Haven't had many fights between siblings lately so I thought it was about time. I dunno if Dami bites in the comics, but it is an online joke on DA. Pre-DITF

Tim-8 Damian-almost 2

Demon Bites


Bruce jerked from his seat in his study at the shout and accompanying crying. Crying became wails. Quickly he was out of his seat and running down the hall to the nursery where the sound was coming from. Those screams could only mean a few things. Top of the list: one of them was hurt. Next on the list: someone bad had come into the house.

"What happened?" he demanded in a worried tone, only to see Damian and Timmy on the floor with a bunch of wooden blocks surrounding them. Both of them were in tears, the older boy clutching his hand while the toddler merely yelled his lungs out. They both had good lungs.

The older pointed to the younger angrily. "DAMIAN BIT ME!"

Their father stared at the two of them for a moment, blinking, before face-palming and holding back a groan. It was going to be one of those. He gave a tired look to his sons just as the toddler slapped Tim's hand down, howling at him.


"Next you'll be saying he's breathing your air." Exasperated, Bruce came inside and knelt next to them, barely dodging the blocks. He picked up Damian first, propping him up on his thigh and keeping an arm around him, before taking Tim's hand to inspect it. "Come here you. And let me see… Wow…"

The man's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. "That's a really strong bite there. Almost drew blood."

"It really hurts." Tim pouted, contorting his face best he could without crying.

"I bet it does. Why did he bite you?" Really, a near two year old biting an eight year old? There had to be a reason. Not like the two of them could wrestle.

"I dunno," the kid whined in a lower tone, his eyes not leaving his father's. No guilt on his face, so he didn't start it. "We were playing with blocks and he threw one into my building. I told him no and he did it again. I tried to make him stop and then he just bit me!"

"Ah." Bruce gave the toddler, finally quiet, a shrewd look. Damian just looked at him innocently, not really understanding everything around him. He probably didn't even know what he did was wrong. "Damian, we don't bite people. It's wrong and it hurts."

The toddler only pouted in response, looking down slightly before gripping his father's shirt. He wasn't really feeling any guilt, but he could sense when Daddy was upset with him. So he did what he did best: played cute.

Wasn't really working. Dick and Timmy played that card far too often in the past to really work on him anymore. "Now, go say sorry to your brother."

"Sowwy," Damian murmured, looking down. His older brother was still pouting, not quite believing him. That bite really hurt!


The kid gave a heavy sigh. Well for his dad's sake he could let it slide. "Okay. Apology accepted. Just don't bite me and don't destroy my buildings. Okay?"

Slowly the toddler nodded his consent. Bruce released the babe from his grasp and let him return to the blocks to play, proud of Tim. Not everyone could forgive their brother for something like this. It took a lot of courage and faith to do that. "Now remember to play nice, alright? I don't want to hear yelling unless it's important. And I certainly don't want any melt downs. Got it?"

"Uh huh." Tim rubbed his hand, hoping to bring down the pain so he could play again. His dad was so glad he was so low maintenance. Damian certainly wasn't. The toddler only nodded, mostly ignoring him so he could play more.

"Good. I still have some paperwork to do in my office. When I'm done I'll come in and play, okay?"

This gave him smiles. "Okay!" "Okey."

Bruce nodded, smiling slightly himself. He got off the ground and walked out the door to get back to work. "Be back soon."

He wasn't even ten feet from his office when he heard yelling again. "DADDY!"

The man just sighed. It was just going to be one of those days.

A/N: yeah, just one of those days. If you can name the obscure quote/paraphrase kudos to you! I love how kids can fight like cats and dogs one minute then be best friends the next. And little Damian biting Tim, I just thought it was appropriate.

Kinda sad thought that not many people read/reviewed the last chapter. =[ timing again? *sigh* oh well. TTFN!