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What to get her?

"Chocolat," Tony's started patting the dog's head as he crouched in front of him, "I really could use your help to find the perfect gift for Aubrey's birthday, "Leaning a little forward, DiNozzo got a lick for an answer, "Yeah, I love you too, buddy, but you're not really helping here."

DiNozzo struggled to keep his balance as he was suddenly pulled by the leash as the Labrador dashed into the house leaving the man no other choice but to follow, "Chocolat what the... Where are you taking me?"

Both running through the house Tony almost fell over the chocolate brown dog as he came abruptly to a halt.

"Chocolat!" Tony warned in an annoyed voice.

Ignoring Tony, he slowly pushed the door of Aubrey's bedroom open before turning his attention back to the NCIS agent, he looked up at him then back to the room and back at him again as he wiggled his tail frantically.

Tony got the message and entered the room followed by the dog. Sitting on the girl's bed, he looked at the animal again as he took the leash off he asked, "Now, genius, why did you bring me here?"

Looking at the man sitting on the bed for a moment, he sat down a minute. Then he walked toward the door and used his left front paw to close it. Too stunned to react for couple of seconds he just sat there eying the Labrador without saying a word.

The part of the wall that had been hidden by the door now revealed a poster of Johnny Depp dressed as Jack Sparrow.

Captain Jack Sparrow automatically corrected. He smiled as he remembered the first time Aubrey had seen him come into her room with the DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl."


The girl had made a face, because she didn't really like pirates let alone pirate movies, Aubrey knew that Tony was aware of the fact so why had he brought that one with him.

"Tony, you know I hate..." she started, but he had stopped her by placing his index finger on her lips.

"I know, but give it a chance, honey okay? Something's telling me you will like this one." Aubrey rolled her eyes. Tony smiled at her that smile he had especially for her that she couldn't resist, and she wasn't in the mood anyway. She was too weak to really protest.

It was a period when she had been really weak and they all feared that she wouldn't make it through, they were desperate to make her feel a little bit better, he had been with her every minute getting frustrated. Gibbs had told him to get some fresh air to calm down a little. As he was walking in a DVD store he came to an halt as he saw 'Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl' he had always loved Johnny Depp as an actor not that he was ready to really admit it, and that specific movie always put him in a good mood. So maybe it would help Aubrey too.

"Oh come on, Tony, you are not playing fair. You've put on your special cure smile." she said in a weak voice.

"Yup, just for you."

"Alright then let's see the pirates in action... But you'll watch it with me, right?"

"Sure, I will." He told her.

DiNozzo hurriedly put the DVD in the player, took the remote, installed them both comfortably in her bed, the way he knew she felt safe before he pushed the "play" button and the movie started, Aubrey watched without really reacting, giggling a few times though.

Suddenly at the second chapter of the movie, she reacted the moment Captain Jack Sparrow came on the screen, standing on the crosstree of his boat looking straight ahead.

"Why would he stand up there?"

"Well let's say that Captain Jack Sparrow is not the usual kind of Pirate." Tony told her.

"I can see that."

... looking down next Sparrow made a mimic with his mouth before jumping off the crosstree has he landed his feet were wet cause there was water in the boat.

A few minutes later, the entire house heard Tony and Aubrey's laugh which made Abby, Gibbs and her grandparents' wonder what they were doing. They all went to her room to see what was causing their laughter. Abby immediately understood when she saw the DVD box. Captain Jack Sparrow had this magic power to make you feel better no matter how bad you were feeling.

Her eyes met Tony's and she winked.

In a way Tony had that same magic with Aubrey and with his colleagues even if some of them would never admit it. He could be a first class moron for some, but he had the ability to know exactly what people needed when they needed, and one could always rely on him.

The entire household ended up watching the movie with them, even Gibbs. As the movie ended Aubrey made a comment that made everybody laugh.

"Captain Jack Sparrow is as mad as the mad hatter in Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" Aubrey said, thinking about the book one of her friends had read to her no so long ago.

"You point is quite right indeed," Tony said.

"I think I love pirates now." She turned her head slightly and placed her index finger under her under lip as if she had to think about her next words then she said, "No, actually, I love pirates now."

Abby looked at Tony then before they both looked at Aubrey, and they smiled, the child was definitely feeling better, one could see she was still sick, but her spirits were back. Whatever had pushed him to bring home that DVD had done an awesome job.

Captain Jack Sparrow had once more done it. He thought as Abby showed him her thumbs up.

Tony watched Gibbs then and smirked, "You now know who Johnny Depp is boss as well as Captain Jack Sparrow."

"I have to admit he isn't bad. Not bad at all." He told, Tony.

'Not bad, huh?" Tony repeated raising a brow. His boss thought more of Johnny's performance but wasn't about to admit it. "Sure, Gibbs."

'Tony?" Aubrey called as DiNozzo was putting the DVD back in its box.

"Yes, sweetheart?" He said in a sweet tone of voice.

"Is there a sequel to the movie?" The girl asked him hopefully.

"Yes, honey there is. We will watch it tomorrow, I promise. But now you need to rest."

"Gibbs, will you and Abby watch with us?" She asked watching him and then Abby. He looked at Aubrey before looking at Abby, and then looked at the girl again.

"Yes, pumpkin, but now you need to close you beautiful eyes and get some sleep."

"Chocolat?" She called and a second later the dog jumped of the bed and lay himself close at her feet.

The adults in the room smiled as they saw the scene before them. Her grandparents' had a heavy heart though, because they felt a little like outsiders in their grandchild's life. She was so close to Tony, Abby and Gibbs and not to them.

The truth was that they somehow felt as if she was pushing them away, consciously or not. Maybe they were reminding them too much of her parents' maybe she was afraid to lose them too or maybe they were wrong and nothing was going on. They were lost.

Time would tell.


Special agent Anthony DiNozzo smirked when the brown Labrador brought him back to the present time by licking his hands.

"Chocolat you really are a genius." The NCIS agent said as he patted the dog head. "Come on let's get you some treats, you deserve it for sure." Tony said standing up and leaving the bedroom. Chocolat followed him closely his tail wiggling furiously as he jumped up, his two front paws landing on his left hip.

"Yeah, yeah, you're getting some, but give me the time to get your treat will ya!" He told the animal as he caressed his back. That dog was definitely one of a kind and he was definitely a very smart dog, "You are the best, buddy!"

Aubrey was going to get a birthday she would never forget!


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