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Sitting in a quite gym was not how the middle schoolers thought they would spend their day. The other students were in classes doing whatever the told them to do, and then there was the eight students playing a game of "Truth or Dare".

"Okay, who wants to go first?" Ichigo asked looking at everyone around her. No one wanted to speak out and be first. "Okay I guess I'll go. Andou-kun, 'truth or dare'?"

Andou thought about which to choose. "I pick truth."

"Okay, why do you study at St. Marie Academy?"

Ichigo already know his answer but it was the only thing she could think to ask him.

"I have a very good reason for attending St. Marie. I've grown up around the Japanese sweet my family make and sales. I want to try to combine what I learned at home and at St. Marie to make sweets using both."

The way Andou smiled while saying his dream showed everyone how hard he had been trying for years.

So they game went on and on until after a lot of truths and very few dares it was Mikan's turn. Mikan and Usagi had been planning this since Ichigo asked if they wanted to play the game. Since everyone mostly kept saying truth they changed the rules.

"Ichigo-chan 'Dare or Dare'?"

"Well I guess I have no choice but to pick dare. So what is my dare?"

Mikan and Usagi looked at each other, giving one another a grin. Ichigo could tell from their looks they had been planning something. She always knew they were up to something when they looked at each other and grinned.

"Ichigo-chan I dare you to kiss Kashino-kun on the lips up on the stage."

"EHHH!? WHY DO WE HAVE TO KISS ON THE STAGE!?" Ichigo yelled at her two friends as she suddenly stood up.

Kashino sat next to Ichigo with a stunned look on his face. Ichigo looked down at him and pleaded with her eyes, "Kashino please help me. I can tell that you may not want to but please, will you help me?"

Kashino gave into her plead and stood up.

"We just have to kiss up on the stage, is that right? Come on Ichigo."

When she heard him call her name she blushed and looked down so the others couldn't see her face.

"You told me to call you Ichigo right since everyone in your house is an Amano."

Yuji looked at Kashino who had grabbed Ichigo's hand. He was try not to stand up and run to punch Kashino.

"I'm sorry about this Kashino. I didn't think they would make us kiss in front of them. To tell you the truth I was going to try and kiss you later when we were alone. I wanted to see if that would help you regain your memories of us together."

When Kashino heard Ichigo say she was going to kiss him when they were alone he remembered what she had told him earlier.

"No! You can't! They might not believe me like you do unless I have proof and I have something I want to try to help you remember me." " Can we wait until it's just the two of us so the others don't make fun of us?"

"Could this be what she wanted to try and help me remember her?"

"Make it look like you're confessing your love for each other!" Mikan and Usagi shouted once the brunette and blond were in the middle of the stage.

Ichigo and Kashino were both blushing a deep red that they couldn't hide from the others. They were all standing in front of the stage staring at the two who were standing hand-in-hand. Yuji was about to run up on to the stage and tell Ichigo how he felt but was suddenly stopped frozen where he stood as he heard words come from Ichigo's lips.

"Kashino, I love you I don't want to be apart from you ever!"

"Amano, I feel the same way please stay with me forever!"



Before anyone knew it they two were connected by the lips and it seemed like nothing was going to break them apart from each other. All the memories of 'A Group' and 'Team Ichigo' came back to Kashino as soon as his lips meet Ichigo's. Soon the two broke apart and where staring into each other's eyes. Ichigo saw the look of joy on Kashino's face.

"ICHIGO!" Kashino quickly embraced Ichigo in a hug.

"MAKATO!" Ichigo hugged Kashino back with tears running down her face.

"He remembers me! I knew if I could kiss him just once he would remember me!"

Kashino and Ichigo stood on the stage in each other's arms hugging for a while. The others just stood below watching the two wondering what was going on.

"Ichigo-chan do you know Kashino-kun or something!" Usagi stepped forward forcing Ichigo to break away from Kashino.

"Eh? Uhmm… Well. Yes I do. Kashino Makato and I are Pen-Pals, right Kashino?" She knew this was a horrible lie but it was all she could think of at the time.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. We've been talking for a while but I didn't think I would be able to meet her here." He

"Ma-kun, you never told use about this. You never hide stuff from us." Andou said looking at Kashino.

"Kashino, I never saw you writing a message to anyone and I've been your room-mate for a while." Hanabusa stepped forward as he spoke.

"Well you were either a sleep or somewhere else when I emailed her." Kashino kept a straight face while still going along with Ichigo's lie.

"The more we kept messaging each other the more we fell in love with one another. I was planning on tell Kashino how I felt when I saw him. We had sent each other pictures and all so I knew what he looked like." Ichigo was looking at Kashino so no one but he could see that what she was saying a lie.

"Okay I've had enough of this!" Yuji jumped on the stage and stepped between Ichigo and Kashino. "Ichigo I can kind of understand that you had to kiss him because of Mikan and Usagi but I can't just stand there watching you with another guy anymore. Ichigo I love you! I always have! You never seemed to notice before, did you?"

