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Song for this chapter: Choose Your Battles-Katy Perry

Previously on Kidnapped By a Creeper:

The next morning consisted of me waking up to Edward's poking erection and his hand on my naked boob. I elbowed his stomach and told him to 'get the fuck off of me', and scurried to the bathroom for a shower.

As I got out the shower I found a note on the fogged up mirror 'Meet me in the dining room it downstairs by the living room, for your breakfast'.Well that's a change of mood, just the other day he locked me up in his room, not letting me go anywhere.I sighed at least his giving me some freedom, even if its in this house. I quickly changed and found Edward in the kitchen cooking some scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon, my favorite!

I walk over to the table and wait for him to come and give me some breakfast. As I wait, I look Edward up and down. He's in his draws with a white apron, and a chef hat, his back is bare.Damn those back muscles! And that ass!

Edward chuckles and turns around facing me, "Thank you" he smirks and goes right back to cooking. Ugghh I swear I have Stockholm Syndrome!


Why you trying to make me your enemy
All I really need is a little peace

I just wanna be your lover
Oh, this is not a competition

So baby why the ammunition
I don't wanna be the last one standing

Choose your battles, babe
Then you win the war

Stop digging your own grave
When there's so much to live for

~Katy Perry "Choose Your Battles"



After we ate breakfast I wanted to watch a movie, and Edward just didn't want to leave my side. It was Saturday, I remembered something! I still have to go to school! I mean yeah I was kidnapped, but now I know who kidnapped me, and its not like anyone is searching for me I guess…

"Edward!" I thumped Edward's head in my sudden realization.

"What?!" He said annoyed with my sudden abuse to his head.

I scowled at him, and mumbled, "Baby." I rolled my eyes, "Anyways, I need to go to school!"

Edward was the one who scowled this time. "What so you can tell people that you were kidnapped by Alice's older brother?" He said standing up heading to the kitchen, with the popcorn bowl in his hand. I followed him with the couch blanked wrapped around my body, waddling as I went, I shivered. Its cold.

"No! I would never do that to Alice, but people are going to worry and wonder where I am at. I mean for god sakes I'm pretty sure Charlie is having a heart attack, as we speak! I already missed like two days of school!" I grumbled.

"God has it only two days? It feels like I've been here forever!" I said speaking to myself. Edward just stood rooted to the floor staring at me, like I had three heads. "What?! Like you don't talk to yourself…" I said rolling my eyes. He stared even harder at me, trying to read my face, I irritated.

"Edward I want to go back to school!"




"Yes!" I screamed in his face, I didn't even know I walked up to him. He grabbed my waist pushed me up against the pantry door next to the refrigerator. I gasped.

"I said no! Why? I just know you're going to tell someone!" He said his hot breathe fanning across my face. Oh god, his body is up against mine… the wall… me… and Edward… oh fuck stop it you traitor body no need to get horny now! My face immediately flushed and I bit my lip sucking on my bottom lip, holding back my gasp. I breathed heavily through my nose. Hopefully he doesn't notice…

He chuckled at my body responding to him.

He noticed.

He trailed his nose along my neck since I gave him my cheek, all the way to my collarbone, stopping between the valley of my breast. He lightly licked there and sucked on top of my right breast. I mewled. He chuckled, again. He grabbed the tops of my hair in a fist full and yanked my head back up to his seething face. He kissed me! I mean he literally fuck-kissed my face! I didn't respond, until he nipped at my bottom lip and his tongue flicked with mine. I moaned and probed my tongue with is fighting for dominance. I yelped again when he pulled away only to nip at my bottom lip again. He grinded his teeth and looked back down to me.

"You're going to leave me! You're going to tell Charlie and Alice! You'll be taken from me!" He shook his head from side-to-side. His hand pulled the big shirt up that I had on, and his index finger pressed firmly against my clit.

"Ah, aren't you wet- soaked even." He said chuckling while pressing his index firmly rubbing his index finger up and down on my clit, stroking it through my underwear.

"I've worked too hard, for you to just leave me! Your mine!" He possessively nipped at my bottom lip again, I cried out.

"N-No Edward! I'm not yours!" I screamed struggling once again to get away from, his sex-driven body. How many times has this happened in the past three days?

Oh I don't Bella, about a million times, and you liked it!

Shut it Isabella!

I was pulled back from my weird messed up thoughts, when Edward slapped my pussy through my underwear.

"Ah! Edward" I said reflexively grabbing his forearm for leverage. He seriously needs to stop doing that!

And yet again you like it…

Fuck you!

We're the same person *Sigh*

"Ugh!" I grunted as he gripped my hair harder, jerking it forward. He picked me up like a rag doll and threw me on the middle counter across from the refrigerator. He hoisted me up in a sitting position, forcing my legs to widen all the way to the point where it almost hurt. He dropped to his knees, pulling my underwear down my legs, flinging across the kitchen. He then proceeded to slap my clit, the sting soon turned to pleasure and my pussy started soaking even more, causing my juices to drip on the counter.

"You listen and you listen good, you understand me. Your mine!" Again with the 'Your mine' shit!

