Okay, I'll be honest; this was originally not supposed to be a HP/FF-7 story. This was, actually supposed to be a HP/Bleach story at first, then it turned into a HP/Yu-Gi-Oh!, and then it turned into a HP/Naruto, but then into "HP as the logical one" where Harry's normally the one to point out all the mistakes of other characters while coming up with plans to deal with his Hogwarts years.

Instead, you guys got this! I didn't take a lot of the elements I had been working with out, so you'll kind of see them in it. Like a slightly Kakashi-like Ron, dueling references, a Toshiro/Byakuya-like Harry, or even Harry pointing out illogical moments. Hooray for you if you spot them!

Chapter 1: The Book of Genesis

"Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess…" a voice whispered on the winds of time and space…

A book shut, closed for a time…

Two feathers of black and white descend from the skies…

Our story begins, with that mysterious gift…

Sighing in irritation Harry walked along the worn, uneven, and cobbled path of Diagon Alley; Ron and Hermione falling into stepping on either side of him. He was used to being stared at, but never before had it been like this!

He knew it was because of the Daily Prophet and the whole mess last year with the Tri-Wizard Tournament, but did they have to be so bloody annoying with their gawking and their whispers?

The answer… No!

Though what surprising and slightly annoyed Harry the most was that over the summer, he had begun to stop feeling anything sad, remorseful, or even grief-related for the death of Cedric Diggory. At first, when he had seen Cedric dead before him, it was like he had lost some big brother in the span of Voldemort's return, but then… then he had been assaulted by memories, thoughts, feelings, and flashes that he knew nothing of. It was like seeing his first conscious death he awoken something deep within the depths of his soul. It was like a flood gate had been unleashed, and Harry only hazed through his battle with Voldemort while trying to keep his sanity together, not truly recalling what he had done to survive. It was all a blur now, lost to his conscious mind…

And then came the emotional shut-down (as Ron termed it) only days later during Dumbledore's speech to the school. It was like he had seen hundreds upon thousands die before him, and that he was no longer troubled by the horrors of having watched someone he knew- someone he cared for- die.

However, the Order had been worried about him, saying that it was just the normal numb and emptiness of a close friend dying, but he didn't think it was that. He didn't feel empty or numb, but something different… like with Cedric's death, he had been reborn. Though he would never give voice to the thought as it still shocked him that he could think such things, but it was surprising him less and less as the days wore on.

He had also not told anyone of his nightmares and dreams, either.

While in the past they had mostly been filled with his parents deaths or scant visions of Voldemort's happenings, now… Now his dreams and nightmares were of two friends and himself fighting atop a large cannon with swords and magics far more advanced than Harry had ever seen.

And then there was the name they called him… Sephiroth… Just recalling it sent shivers up his spine and made him clutch his head as a ringing in his mind and ears began. Hermione and Ron grabbed onto him to stop him from collapsing, which he was thankful for as the hurried into a nearby book shop to get away from unwanted eyes. They all knew what would soon happen, how one of those people in the Alley would go running to the Daily Prophet about how Harry Potter was seen "cracking up in the streets". Harry scowled darkly as he regained himself. It would be tomorrow's headline, he could just see it.

"Why don't we spend some time in here, Harry." Hermione suggested, and with a look at Harry, Ron surprisingly agreed it was for the best. Harry absentminded wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and took in a deep breath to stop his sporadic breathing.

"I'm fine." Harry said quietly, though his tone was still firm.

"No, really, mate." Ron said quickly, glancing around before he suddenly picked up a book, not knowing what it was but trying to be helpful, "I've been wanting to pick up something new to impress Mum. Ya know, show her I'm maturing and whatnot."

Harry, seeing that Ron would actually willingly buy a book he would never read, and then most likely actually read the book later on just to throw him off, Harry smiled a bit at his best friend's determination to see him composed and proper.

"Sure, we'll stay in here a bit." Harry said with a sigh, smiling at his friends as he saw Hermione's eyes light up like Christmas had come earlier. Ron though, hid a grimace well as he put the book that he had grabbed back where it belonged and began to peruse the shelves for something more to his liking.

To be honest, Harry had no clue what book shop the two had hauled him into, so didn't know what to expect as he glanced over titles. He was also was sure that Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were waiting right outside with Mad-Eye and some other member of the Order. He was glad they had allowed him to come to Diagon Alley earlier than normal because of his detached nature. While the Alley might have been filled with gossips and Wizarding World sheep, he still enjoyed it none the less and the trip had greatly improved his mood.

Looking over the titles, Harry could honestly say that he wasn't even sure if most of them were Wizarding novels or texts. Some of them he recognized as Muggle fantasies about wizards and magics, like the Lord of the Rings which he had just passed.

Deciding that since his friends were giving the books a try, Harry too decided that the next book he saw he would pick up and at less glance over. If it looked interesting, he'd buy it (because really, for him; money was no object and in no shortage) and then read it on the Hogwarts Express to show that he had actually been better when they had wanted to stay.

"Loveless, huh…?" Harry questioned to himself as he picked up the book. He was loveless. While he had disliked Cedric for his being with Cho Chang, he certainly didn't want the girl if only because Cedric had died. In fact, a flash of a well-built black-haired man flew before Harry's mind eye with white feathers whirling all around him, "Don't wanna do the dishonorable thing It wouldn't be love, and it wouldn't be right…"

Harry chuckled slightly, the thought of the man he had only ever seen before in his dreams making him feel a warmth that had only been given to him by his friends Ron and Hermione. It was like this man in his dreams had also been a great friend to him as well.

With that in mind, Harry's grip on the book tightened as he opened it to a random page. He was slightly disappointed when all that was on the page appeared to be a short poem setting up Act One of the Loveless book.

"Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess… We seek it thus, and take it to the sky…" Harry read as he saw a shadow fall over his shoulder.

"Ripples form on the water's surface…?" Ron read as his breath graced the side of Harry's neck while Hermione's hair tickled at the other side.

"The wandering soul knows no rest…" Hermione breathed as though she lived for such poetry. Harry snapped the book shut, breaking the three from the small trance they had not been aware of.

"Loveless… Act One…" Harry breathed quietly as he gazed down at the hardcover of the book.

"You remembered?" Hermione asked suddenly with a smirk as Harry smirked right back while Ron merely rolled his eyes.

"How could I not?" Harry asked, before tapping at his temple, "When he's beaten it into my head."

"I wouldn't take Harry lightly, 'Mione." Ron advised as Hermione nodded, a coy smile on her lips.

"Noted." Hermione said as she turned on heel, "Now let's pay for these books. The faster we do the faster we can read them."

"Honor Bound?" Harry questioned, seeing the title held loosely in Ron's hand.

"Yeah, it sounded brilliant." Ron said as he showed Harry the book, "It's all about how to become this noble guy and his honor. Kinda like you, ya know?"

"No, I don't." Harry chuckled, "I'm not a noble knight, and I'm not even sure I can protect those I hold close, let alone all the people."

"Harry…" Hermione breathed as she and Ron watched him, though he gave them a small smile to reassure them that he was fine.

They quickly paid for their books, and exited the shop. Harry had been right. The Weasley parents and Mad-Eye were in fact waiting outside the shop for them with a rather non-descriptive wizard who Harry assumed was an Auror to watch him until the date of his hearing…

Which was tomorrow… Harry was sure that sleep wouldn't come easy to him this night…