Alright so nobody gets confused later on this happens in the anime versions of the victims shows happening after the 3th season of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and the 4th season villains will not be making an appearance, I am useing the english names and don't bother flaming its just a wast of time on both ends.

I do not own either Rosario + Vampire or Yu-Gi-Oh! GX now on with the story.

Down at the Slifer Red dorm Jaden Yuki had very serious problem. Several months earlier Yubel a duel monster spirit from his past had back into his life and had caused pain and misery to both him and his friends, which lead Jaden to another world were four of his friends sacrificed to make the ultimate fusion card Super Polymerization, where upon Jaden's desire to avenge his friends awakened The Supreme King, Jaden's darker half and the Supreme King unleashed darkness and horror on that world had it not been for the scarifies of more of two of his friends he may never have come back to his senses, in the end Jaden and Yubel dueled each other and Jaden after learning why Yubel did what she did during the duel used the power of Super Polymerization to fuse their souls, and now three months later he was back and his friends were over joyed to see him.

Which is why he had a problem; while his friends had forgiven him, Jaden still felt guilty about he had done as the Supreme King. He knew that it wasn't rational and that everyone didn't blame him but he just wasn't able to come to gripes with it emotionally. And the fact that his friends had forgiven him that was making it all the harder to face them..

He thought of asking his duel monster spirits what to do but the Neo-spacians had to leave because Yubel's darkness was to great for them to stay and Elemental Heros thought that Jaden should have destroyed Yubel and didn't understand why he fused their souls to gather and left, so much for "we will be at your side forever", and now their cards were the only ones who were still staying with him were Winged Kuriboh, Yubel and Elemental Hero: Burstinatrix, the only Elemental Hero who understood why Jaden had choose to fuse souls with Yubel, and the Evil Hero: Inferno Wing, part of the Supreme King's army of Evil Heroes, and Jaden couldn't talk Winged Kuriboh because he could only make karoo noises in response, Yubel was still recovering inside his soul from the trip home from the other dimension apparently she had case of inter-dimensional jetlag, Burstinatrix had been act weird lately, he would catch her looking at him with an odd expression and then turn a darker side of blue when she saw that he had noticed and when Jaden asked what was up she vanished back into her card so trying to talk to her wouldn't help, Jaden had often wonder if... nah, like that was ever going to happen, the only one he actually talked to was Inferno Wang and just she smiled and say that it was for him choose his course of action not her, blew him kiss, and then disappeared into her card.

Jaden looked up at the the ceiling and saw Professor Banner's cat Pharaoh up in the rafters relaxing with a little glowing sphere the spirit of Professor Banner, 'She and the Professor have it easy.' Jaden laying in bed for a few more minutes Jaden got up went over to his desk, got a pencil and some paper and started writing "So, you decided to finally do something Jaden?"asked the late Professor Banner, now hovering next to Slifer Red.

"Yes, I have."


"Jaden, a wise man once said it is easier to forgive the man who shot you in the back, then yourself."Professor Banner told the Slifer Red as he walked to Consler Shepherd's office.

Jaden smiled stopping 3 feet from Shepherd's door, thinking back to how Banner had betrayed all of Duel Academy and how despite of everything he could still say that he was still friends with the alchemy useing professor "He was right..." Jaden's smile dropped from his face "but, I am not changing my mind Professor this is what needs to happen. And now if you will excuse me." and without giving Banner chance to come up with a repeal walk into Shepherd's office.

Shepherd smiled upon seeing his most troublesome and favorite student "Excellent timing, Jaden. I was just about to send for you." Jaden's mind was racing, there were two other people aside from him and Shepherd, he had already met them both one in passing and the other he had actually met and been one or two adventures together Maximillion Pegasus and Yugi Muto, and he had been saving the world long enough to know what was coming and decided to do the only thing to do "In that case I must apologize." say sorry in advance explain why, while there too shocked to speak.

"Due to the fact that almost every duel monster in my deck has abandoned me, I'm unable to duel thereby unable help and... I'm leaving Duel Academy." Jaden handed Shepperd the latter he written earlier that morning.

"Ah, Jaden-boy we don't need you to stay at Duel Academy, in fact you don't even have to duel." Jaden turned to face the man who had spoken, Maximillion Pegasus the creator of Duel Monsters, correctly interrupting Jaden's silence as a sign to continue went on. "You see that incident with The Winged Dragon of Ra last year made it and Slifer the Sky Dragon decide to make you theirs."

Jaden blinked a few times and tried to make sense of what the former keeper of the Millenium Eye was telling him, but Pegasus wasn't done yet "And you remember that Blue Eyes White Dragon you saw in Yugi-boy's Grandfather's place? It came to me in a dream and instead that I make a copy of the card just for you, you lucky scoundrel."Yugi deciding not to let Pegasus hog all the fun started to finally say something.

"And Dark Magician Girl has also taken a liking to you." Handing the card in question over to Jaden, Dark Magician Girl appeared at that moment and promptly glomped no longer sure what was happening said the first thing that came to mind. "I thought that she liked Syrus." Dark Magician Girl looked up at the person she was currently hugging smiled coyly "If you're talking about that kiss I gave him I just felt sorry for him. He isn't really my type, after all he'd pass out if I ever kissed him for real. So I have decided to make you my new master, see you later master." with that she disappeared.

Yugi arched an eyebrow, he hadn't heard about any kissing but that wasn't his concern any more "Anyway, four very powerful duel monsters have decided that you're the one that is the most worthy of their powers have decided to go along with their choices."

Jaden froze, if this meant what he thought it did then... "So, congratulations Jaden-boy! You're now the guardian of two Egyptian God Cards, the Blue Eyes White Dragon and the Dark Magician Girl! Don't tell Kaiba-boy about the new Blue Eyes, I want to surprise him with the news." Pegasus said as he shook the life out of Jaden's hand.