025 Starve

Character: Peter/Luke

Peter stared down at the bar of nutrients. He sat back on the partially burned couch, just scowling at the rations bar. The things tasted like crap and were hard as a rock after a while. He had a few days before it turned hard but the taste was still awful.

The ODSS had been in the city for three days, destroying Covenant vehicles and heavy deployments. They'd been doing pretty well and had destroyed a good number of wraiths and a few Phantoms. They hadn't saved any civilians but they were being a pain in the ass for the damn murdering aliens. Right now they were waiting for more targets to arrive. The marines had taken up shelter in a hotel and Peter was taking a slight break in one of the nicer suits.

Luke entered the room, frowning at his partner. "Either the Covies don't have any more or they're sending a big wave at us soon." Luke sat down on the couch beside Peter, resting his arm across his partner's shoulder casually. "Let's hope it's the latter. It will be more fun."

Peter held the ration bar out to Luke. "Want a block of dirt seasoned with slight bits of moss?"

"I'd rather eat whatever paste those squid faces are eating." Luke grinned and leaned toward his partner. "Though there's something else I'd rather eat." The suggestive tone to his voice made it obvious what he meant.

"Sarge told us to keep that stuff off the battlefield." Peter didn't push the arm off of him, just leaned a bit toward his partner. "So you'd rather starve? Neither of those options would probably sustain you."

Luke didn't say anything. He stared across the room at the wall, eyes unfocused. He took a deep breath and turned his attention to Peter. "Fine, I'll take the rations." Peter handed it over and Luke took a small bite. He cringed at the taste and tossed it back to Peter.

Peter took the ration bar and put it away. "Well at least now I don't have to worry about dragging your malnourished body off the battlefield." Peter looked down as Luke's hand moved to his thigh. "Seriously, what's with you? You don't usually touch me like this while we're on a mission." Luke hesitated, looking toward the window to try to avoid Peter. Peter scowled and forced Luke's hand off of him. "Fine, then you don't get to touch me."

Luke sighed and groaned. "You singed at all, from that plasma fire?" Luke tapped his finger on his leg. "You kind of were gone, off the radio for a bit longer than was comfortable for me."

"So you're saying that you're worried about me?" Peter grinned, knowing that now he had some ammunition against Luke. "Oh, someone's going soft on me. Next you'll be telling me that maybe we should be sitting down at the table with the elites to make peace."

Luke removed his hand and arm from Peter, moving a bit away from him. "You really saying that you think my love for you is the same as being friends with the split lips? You really think that?"

Peter raised an eyebrow. "Who said anything about love?" Luke scowled and Peter could only sigh. "All right, I admit it isn't the same. It was just the only analogy that I could come up with on such short notice."

"Wow, you really suck at quick analogy thinking." Luke sighed and moved back to his partner's side. "I was worried," he admitted. "There was like twelve minutes where we couldn't find you, your sniping spot had been destroyed, and you weren't killing anything. All the signs that something bad has happened."

"Well I had moved before the plasma fire hit, so that's why I wasn't there. As for not killing anything, I was. I found a group of jackals and killed them. Had to bloody my knife. You know how I hate being close to my enemy." Peter smirked; making it clear to Luke that it all wasn't really that big of a deal.

Luke seemed to consider the explanation for a moment before he spoke. "I promise to let it go and not be worried any more if you do that thing you do so well when we finish here." Luke raised an eyebrow and waited for Peter's response.

Peter considered it and finally grinned. "Only if I get to do that thing you only sort of agree with." Luke sighed and held his hand out to shake. Peter took it and they shook hands, sealing the deal. "Shall we make it final with some warm water?" Peter held up his canteen.

"Water? I think I have a better idea." Luke pulled out a pair of small bottles. "I raided a mini-fridge." He held one out for Peter and he took it.

"Oh, it's like Christmas day. I might just do that other thing that you like." Peter broke the bottle open and held it up. They touched the bottles together and downed the alcohol in one gulp.