A/N: hey guys, so sorry for such a late reply .n. and short chapter. I want to drop this story really bad and I hate it, but I will keep my promise and continue to write it. Just note, it's gonna take a while because of lack of interest but I need to finish this and not give up, right? ;x; You guys keep me goin. I'm glad that people actually like this, I feel bad I haven't been uploading...

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Piko yelled at Gumi, "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO LUKA? Look at yourself! Now you're hurting Miku, you're hurting a friend."

Gumi looked at the male, axe still at hand, "I'll kill all of you! I'm not gonna die, I'm gonna... I'm not gonna die... I'm going to be.. fine..." The green-haired girl let her weapon fall to the floor as she looked around. Her eyes still stung, blood was still everywhere. She looked at Miku, her face telling her she was in obvious pain. Then her eyes fell upon the corpse of Luka, her pink hair a mess, blood was on her, she was dead. That much was clear to her.

That's when she gained her senses - she realized what she had done. She killed her friend, and was about to kill another.

Tears started again - but this time it wasn't because they hurt. It was because she wanted Luka back. She wanted Miku to stop bleeding. She wanted to kill herself. She hated what she did. But she couldn't do anything to reverse it.

She looked back to Piko - he had a dagger. Was he going to kill her?

"N-no! No, I didn't, I couldn't, I..." She fell to her knees and started to cry louder, "Luka! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I'm sorry.." She gripped and tugged at her green locks, shaking her head, wanting everything to go away as if she were in a bad dream.

"Gumi, why did you-" Gakupo started, but was cut off as a loud bang rang in their ears.

It was a gun, someone was shot - and that someone was Gumi.