I grumbled loudly, "I'm not fucking yours!" He stood up feral-crazed hungry look in his eyes. His normal emerald green eyes seemed to take on a more forest dark green, his eyes half-lidded as he looked down into my wide ones. He grabbed my chin, causing my cheeks to mush together making my face look fat. He leaned down to me in eye level and said in the most deadly serious voice, I've ever heard him speak in.

"I'll just have to show you." With that he pulled his pajama pants down, he was commando underneath. He grabbed my hair once again, and forced my face to look down at his fiercely thick erect penis, his helmet head leaked with slight pre-cum and his veins were more pronounced at the way his cock hardened. I gasped.

He slightly pushed his cock in my pussy, rocking his hips he asked, "Say, your mine, say it. Say you want me, you want this." He said hoarsely.

I nodded, "Yes, I want this," with that he thrust into me we with such forced the counter shook and we moved an inch up the counter. I threw my head back in pleasure and let out a long moan. He set a punishing pace, pulling almost all the way out to where the head of his cock, was at the end of my entrance and slammed back into me deeply.

"Mine. My Isabella, mia amore!" His thrusts got harder, going deeper, hitting that spot.

"Ah! E-Edward… Yes! ... Oh Yes!" I clenched around him, my stomach was tightening, and my back arched into his chest. "Ah! Ah!" I cried out, my eyes watered, I sobbed loudly at my near climax.

"Oh God Edward... Don't Stop... Don't Stop!" I mewled digging my nails into his shoulder blades, my eyes leaking with tears of pleasure. His moans and grunts got louder as he his thrusts got faster.

"Mai il mio amore mai!" He moaned in my ear, he brought me closer to his chest.

"E-Edward… I'm-I'm going to-Edward!" I came as his thrusts slowed down. He laid me back down onto the counter as I was in my post orgasmic faze. He lowered his head onto my nipple and sucked, as his thrust became strong, slow, and deeper. I moaned, "Yesss," I hissed.

His moved his mouth onto my neck, once again sucking and leaving a mark. His mouth moved to my ear as he panted loudly in my ear; his thrusts steady and strong, but deep and slow, as if he was making love to me.

"Ti amo, bella." He panted into my ear, I didn't know what it meant but it sounded so erotic. I think I like foreign speaking Edward more than potty mouth Edward.

"S-so good… Too good," I was going to cum again, and Edward's thrusts were getting more erratic.

"Ti amo, Isabella." He said as he released inside of me, his climax triggering mine.

"O-Oh Edward…" I let out a long moan, and slumped against the cold counter, our bodies covered in sweat. Edward's body weight felt enticing against on top of my body. I wove my hands through his hair as his head laid against my naked chest.

"Please, Edward, I promise just let me go to school?" I asked after his breathing got back to normal. He sighed and looked up at me with his chin resting against my right breast.

"Ok Bella, but as long as you don't leave me."

"What if someone asks where I've been? What do I tell my dad?"

"Tell them, you were sick and tell Charlie you were with me, he'll understand." I looked at him in confusion. He just shook his head.

"Come on mia amore, you look exhausted, lets get you cleaned up and off to bed. He cradled me his chest and carried me upstairs to the room I was staying in.

He walked to the bathroom and started a shower for us both. He tested the water to see if it was warm enough, and brought us both under the shower head.

He lathered up some soap on his hands and started cleansing my body starting with my right breast, softly rubbing the soap into my chest then, he carefully rubbed my right nipple, then cleaned the curve between my, only to start the cycle again with my left breast.

He lathered more soap on his hands again, trailing his hands down my stomach stopping to tentatively clean around my waist, stomach, and hips. He cupped his right hand on my pussy and rubbed the soap between my legs, cleaning the remnants of our kitchen sex moments ago. All the while he looked up in to my eyes the whole time. He finished cleaning my body, the way he cleaned me was so intimate and passionate.

I returned the favor, tentatively cleaning his pecks, and his sculpted abs, all the way to his cock. I dropped to my knees. Looking at him, I grasped his cock with my hand, the semi erection, and hardening in my hand.

"Bella…" He said looking down at me in awe. I silently wrapped my lips around his head and swirled my tongue, then swiped it across his slit. He groaned, I took his above average cock fully into my mouth, the rest that I couldn't fit in I wrapped my hand around. Slowly bobbing my head and hallowing my cheeks, sucking him into my mouth, while my tongue swirled, and licked his cock.

"Ugh, Bella, little girl…yes" He hissed looking down at me, softly placing his hand into my hair and guiding me to set the pace. He pushed his cock farther and faster into my mouth. "So warm and wet

look at me!" I looked up at his command; he stared intently into my eyes as he fucked my mouth. He came, and I swallowed every drop he gave me.

He turned off the now cold running water and picked me, wrapping a towel around us. He patted us down and then put the towel back onto the rack and carried me to the bed. He turned the light out, and kissed my shoulder bringing my back to his chest.

"Ti amo, Bella." I sighed and leaned into his chest, closing my eyes. Something changed today…

I think I'm falling in love with Edward…

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Mia amore- My love

Mai il mio amore mai- Never my love never

Ti amo- I love you

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