What happened to all my readers from France? Je'taime beaucoup.

Portschach's journal July 2nd.0600 hours. Heavy storm frigid temperature. I can't wait for this damn war to end, so I can go home and start a family with my beloved. I hope that we raise strong kids, even if they're all protein ...

The general spoke about their mission to reach the top of the hill. The soldiers talked among themselves. With tales and other things. They all listened to one soldier about the dreaded... General Scottie.

They reached the battlefeild but many did not make it past the first round. They fought valiantly but that soon changed when they saw the boxes in the sky. The tissues rained down and vaporized all but one soldier.

"We could have gone all the way."


Boxer's old 'friend ' the milkmaid rode her bike near the church quickly approaching a sleeping Chick. She dozed off and hit Chick. She flipped over her bike and a pool of blood and spilled milk swirled together. Chick lapped up the mixture scaring the woman away.

"Nothing!" Brassiere shouted.

"What's with the ruckus!" Boxer demanded.

Sock reverted his attention back to his book." I think this is more of a fracas. "

"Gone! Gone!"

Shut the hell up I have a hangover! What's gone your period?" Boxer hissed spitting some clam chowder on Brassiere.

"The tissues! My boytoys have been able to release their load!"

"Shut up you stupid priest! "Boxer yelled spitting more chowder on Brassiere.

"Y-You nincompoops! "

"Out of tissues? That's what the mouth is for." Boxer says cleaning chowder off of himself.

"Fools! You're just fools! For my mouth can not compare! The way the tissue softly caresses the tip! My mouth is no match! That kind of comfort is downright heavenly! I need tissues to dispose of it!"

"Dispose of what?" Boxer taunted.

"You know what!"

"Whatever. Just use a tube sock. C'mon Sock. Let's get ready for school. "

Sock finally closed his book." Okay, got it!"

"Just a moment! Boys. Daten City isn't the only place suffering. We have a national crisis on our hands! Children are in tears because they can't doodle or diddle! Violence erupting as pissed of pissers take to the streets! Politicians bowing down and going down!" Brassiere looks up and notices no one was listening. She stomps on Chick with her boot. "In other words! All is not right in the world when there is no tissue in its box! I cannot ignore this situation!"

After more useless prattle an eruption of white fluids comes from Brassiere's room. Afterwards Chick gets hit with lighting and Pukes a note that read 'Paper Plant'.

"It seems you have some buisness to attend to." Sock tells Brassiere.

"See that?" Brassiere asked.

"Yeah, and it was weird as hell." Boxer retorted.

"You angels shouldn't use that type of language " Brassiere fumed. "Go forth angels! The Paper Plant needs rescuing! "

After explaining the mission the Anarchy brothers headed to the Plant. Boxer went on about Brassiere being worthless. But sock was more interested in his candy.

"This place looks creepy." Sock said.

"And it smells. "Boxer says gagging.

Sock sniffs Boxer. "You smell... squidalicios." He snickered.

"That's the clam chowder! I swear!" Boxer explained blushing hard. "Hey check out the security up ahead she's kinda hot." They pull up to her and notice the white substance she's covered in." But she's frozen stiff."

They both enter the building slowly and see the white substance every where.

"Huh? This place looks fine."Boxer sighed

"You can tell? Not bad for your first time."

A voice UN the shadows caught their attention." Who's there?!" Black tadpole like Ghost emerged from the darkness. "Don't interfere with our work!"

Sock squealed. "They're so cute! I just wanna swallow them!"

"So you're the ones who did this! You've really made a mess of this plant."

"If it weren't for this plant...the accursed General Scottie ... would never have shown up! "A Ghost whined.

"The tissues here..."

"Turned us into ghost!" They all said in union.

"So we're gonna destroy them!" The ghost cried.

"So, this is some kind of twisted revenge. "Boxer said casually picking his nose.

"Are you with General Scottie?! "A ghost ordered him to answer.

"I know nothing about this General Scottie jerk-off." He said flicking a booger at the Ghost." Im just gonna wipe the floor with you and take my coins."

"You scroteless bastard! No mercy!" The Ghosts pointed their guns at the brothers.

"Go back to the ballsack from whence you came!" Boxer taunted.

"Hey at how cute they are. Let's take them home with us." Sock pleaded while trying to catch one.

"I can't deny that they're so cute I wouldn't mind a faceful, but it's gonna sting if you get some in your eye!"

The angels started their transformation as usual. "O wicked spirit born of a lost soul in limbo;"

"Yada, yada! "Boxer said impatiently.

"Boys! Use Hyper Activation Mode!" The Ghosts charged a little faster toward the angels.

"Want a taste of my gun? "Boxer mused.

"This is it! Final Ejaculation!"

"Know your place!" Boxer shouted before he shot at the Ghosts.

Upon the destruction of the Ghosts the plant exploded.


Portschach's journal. August 16th. 0600 hours. Clear skies and high waves. I'm in good spirits. I can't wait for this damn war to end, so I can go home and start a war with my beloved. I hope that we raise strong kids, even if they're all protein ...

The remaining soldier from the last battle is now leader of his own battalion. He spoke about his friends mission to defeat General Scottie.

After reestablishing our positions! Our nation is ready to hammer it home! You've survived all the whacking and jerking so far! So, stand erect! And this final operation will be a climactic success!

The soldiers made their way towards the oddly shaped hill.

'Finally after all our hard work. We've finally reached the bush... Thank you... We can finally finish!

Just before they reach the top, a layer of pink latex stops them in their tracks.