Yeah, I haven't updated in... forever... so because today is a special day, I'm gonna update what I can and return to a few other fandoms. Yeah... video games and Manga have returned to my life so DNB's been on back burner. I wanted to expand my writing abilities so... . yeah, sorry I haven't been bat crazy lately. No guarantee I'll be as diligent as I was, but I am trying! 3X Please enjoy! This is way in the future from the last sets, but it's the only time frame that made sense for today.

Damian - 4

Happy Happy Birthday Bruce!




A rush of black haired miniature adults stormed into the master bedroom of Wayne Manor, jerking two highly dangerous adults from their peaceful night's sleep. Both were reaching towards weapons when their intruders broke out into song, while dancing in a line.

"Happy happy birthday!

From all of us to you!

We wish we had a birthday,

So we could party too!

Happy happy birthday!

From all of us to you!

We wish we had a birthday,

So we could party too!


"What the..."

Before Bruce could do anything about them, all four rascals darted back out of the room, laughing their heads off. Left in shock on his bed, with his off and on girlfriend laughing her head off, the man finally realized what day it was. Instantly his head went into his hands, caught between frustration and laughter himself. Those kids...

"Daddy!" The cute little voice of the youngest Wayne brought his attention to the only one who hadn't come in singing or started laughing at his expense. Damian smiled boldly at him on the edge of his bed, thrusting a poorly wrapped present at his father. "Happy birthday! I love you!"

That brought a real smile to the man's face, giving in to the kids' goals at long last. "Love you too. And thank you." A movement from the door brought him out of his small revere. The dog he point blank told everyone was never allowed to sleep in his bed was coming in with a mission. "Ace! No! I don't need fetching! ACE!"

Selina just kept laughing at the poor birthday boy being assaulted by all the love of his household. This was a birthday for the history books.

A/N: Happy 75th birthday Batman! (July 23rd, 2014) The song is from Emperor's New Groove. I've had this idea for a long time so I finally got it down. Also have a headcannon of people using Ace to fetch people. Since Bruce's bed gets crowded really easily, I thought he'd want to keep Ace out as much as possible. If anyone has any doggy scenarios they want to see, please send them over!

Hope you had a good laugh. ^^V