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Spending the night like this with Steve, the two of them together in total peace, watching the movie was something Tony thought he would not be able to experience often. And so he enjoyed every minute in which they sat together, Steve occasionally asking when he did not understand certain events or references in the film while Tony kept on insisting that Jules Winnfield looked exactly like Fury, apart from the fact that he had a lot more hair (Steve fiercely denied that, though Tony was pretty sure that he only did so out of respect – that damn perfect Soldier).

Even when the film had long since merged into the credits, they would still sit together and both stare at the screen absent minded. Eventually Steve would stretch and jawn, before wishing Tony a good night, telling him to go to bed before leaving for his own room.

Tony remained seated on the sofa until he could no longer hear Steves footsteps in the hallway.


Strangely, and much to Tonys' surprise this nightly encounter was not the last of its kind. There were more and more nights, where he would discover Steve wandering through the dark corridors of the Tower.

Sometimes he would find him starring out of one of the wide windows, watching the illuminated skyline of New York city absentminded.

At some night Steve would return to his rooms after countless minute or even hours.

In other nights he would head down to the gym after a while, to punch the hell out of one of his punching bags, as if it had personally insulted him.

If anyone had asked him, Tony would never admit that he knew that, especially because he DID NOT spent most of his time with watching Steve when the blond man was restless during the night and/or checking JARVIS's protocols to find out more about Steves odd behaviour.

And it certainly did not bother him!

Steve Rogers was a grown man after all and fully capable of dealing with his own problems. And the sad and nostalgic shimmer in his blue eyes, the constant sighing as he looked into the night sky did most certainly not make Tonys' heart ache because he certainly was not that much in love with the Soldier that the mans obvious sadness almost made his heart break.

No. It was so not like that. It was not and nothing, not even the small voice in the back of his head would ever make him change his mind…...

"Sir, if I may, your heart-warming concernment for Captain Rogers is truly touching. Maybe you should think about another ways to express your feelings. After all, monitoring every step he takes outside his quarters during the night could easily be misinterpreted and end with some misunderstandings."

"Not now JARVIS", Tony tried to shush the AI, eyes still fixed onto the screen of the monitor "and stop telling me that, it's not like that."

"Well, if you say so, Sir." Tony could almost hear the sarcasm dripping from each word. When did his AI develop the ability to be sarcastic?

"JARVIS, like I said….. actually, why am I even arguing with you? Cut it out or I swear, I'll do some serious reprogramming on you!"

The following silence was more than any words could have ever expressed. Tony shot one short, angry glare at the ceiling before focusing back on the screen.

Steve had once again emerged from his room in the middle of the night and was standing at the big window in their shared living room, his sight somewhere lost in the distance. Tony was down in his lab and had been working to improve Natashas' widow bites until JARVIS had informed him of Steves anew wakefulness. Now the widow bites lay at the other side of the desk, abandoned, whilst Tony was all focused on the screen that showed Steve.

"What the hell is wrong with him", Tony mumbled to himself. Of course he had some theories of why Steve seemed to be so upset. He wasn't stupid.

Being frozen after crashing an airplane right into the ocean, only to be reawakened seventy years later, with everything changed and everybody he ever knew and cared about either dead or old... it must be so hard.

And Tony didn't even dare to imagine what things the blond must have seen in the war. He's heard enough stories from his father to get a rough image.

But still... even though they have had their problems in the beginning and it hadn't seemed like it... Tony had always considered Steve as a strong person, all body and soul. After all, how else would he be able to be Captain America?

And Tony had never really worried about Steve, he had thought that Steve was capable of handling his past – until he had realized that he was obviously not.

All those encounters during the nights, the images on the screen right in front of his eyes... They were clearly showing him a different Steve Rogers than the one he had been imagining.

They showed what everybody, even the team, sometimes seemed to forget... that Steve was still a human being, emotions and fears included.

Tony sighed after watching Steve for another five minutes.

"JARVIS? What should I do?"

"If I may so Sir, I would recommend you go up and talk to the Captain. After all, he seems to be quite fond of you"

Tony merely shot a sceptical look up to the ceiling. What JARVIS suggested did not really appeal to him. Not at all actually.

Having an overly emotional talk with Steve was the last thing he wanted to do.

Because, first off, he was really really bad at this ... emotional thing. Seriously, you could ask anyone, Pepper, Rhodey... Seriously, he couldn't even handle his own emotional junk, how was he suppost to care for someone else? Especially Steve. He didn't want to mess up their friendship, at least not more than he already had.

And moreover, he didn't even know if Steve wanted to talk about this. He didn't know if he wanted to talk about this with him. Probably not. Most likely not.

Tony was fairly sure that his other Teammates were far more qualified to do this.

His gaze slowly went back to the screen.

Steve was still there gazing out of the window

"JARVIS, you better have another idea, because I don't think that I'm going to..."

Before he could finish his sentence, something nudged him in the back rather rough. Something pointy.

Tony raised an eyebrow and turned.

Dummy was standing behind him. But what caught his eye was the thing Dummy was still holding in his arm.

What the robot hat just shoved into his back was nothing else than one of his old reactors. The one Pepper had once given to him as a gift.

He had used it when fighting Obadiah, but after that he had repaired the thing, glass and all. After all it had been a gift from Pepper.

Tony slowly took it from the robot and read the words that were written around the still faintly glowing centre.

Prove that Tony Stark has a heart.

The words echoed in his head. He could only stare at the thing in his hand with wide eyes while his mind was racing.

He was still telling himself that no, he was not good enough for this, for Steve, that he had no right to even ask him about this. He kept telling himself that he would only make things worse. But then his thoughts always went back to the words written on the reactor.

The prove Tony Stark has a heart

...Tony Stark has a heart

"Damn...", he mumbled to himself. Why did this have to be so complicated?

Tony was still torn between just staying down in his lab, minding his own business and going up there to try to help Steve, which was most likely going to end in a total disaster.

He looked once more at the screen and the blond man, who still seemed to be engaged in his thoughts. It didn't really make the whole situation any easier. A part of Tony had hoped that Steve would have gone back to his room by now.

It was only then when Dummy pulled at his sleeve, drawing his attention back into reality. Tony looked back at the Robot.

"So you want me to go up there as well?"

Dummy made a motion that could be interpreted as a nod. And even though Tony still felt more than uncomfortable about, he couldn't help but smile a little.

"Well if you insist...", he said, finally giving in. He padded Dummy before setting the reactor aside and finally heading upstairs.

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