Ichigo tried to back away from Yuji without any luck. Yuji kept taking a step toward her for each step she took back.

"Please stay back Yuji-kun. I really don't want to hurt your feelings, but I love Kashino." Ichigo tried to run around Yuji to get back Kashino but Yuji caught her hand. "Mikan-chan, Usagi-chan please help me! KASHINO…"

Ichigo was cut off suddenly by a kiss from Yuji.

Kashino looked at the as the girl he loved was forced to kiss another guy. Rage filled Kashino and he was about to punch Yuji when he stopped when Ichigo slapped Yuji.

"Ichigo, do you really what to be with him, some guy you don't even know, then me, the only guy who has always been there for you." Yuji looked down. Shock and anger filled his heart.

"Yes! I love him! He is the only one I could ever choose. We've been through a lot together." Ichigo was crying as she let out her feelings.

Yuji let go of Ichigo's hand and turn to face Kashino. Out of nowhere Yuji ran and punched Kashino.

"KASHINO!" Ichigo, Andou, Hanabusa, and Rumi all said unison as the blond hit the stage.

Ichigo ran around Yuji so she could get to Kashino.

"Kashino, are you alright? Please open your eyes Kashino."

"Ow, that hurt. Ichigo, are you okay?" Kashino saw that he was in Ichigo's arms.

"Yuji, you went too far." Usagi had walked up on stage and stared at her brother. "You had no right to hit Kashino-kun. For your rudeness you will be punished and you will apologize to Kashino-kun and Ichigo-chan."

"I'll apologize to Ichigo but not that shorty. Ichigo I am sorry about what I did. I won't do it again."

"Usagi-chan I would like to give Yuji his punishment this time if it's okay with you." Ichigo had stood up and helped Kashino stand.

"Go ahead Ichigo-chan, after all it was you and Kashino-kun he hurt." Usagi and Mikan had walked over to stand by the friend.

"Yuji-kun for your punishment, you shall apologize to Kashino and help him, Andou-kun and Hanabusa-kun when Usagi-chan, Mikan-chan and I can't. You shall not talk to me for the rest of the day either."

Kashino walked to Ichigo to comfort her and to wipe away her tears of anger. The two of them walked off of the stage, Ichigo holding on to Kashino's arm.

"Kashino I'm sorry I hit you. I promise to help you and your friends while you're studying here at our school."

"Thank you Sakura." Kashino replied in a nice tone trying not to sound rude.

"Andou-kun, Hanabusa-kun, and Katou-san I'm sorry for how my brother acted. I shall try and make sure he doesn't do it again."

"It's okay Usagi-chan. Kashino is tougher then you think and he can control his temper." Hanabusa tried to make to girl feel better.

Hanabusa pulled a rose out of nowhere and handed it to Usagi hope it would make her smile.

Usagi blushed at the sudden gift from the boy. "Thank you Hanabusa-kun, but it's not Kashino-kun I'm really worried about, its Ichigo-chan. Ever since I first meet her back in kindergarden she has never really been that strong. She used to cry a lot and would be teased by some of the other kids in our class."

Usagi had a worried look on her face while she looked over at her brunette friend who was now sitting next to a wall talking with Kashino.

"Usagi-chan is right, I've really only knew Ichigo-chan since our fourth year in elementary school, and she never hit someone or even stood up to someone like that." Mikan had left to go get a basketball and then came back. "How about we play a different game to lighten up the mood huh?"


Ichigo was sitting beside Kashino holding his hand making sure he was okay after what had just happened.

"Ichigo, how did we end up here? I don't really understand I have all the memories of things that haven't happened yet and what happened normally except for today." Kashino was trying to piece together what was going on.

"I'm not sure either. Yesterday I was in my room at St. Maria and this morning I was in my old room at home with my old middle school uniform. Next you Andou-kun, Hanabusa-kun, and Rumi-chan were all here. I didn't understand but was so happy to see you."

A single tear escaped from Ichigo's eye and Kashino wiped it away for her. He gently held her in hopes of making her feel better.

"Don't worry Ichigo, I'll try and get things back to hoe they were. If not then the two of us can just start our lives together again, okay?"

Ichigo looked into Kashino's eyes and nodded.


Everyone went throughout the rest of the day sitting through classes and everything else. Finally it was time to go home.

"Momma, papa, Natsume, I'm home and I brought the student from St. Maria with me." Ichigo cheered after she reached her house.

"Welcome home Ichigo, could you take our guests into the living room please, I'll be there soon." Her mother called from the kitchen.

Ichigo's father and younger sister were sitting in the living room when the five middle schoolers walked in. After showing those to the room Ichigo ran upstairs to change out of her school uniform. She put on her light pink dress with a cream colored long sleeve under it and went back down stairs and sat next to Kashino. Her mother was still in the kitchen making something for their guests.

