~The glow of your heart~

Pairing: Tony StarkxSteve Rogers

Genre: mostly fluff, comfort and humour, maybe a little drama. Maybe I'll add an adult extra chapter later.

Summary: Short story about Tony and Steve. Of all the persons he could fallen in love with, Tony of course happens to fall for his friend and teammate Steve Rogers. Others would call this fate or bad karma because Steve was a man from the 1940 and thus definitely not gay. At least that's what Tony thinks. But when they both start to talk about Tonys Arc reactor and everything changes (I suck at summaries -.-)

Tony couldn't quite remember at what point he had fallen for the other one. Maybe it had been sometime shortly after they had all moved into the Stark tower where he had began to see the person that Captain America was. When he had met Steve. Steve Rogers.

It had taken him some time to eventually realize it, since he wasn't one who usually falls in love. Even Natasha and maybe Bruce had noticed it before he did.

When Tony had finally noted what was actually going on inside his heart, he had immediately tried to ignore it. After all he knew that this was Steve, Captain America, a man from the 1940's for heavens sake! There was no way this guy would ever return his feelings.

So Tony had taken all his love, all these feelings toward his friend and teammate and he buried them deep down inside of him. He had told himself that this was the best for all of them. After all, even if Steve hadn't been from a time where homosexuality had equalled rape, it would have never worked out.

They were teammates, part of the Avengers, brothers in arms. (Steve had called them that once; it had earned him Clint and Tony joking about him for over a week) Feelings towards anyone were something that was too difficult to handle for any of them. This had also been the reason why he had ended his relationship with Pepper shortly after their battle with Loki. It was simply too dangerous.

And so he had continued to live his life as good as he could alongside with his friends and Steve.

Maybe it would be easier to ignore those feelings he had if it weren't for Natasha and Bruce who constantly reminded him about his feelings by trying to encourage him to make a move toward Steve.

Bruce did so by occasionally telling him to spend time with Steve to get to know him better. He never actually used words like love, but it still was obvious what he intended to say.

Natasha did it more forceful, intercepting him in the hallways or right in front of his lab. She then tries to encourage him by telling him that Steve was looking at him with the same love filled eyes that Tony had and that he should simply talk to him since Steve – like he had said before – was from a time where you didn't ask a guy out. Or she would try to threaten him into doing something by telling him that if he never makes the first move, Steve would eventually fall for someone else one day.

But no matter how hard both of them tried, Tony always ignored them and continued living with treating Steve as a friend.

Weeks passed like that until one night something happened which made Tony reconsider his capability of holding up his act. It was one of those nights where Tony stayed up till it bwas way passed midnight because one of his projects was keeping him busy.

He was actually working on the Arc reactor, something he did every now and then since he felt that it was something that was always worth improving. After all the reactor was the one thing that kept him alive and it also allowed him to be Iron man. So Tony spent many ours trying to improve the little light that glowed inside his chest.

At 3 a.m. he decided to get some rest and so he went up to grab himself a cup of coffee. As he entered the kitchen he immediately got this strange feeling, like somebody was watching him.

"You should be sleeping."

Tony almost dropped the mug he had just grabbed from the cupboard. He quickly turned around and since fate had this strange sense of humour when it came to Tonys life, there was Steve sitting at the kitchen table starring at him with slight concern in his eyes. "You always work too much."

Tony blinked a few times still half in shock before he answered. "I could say the same thing about you."

Steve chuckled. "I am not working."

"But you aren't sleeping either."

There was silence between the two for a few moments, both simply starring into the eyes of the other one. Tony considered asking Steve why he was still awake, but then he decided not to do so. Everyone had their own demons and it didn't seem like Steve wanted to talk about it.

"So… what are you working at?" Steve finally asked. "Do we have to fear being blown up tonight?", he added, smiling at Tony.

Tony returned the smile before he crossed his arms and said "Don't worry Cap, I'm not risking waking anyone up from their beauty sleep, after all you guys really need it."

Steve raised his eyebrows and kept looking at him with questioning eyes.

"As to answer your question", Tony continued "well, I am working on… I'm trying to … improve… this."

He tapped against the glowing circle in his chest. Steves immediately looked concerned.

"Why? Don't tell me it's broken! Are you allright Tony?" the blond man got up and quickly crossed the room to stand in front of Tony, his eyes fixed on the reactor.

"Woah no need to get all jumpy. Don't worry Cap, everything's fine. But since that thing is keeping me alive and thus allows me to continue driving Fury into madness, it is always worth my time."

Tony smirked. Steve relaxed but kept his eyes fixed at Tonys chest.

"Oh… I see that's good… I mean not the part with Fury, but you know…"

Steve went silent. He still looked at the glowing circle at Tonys chest.

It was silent again for a minute. Then…

"Can I touch it?"

Tony looked at Steve surprised. "What?"

"I mean… I just wanted to… Sorry… I… didn't mean to offend you… I…I was just curious…" Steve blushed furiously and moved his gaze to stare at Tonys knee now.

Tony thought that this was one of the cutest things he had ever seen before he mentally slapped himself for his thoughts. He mustered himself before smiling at Steve, who was still very interested in his knee and said "Na don't worry about it. It's alright, if you want to, you can touch it."

Steve didn't look up and neither did he move his hands. He still seemed unsure about the whole situation.

Tony sighed before gently taking the other ones hand. (which made him feel warm and happy and made Steve jump slightly out of surprise)

He placed the blonde mans fingers at the edge of the circle in his chest and held it there for a few seconds.

Steve finally lifted his gaze and looked at his own had. He began to move his fingers (Tony removed his hand, otherwise this would have been strange) circling the frame.

"It feels warm…" he whispered, his eyes never leaving the glowing circle "I did not expect that…"

He then moved his fingers to the centre where they remained. Tony didn't answer; he just starred at the hand on his chest. It was as if the whole world stopped for a moment holding its breath. This was one of the most intimate moments he had ever experienced. And it felt so damn good as if nothing else existed but the man in front of him and the hand on his heart.

"I am glad. I'm glad that this… that you have this." Steve finally said. And then he looked up and finally met Tonys eyes.

It took Tony completely by surprise and he was unable to say anything or to move. He had expected a lot of things but not this. The way Steve looked at him, nothing but honesty in his warm blue eyes. It was as if Steve could see right through him into the deepest place of his heart. Deep down were he had hidden all that made him vulnerable, all his fears, his feelings toward Steve….

And that was the point where Tony panicked. He feared that if he let Steve look into his eyes any longer, he would be able to see all he hid from the blonde one. It was what he feared the most. So Tony quickly lowered his gaze and backed away from Steve.

"I… I… Sorry Steve I got a lot of work to do." He didn't care that this was probably the worst lie he had ever told someone. He just wanted to leave. Now. So he quickly turned around, not even waiting for a response and hurried back into his laboratory. He could feel Steves concerned look behind him, but he didn't dare to turn around. He was afraid that if he looked back his emotions would overwhelm him and ruin everything…

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