lunick hated that word, Gary laughed as Lunick punched Lester in the chest and sent him flying. They saw Lunick walk to the lift and head up. This would be another Long Night For Poor Lunick