"Ichigo, Natsume, can you come and help me with this?"

"Coming mama." The two sisters answered at the same time and then ran to help their mother.

"Welcome to our house! We hope you will make yourselves feel right at home here!" The whole family cheered to welcome the four teenagers.

"Ichigo, Natsume, while your father and I set up for the party to two take them to see where they will be sleeping."

"We will." Natsume answered their mother so she would be sure they would.

"Katou-san you'll be staying in this room with Onee-chan and I. Kashino-kun, Andou-kun, and Hanabusa-kun you'll be staying here in my room. No worries I've already taken out my things so you wound accidentally see something you don't want to." Natsume smiled to reassure the boys. "Your things arrived yesterday and we put them in here this morning for you. We'll let you guys change while we show Katou-san how our room is."

"You can call me Rumi. It's better, sounds like we're friends that way." Rumi smiled at the sisters

The three girls walked to Ichigo's room. Before going in Ichigo stopped to see Kashino had also stopped to take one more look at her before going to change.


After the party was over and everything was cleaned up Ichigo went outside in front of the house to sit on the steps to think.

"I wonder what happened. What happened yesterday before I went to bed? What did I do?" So many questions were going through her head. She didn't know how they were going to be answered but she was going to find out.

"Ichigo are you feeling okay?" Kashino had walked out to find her sitting on the steps in front of the house.

"Yeah I'm fine, just thinking that's all."

"Are you still worried about what happened to have made us come here?"

"Yeah, Makato do you think that we'll be able to go back to how things were?"

Kashino put his hand on Ichigo's, "Yeah I think we will."

"Ichigo, I need to run to the store and buy some things that we'll need in the morning." Her mother had come out of the house. "Kashino-kun, can you go with her and make sure she gets everything."

"Sure." Ichigo got up, got the list from her mother, grabbed Kashino's hand and left for the store.

"You know what Makato?" Ichigo looked at him with a smile.


"It feels like we're on a date right now, don't you think?"

"Yeah, it kind of does." Kashino looked at her with a smile as well. "But all we're doing is running errands for your mother."

They only took a short while to get what they needed and then started to walk back to Ichigo's house. Kashino was carrying everything even thought Ichigo had offered to help him. After a while they were almost back to the house and it was peacefully Ichigo and Kashino were talking happily. Ichigo and Kashino were standing at the cross-walk waiting for the light to change. Someone who had walked right behind then accidently pumped into Ichigo pushing her into the ongoing traffic. Before Kashino could catch Ichigo a car had hit her. Ichigo saw nothing but dark after that.


Next thing Ichigo knew she woke up looking up at a white ceiling. She didn't remember how she got there but wasn't really concerned at the moment. She slowly moved her head to look around the room. Moving her hands to see if she had any feelings she noticed it felt like she was touching someone's head. Looking down to see she saw what looked like to be a blond headed boy. Slowly sitting up for a closer look she saw that it was Kashino. Kashino was asleep at the edge of her bed. Ichigo saw that the Kashino that was asleep in front of her was the high school one. By the looks of it he had been there for days. Picking at the few strands of his hair that were in his face Kashino began to wake up.

Waking up to find a girl messing with his hair made Kashino extremely happy.

"Ichigo! Thank goodness that you're awake!" Kashino grabbed the girls hand and gave her a slight kiss on the cheek.

"Makato, what happened where am I?" Ichigo looked at him trying to find out what was going on.

"Ichigo, you're in the hospital. You were at cooking practice alone one afternoon working on something. That whole week you had been over worked but you didn't really let anyone know. You fainted in the kitchen classroom and luckily for you I was on my way there. Vanilla came flying at me crying and screaming all crazy like saying…"
"Kashino, you have to help! Ichigo….Ichigo…She fainted and hit her head on the counter. Please help her!"

"I ran as fast as I could after that. As soon as I was in the room I ran over to you picked you up and ran you to the nurse's office. After that you were brought to my family's hospital. Ichigo you were asleep for almost two weeks. I stayed by your side everyday saying I wouldn't leave until you woke up."

Ichigo felt her head and could feel where the bump was.

"Thank goodness that was all a dream. I don't what I would do if Makato forgot about me."

"Ichigo after what happened I realized how much I would miss you if you ever left me. I never want to be apart from you again. That's why I asked to Chairmen if you and I could share a room together so I could keep a close eye on you after you get out of here. That's also why I bout this." Kashino pulled out a small box and opened it. Getting down on one knee beside Ichigo's bed. "Amano Ichigo I know the day may be a few years off. Will you marry me? I want to always be with you, so what do you think?"

This brought tears to Ichigo's eyes. She could tell how much Kashino loved her by what he was doing.

"YES! I will marry you Makato! I love you so much." Ichigo was so happy and knew she was the luckiest girl in the world right now.

Kashino stood up and placed the ring on Ichigo's finger and gently kissed her.

"I love you too."

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