Change is Nature

Ch.1 The World That Never Was

Jamie and the members of the Crimson Liwifers came into the Castle That Never Was. There they found something most interesting. Master Xehanort had been there and left. He left his two allies locked in cages with nothing but the black coats on their backs.

Jamie said "Pity that two such valuable members are left to die." Saix said "You take pity?" Jamie nodded. The other snickered "As if" The other was about five nine in height and one-hundred pounds in weight. He had long graying black hair that was tied into a pony tail.

Jamie walked over to Saix's cage and let him out. Saix was shocked but came out. He smiled and said "Thank-you, I'll do anything to repay this kindness." Jamie eyed him "Then join us Saix, join the Crimson Liwifers."

Saix agreed and said "Thank-you for your kindness, and trust I will not betray it." Jamie smiled and said "It not you I have to worry about, it's Mar." They all laughed. It was Axel who said "How about a tour?" Every one agreed. Thus the tour began...