Humming Witch: Urgh, I know, I should be working on FFMH, but, this poped up in my head and I just had to write it down! Well, I hope you enjoy this! I hope it's not too gorey, though, I'm trying to keep it at M, not MA. Please tell me if you think it's too over-borad! I'll have to tone it down a bit.. I don't want fanfiction to get rid of this story! Just in case I'll put it up on my deviantart, too... Enjoy~

It was a regular day for everyone. Miku went shopping for leeks, Kaito ate ice cream, everyone sang some songs, you know, the usual. Everything was completely normal - that is, until that night.

Everyone was sitting in the living room - Miku, Luka, Kaito, Gakupo, Piko, Rin, Meiko, Gumi, and Mikuo. Everyone except for Len.

"So, while I was out shopping, I noticed that-" Miku stopped talking as Len walked into the room. Rin turned around in her seat.

"Len!" She said, getting up and walking over to her twin, "Where have you been? I tried looking for you all day and-" She stopped as soon as she noticed he washolding something behind his back. A knife? No, that couldn't be! Why would Len be carrying a knife - of all things?

"What's wrong, sis?" He asked calmly. Almost too calmly. He titled his head slightly.

"L-Len, why...Why are you.. What.. I don't understand..." She started trembling.

Obviously no one else had noticed the knife yet. It was hidden from most of their views.

They had no idea what was going on.

"Rin? Rin what's wrong?" Miku asked, twisting her head back to look at the blonde-haired girl. Everyone's eyes were set on the twins.

Len lifted up the knife a bit, still out of everyone's view, and rested it's tip on Rin's stomach. She started shaking rapidly now.

"L-Len! What're you-"

"You know how easily I could cut through you, sis?" He asked her, in a very faint whisper. "I could stab you so easily, you know that, right? It'll be like cutting up a strawberry."

Rin started crying at this point.

"Len what are you saying? I.. I thought that you cared about me.. Why are you saying such things, brother?"

Everyone was shocked. They were too shocked at what was going on. They even thought maybe it was a joke. They didn't dare get up, in fear of what might happen to them - or Rin.

However, Meiko was a little braver. Or maybe it was just the whiskey in her that made her stand up.

"Len, what the fuck are you doing to poor Rin? Stop it! If this is some kind of sick joke, none of us find it funny!"

"Oh really?" Len yelled. "Well I find all of this pretty fucking hilarious!" A smile crept up on his face. Rin wanted to get away, but she was glued to her spot. She was too afraid - as was everyone else.

"Rin do you know what the fuck this is?" He asked, still yelling, bringing the knife up to her neck, "Do you know what it is? Do you know what I can do with this? Huh, sis?"

At this point, basically everyone could see the knife.

"Len get the fuck away from her!" Meiko yelled, tears brimming at the edges of her eyes.

"What the hell?" Gakupo yelled, pulling Kaito closer to him, in case Len decided to hurt the blue-haired male as well. Kaito blushed.

People started shaking in their seats, too afraid of what was to come next,not wanting to move even an inch. The only people standing were Rin, Len, and Meiko.

Meiko kept an angered glare at Len. He kept a creepy smile on his face. Rin kept crying and shaking.

"Len please-" Miku cried, but was cut off by a laugh from Len.

"You stupid little bastards! So weak! Come near me, see what happens!" His smile grew bigger, and before anyone could stop him, the knife in his hand pierced through his sister's neck. He slid it back out with ease. She fell onto her back, eyes wide open, blood streaming out of the gaping hole in her neck. She was still alive - but barely. Each gasp of air she took sent a shockwave of pain all over her body.

"Please... Help... It hurts..."

Blood started coming out of her mouth now, staining her pale white face.

"Len..Why..." she tried to ask.

Miku screamed. So did Gumi as she burst into tears. Mikuo stared, shocked, and so did Piko by his side. Gakupo held Kaito in his arms tightly as the male shook violently. Meiko still stood, not letting Len out of her sight. Luka cried along with Miku and Gumi.

Len burst out laughing insanely, got on his knees, and started stabbing his twin in the face repeatedly.

"You whore! You little bitch! Die! Die! I don't need you! You are and always will be nothing to me! I hope you burn in the deep, burning pits of hell!"

His gentle hands stained red, his clothing splattered with the blood of his own, the knife glittering as the light from the lamp hit it.

Well, they could all either try to kill him themselves, or run around the house like caged animals at a circus, knowing that their time was almost up.

Len stopped and sat back on his legs. He kept his smile on the whole time.

He's gone completely insane.

"Ga...Gakupo..." Kaito whispered, careful as to not let the blonde hear, "Do you.. Have your swords?"

"...Only one..."


"So, Who's the next one? Who wants to join sis in hell? Any volunteers? No? How about you, Meiko?"

All eye's feel upon the burnett. Her glare still on Len, she said,

"Come at me, you fucker."

She grabbed the bottle of rum on the table, drank the remains, and smashed in against the wall.

"Enjoy your last drink?" Len asked, standing up and running over to Meiko with the now-stained-with-blood knife. She gripped his wrist as to try and stop him from cutting her immediately.

"Everyone, run! Get out of here, I'll buy you some time - just go! Don't go into the kitchen for weapons, find them somewhere else! Use what you can, Kay, guys? I love ya, always know that even if i die, I'll still love you guys with all my drunken heart!" She gave everyone a wink with a heart-filled smile.

She then turned her gaze back to Len, took the broken bottle, and tried to cut his face with it, as she dogged the knife he held so lovingly in his hand.

Everyone else got up and ran out of the living room.

"S-should we call for help?" Gumi asked, gripping her cell phone with shaky hands.

"The police won't do shit!" Gakupo shouted, still holding Kaito.

"How do you know?" Luka asked.

"We'll have to kill Len ourselves... Go ahead and call if it'll make you feel better. Just know it won't work," Gakupo continued.

Gumi turned her phone on.

"Shit! No signal!"

"Fuck this house is too big! Should we escape?" Miku asked.

"No! It's either we kill him, or he kills us. I'm going to get more weapons, maybe we should split up. I'm taking Kaito."

Piko walked over to Gakupo quietly.

"C-can I come with?"


Kaito, Gakupo, and Piko left without giving the others a word.

The others quickly left in their groups as well - Miku, Luka, and Gumi went together, Mikuo offering to go on his own.

"Be careful, brother!" Miku said, giving Mikuo a quick hug before running down the hall.

Mikuo sighed and smiled to himself.

"So, you've finally lost it, eh, Len Kagamine?"

Ok, so, even if Miku and Mikuo aren't brother and sister and just the male/femal versions of eachother, I just be usin' my imagination C: One person on a youtube vdieo said that vocaloids are great as they are, because you can use your imagination with them and make them into almost anything. Like, brothers, sisters,lovers, all that stuff. Well...yeah... P: Hope you've enjoyed the first chapter!