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"What are we going to do?" Miku asked the others, as if they had an answer.

"I don't know! We just have to keep calm.." Luka responded, trying her best to not freak out herself.

"Well, where should we go?" Gumi said, looking around franticly.

Luka sighed. She tied her long pink hair up in a bun. "Guys, we need to be calm. As long as we find a weapon and stick together nothing bad is going to happen. Trust me,"

Miku looked at her, then Gumi. The green-haired girl stared at Luka, ready to cry.

"W-well... I guess we could try.." Miku said, shaking a little.

"Ok. Come on, lets go look for a sharp object or something - like a piece of broken glass." Luka grabbed the other girls' hands and started walking down a hall that lead to one of the bathrooms and the extra room, or the "entertainment" room.

Gumi stopped in front of the bathroom door. She shook violently. Miku and Luka turned their heads to look at her, to make sure she was ok.

"G-guys, I... Have to use the restroom..."

"Oh, alright." Luka said, letting go of the other's hand. "Want us to wait here?"

"N-no, that's fine, I'll meet you guys in the other room, ok?"

"..." The pink-haired female hesitated, "...Alright." Gumi soon disappeared behind the door as Miku and Luka held hands, walking into the next room.

"So... What can we use in here?" Miku asked as her and Luka let go of each other's hands.

"Well... I dunno. Maybe we could break a window or something and get the glass that way."

Meanwhile, Gumi stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror above the sink.

She opened up the cabinet and grabbed a bottle of pills that made a slight noise when she shook them.

"If I take these, I won't get hurt, I won't get killed, I'll feel no pain.. They can go and attack Len themselves... I don't want to have to go through this," She thought, opening the bottle of tiny white pills.

She was too busy thinking about how she'll take the pills that she didn't notice Len behind the shower curtain.

"You dumb bitch," He thought with a smile. He hid the knife behind him and pushed the curtain aside.

Gumi, of course being startled, jumped and turned around quickly.

Her mouth hung open, she couldn't scream, she couldn't cry, all she could do was stare at the boy that still had blood stained on his clothes, and eyes that had no love in them - just despair and hate.

He stepped towards her with a grin.

"I knew that someone was going to come in here sooner or later - too bad it wasn't one of the guys. Why couldn't you have been Piko? Oh well."

He kept walking. Gumi kept silent.

Soon, he stopped a few feet away from her.

"I know that you don't wanna die though, Gumi - So I have a deal for you. I always liked you the most out of those bitches - so how about you kill Miku and Luka for me, and in return, I won't kill you. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it~?"

Gumi closed her mouth. She was scared. But knowing that she won't die made her happy; it made her feel secure.

She smiled slightly.


Len's grin grew larger. His plan was working perfectly.

Luka looked around.

"Gumi hasn't come back yet... Do you think everything is alright?"

Her question was answered as said female walked into the room, her arms behind her back.

"Gumi! Is everything alright?" Miku stood next to Luka. Gumi looked at them with dark eyes. They were her friends - but they would also be the cause of her death. If she was with them, Len would kill her. This is the only way. The only way she can live. The only way she won't get hurt.

"...Gumi?" Miku asked again.

Without a word, she walked towards them, axe in hand. Luka stepped back, pulling the other next to her.

"Gumi!" Luka yelled.

She didn't respond. She said nothing - nothing at all.

The three of them stood there - not saying anything.

Then without a moments notice, Gumi took the axe she was holding and swung it at Luka's head.

The female couldn't move out of the way before the blade met her face - and, well... Her face was cut in half.

Miku screamed and backed away a bit, not believing what she saw.

The axe was yanked out of her head, only to be put back into it. Soon, Luka was sure dead, her blood on Gumi's hands, arms, axe, chest.

"Gumi...W-why...? I thought... We were friends-"

"Don't friends me, bitch! I'm going to stay alive, and you fuckers can go die!"

Miku looked around franticly. She needed to defend herself. Where was a knife when you needed one? Or even a pushpin - anything!

Gumi went for Miku's head as well, but only chopped off part of her long green hair. The strands fell to the floor - Miku was quicker than she thought. The axe got stuck to the wall, but with a simple yank it was in Gumi's hands again.

"What a bad hair day," Miku thought, "I'm going to have to cut it later on, huh? How am I even thinking of this - I'm going to die!"

She stepped back and found something - something that could save her life. Even if it was a lame weapon, she's going to use it. A can of air freshener.

Well, yes, this wasn't the best thing to use. But it's all she had. If only it were a can of pepper spray or a mallet. But she can still use this.

She grabbed it and sprayed it in Gumi's eyes. She screamed - loudly. Her axe fell out of her hands and onto the some-what bloody floor, so she could rub the spray out of her eyes. This was Miku's chance - she went for the axe, but got her hand crushed instead by Gumi's foot.

"Bitch! No! You're not getting my axe! I don't need eyes to kill you - you're so fucking loud I can hear you!" She dug the heal of her foot onto the other's hand, getting a whimper from her. She pulled her hand away quickly. The green haired a little vounerable rubbing her eyes, trying to make them hurt less.

Miku took a vase and smashed it in front of her and Gumi. She grabbed a shard of glass and held it in front of her. The only defense she has against her former 'best friend'.

Gumi stopped rubbing her eyes and picked up her axe. Her eyes were red and tears fell. Not tears of sadness and sorrow, only tears of agitated eyes. She swung it at Miku's left arm and yanked it out again. The green-haired female grimaced with pain but didn't scream. Gumi was pretty weak with an axe - not knowing how to use it quite the right way, or how hard she should swing it. She won't give her any satisfaction of any screams, anyhow. Blood trickled from her left arm, it hurt painfully to move it. She took the glass and cut Gumi's face, trying to go for her neck.

But before much else happened, she noticed that Gakupo, Kaito, and Piko were in the doorway.

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