This chapter is the official ending of In the Beginning. I should have written this a long time ago, I don't know why I didn't think of writing this, but hey, better late than never.


Chapter 28

An old junkyard in Baton Rouge:

Markus moaned as he sucked the life out the fangbanger, whom was writhing beneath him desperate for some relief. He growled, annoyed with her constant squirming. He pulled back shoving her to the side. He grabbed her by the hair, blood dripping from his lips, and snarling. "Stop fucking moving around. You're here to please and feed me. Nothing more." He growled to her, with a withering look on his face. He retrieved a hanky from his pocket to wipe the blood from his face.

He flicked a hand towards the fangbanger dismissing her. He turned away not caring about the human. He sat down in his chair behind his desk groaning to himself. He was exceedingly bored out of his mind, missing the old days where he could hunt and feed on unsuspecting victims. God, he even missed the times where he could torture anyone he wanted and there wouldn't be a thing you could do to stop him.

But what he missed most of all was his sweet little Carrie.

He remembered when he first found her. She was 17 at the time, being escorted home by some young, nameless gentlemen. The moment Markus laid his eyes on Carrie, he decided she was his. As he gazed upon the scene, a wave of jealousy hit him when the young gentlemen placed a kiss on her cheek, making her smile a shy smile, a blush forming on her cheeks. A blush that made his length harden in his pants. He really wanted to know how far that blush could reach.

He sighed to himself and snapping from his thoughts. He was stroking his cock again. He chuckled to himself, only his thoughts of Carrie could cause this kind of reaction from him. He smiled.

Soon my sweet…very soon.

Suddenly, a pain shot through his chest making him roar. Markus clutched his chest, panting. He knew exactly what this pain meant. His progeny, Sophie Ann is no more. His child was murdered, making his fangs snap out in anger. He threw his computer to the wall, knowing who was responsible for the final death of Sophie Ann.

That four thousand-year-old thorn in his side! God, he hated her with every fiber of his being. She's the reason why he lost Carrie so many centuries ago, why she's not his child, why he lost all his whores when his brothel burned down. He vowed a long time ago to make her pay for that! But his luck turned around when someone approached him with a plan to get rid of Jade Valentine. He jumped at the opportunity and hired two vamps to spy on her. He was extremely disappointed when Hot Rain and Longshadow came up with nothing.

Jade Valentine was untouchable.

Something that still pisses him off. However, the moment his Sophie Ann had perished, the game changed. He finally had an in to rid the world of Jade Valentine once and for all. He smiled menacingly and couldn't wait to bring her up on charges of treason.

I got you now, Jade Valentine.

Once again, the Ancient Pythoness stood at the window staring out at the city. She spends most of her time at the window, staring and waiting. Despite the odds against Jade Valentine, she knew she would persevere. Jade was quick, witty and very clever. She smiled to herself, knowing after next week, things will be set in motion. Everything the Ancient One hoped for is finally coming to pass.

She can't run from her destiny anymore, the Ancient One thought with sadness. But she understood why Jade ran…she understood it better than anyone. There's much to sacrifice, and much to lose…she has many fears, but her biggest fear is ending up all alone and turning into her father; whom in the end had lost everything dear to him.

I guess that's the cost having power, the cost of making sure the entire world doesn't burn and destroy itself under your watch. The Ancient One unfortunately had to remain neutral in all supernatural relations, with little to no contact from the outside world. That didn't mean she couldn't give a little push in the right direction. She chuckles at this thought.

However, with Jade running the council, the game will change completely. She won't be bound by the same rules and limitations the Ancient One is tied to. That alone is enough to assure she is leaving the council in good hands and the Ancient Pythoness can retire without any complications.

A handsome man with dark raven hair and crystal blue eyes stood off to the side, fidgeting and waiting for her to address him. He felt like he'd been standing there forever watching as his friend stood at the window staring out into the world. The Ancient One smiled at his reflection.

"Impatient as ever. How is everything progressing so far?" He gives her a sly smirk. He enjoyed his job very much. He's been a loyal second to the Ancient Pythoness for many years. He owed it to her for releasing him from being imprisoned in his own home for over 20 years by a witch. He vowed to never get involved with another witch again.

"Everything is going as planned. I just got word from a reliable source that Markus is aware of his child's final death…won't be long now."

"And what of the King of Illinois? And the King of New York?" She asks without turning around.

"The Guardian has spoken with the King of New York, everything is set. No word from Illinois…he's still quiet." He sneered at the last sentence, making his dislike of the King of Illinois clear. The Ancient One tried not to grin at the scorn in his voice at the mention of Alexander Cross.

Why did everyone hate him so much? "You don't like him very much." She said. He cleared his throat.

"No, I do not. I don't really understand why he is needed in the first place. He's not the key to all this anyway." He muttered bitterly.

"He is needed to fulfill a purpose, nothing more."

"And what purpose is that?!" he asked, incredulous.

"To reveal the truth." Was all she said.

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