Lily walked in with Sammy in her arms. She handed him to Julia who then redid the bandages. William walked in and took Sammy in his arms once Julia had finished. "What's going to happen to him and Alwin?" Julia asked. William sighed and looked at the 2 boys. "Well Darcy's on the run and Enid is in prison, Inspector Brackenried make sure of that." Julia sighed looked at Alwin.

"What do you think we should do?" She asked Alwin. Alwin looked at Sammy and took him of William. "I know I'm only his half-brother but I would very much like to stay with him, no matter what he is my brother and I have a job to look after him now." Alwin said. Julia and William agreed but they needed Sammy to stay with them for a while to make sure that he is looked after correctly till he was better.

Later on William and Julia were alone, Alwin had gone out with Sammy and Lily was upstairs. Julia turned to William and said. "William how old is Alwin now?" William looked up and thought about it a second. "About 19 I believe he would be now Julia. Why?" He asked. "19! That's abit young to be looking after Sammy. He won't go to an orphanage will he?" Julia asked William. William looked at the window and said "Not if I have anything to do with it, I would hate having to grow up in one of those." William said. "So where will they go William?" She replied. William turned back to Julia and said. "They can stay here for as long as they need as long as you're okay with it. Given the circumstances and all?" William said. Julia nodded and said in a calm voice. "I'm not letting Sammy grow up in one of those places. Not after all that's already happened to him." Just after Julia finished talking Alwin walked in with Sammy. "Alwin, where are you going to go once Sammy is all sorted and healthy again? Julia asked. Alwin turned and said. "I'm not sure yet. Why?" William looked at Julia and nodded. "Because we were just talking and we would like you to stay with us because we don't want you to end up in any more pain." A smile grew on Alwin's face and he said. "Well I would love to but are you sure with what happened and all?" William and Julia simply nodded and he said. "Well sure that would be wonderful. Thank you and you know you don't have to." Julia and William looked surprised but William said. "If it wasn't for you we wouldn't have found Lily. So there is no need to thank us."


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