Hi I'm Princess, Preonna is my middle name and this is a new story called Kidnapped. Not like one of those Hurt/Comfort/Angst Stories this is more of an WTF! Story well hope you enjoy.

Summary:Edward kidnaps Bella, to be her sex slave. And Bella finds out she's not home, but unlike most people she doesn't scream, she, well, she's more of those "WTF! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU! AND WHY ARE SITTING IN THE CORNER WATCHING ME SLEEP YOU CREEP!" Content includes, rape,LEMONS!,etc.


I was sitting on the tree outside of her window watching her sleep. What a beauty she really is. I just can't wait to finally get her, and KEEP her. Well I know what your thinking. I'm 32 watching an 18 year-old, what are the odds of that or How ironic! Well no I'm not a creep, or a pedophile, I just simply adore this beautiful creature. I want to make her mine in everyway possible. I just hope she will love me to. And accept that she will be mine. If not well, I didn't want to say this, well not in front of the kids anyway, but I will have force her if it comes to that.

Oh How silly of me! I didn't even introduce myself. Well hello there. I'm Edward Anthony Masen. I'm 32 and currently stalking a 18 year-old vixen. I'm retired because I got into buisness quite early so that meant I could retire very young which was when I was 28. And I am very rich for my age. But I don't like to brag, you never know who's out there for you or out to get ya! But back to the main point. My little lolita is stirring in her bed. Oh look at that nice full curvy body. Awe shit! Boner Alert! She kicked the covers off showing her long creamy legs her, curvy round ass, and that skimpy tank top showing off her nice C-Cup breasts. Is she trying to kill me! It's like she knows I'm watching her!. Ohhh just the sight of her makes me wanna moan.

I stuck my hand in my pants and gripped my shaft. I stroked slowly up and down. I groaned. "Uhhh...Bella...Fuuuck!" I grunted. I stroked faster. I was thinking of my little lolita in a skimpy outfit and her playing out one of my fantasies called Daddy and Daughter Playtime.( A/N: I know I'm a lil kinky.)

Daddy & Daughter Playtime

My vixen was coming downstairs from her room, wearing nothing but her boy lace shorts and her lace bra, not caring cause I'm her father. I inwardly groan, she loves teasing me doesn't she. She walks past me and into the fridge and gets her something to eat. I walk into the kitchen checking out her ass as she bends over in the refridgerator for something to drink. My penis automatically goes up at the sight. "Bellaaa..." I groan. She jumps and gets her head from out of the fridge and looks at me with wide eyes. Ohh those beautiful big brown orbs will be the best of me.

"Yes, daddy?" She asks with confusion in her eyes. I love the way her innocence gets the best of her. I looked her up and down, quirking an eyebrow in her direction. She blushes and looks down. "I'm Sorry I just got out the shower and got a little hungry, so" OH I'll fill that little stomach up of yours.

Her perky nice big tits were staring at me, begging me to touch them. I still didn't say anything. I walked over to her and grabbed her right tit and fondled it between my forefinger and thumb. She gasped and bit her lip. "Daddy what are you do-ing" She let out a little moan at the end when I pinched her left breast. She pushed me away and was about to walk past me when I grabbed her by her elbow. "Where are you going?" I growled in her ear and pushed her back flushed to my chest. "N-No wh-where" She stuttered clearly scared. I grinded my already hard erection into her butt. She gasped again and I chuckled darkly.

"Stop! You can't do that your my father!" She yelled, turning her body around so we were face-to-face, well more like face-to-chest. "HAHA!" I laughed. I turned her around and put her butt in my face bending her over, causing her to hold the counter-sink for support. I swatted her ass "I" hits ass "am" hit "allowed" hit "to do" hit "whatever" hit "I" hit "please" hit "to your body!" I growled at her.

"Your a crazy father, we are blood-related! You JACKASS!" She yelled. I Smacked her ass again hard and she yelped, "DON'T USE THAT TONE WITH ME YOUNG LADY!" I was getting a little impatient. I pulled her underwear down and PLUNGED my fingers deep in her pussy. She yelped again.

"OH! What The Fuck! Are You DOING! STOP!" She moaned/screamed. I just went faster with my fingers slamming in and out of her. I knew she was close so I pulled out of her, and she whimpered. I chuckled, "Don't worry baby, I'm going to give you something much bigger...Tell me Isabella are you a virgin?" I paused "Well? Answer ME!", She sighed.

"N-No" She stuttered scared again. OK easy so that means I get to go hard just the way I want to.

I pulled my dick out and rubbed on her core. "Tell me you want it." I demanded. "Fuck You." She hissed. "Ah ah ah...We're going to get there my little vixen, just tell me you want it." I stuck the head of my penis inside of her and she moaned silently. "Never." She groaned. "Tell me!" I yelled sticking my half of my 12" inside of her. She nearly screamed. "NO!" GOT DAMN IT! I don't care if she does or does not want it I"m going to put it in her. I tried puttin the rest of my dick inside of her but it wouldn't fit. "Damn IT!" Well we're going to make it fit, I slammed the rest inside of her, and this time she really screamed- no more like shrieked.

"YOU BASTARD" I smacked her ass, "UHHH...Fuck YOU!" smack "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!" She yelled and I smacked her ass again. I pounded her tight little fucking pussy, she came already but I wasn't near mine yet. I pounded harder and faster, "Bella, So...Fucking CLOSE!" I released my load into her.

The End

Uhh Fuck I can't wait till I get her.