This story has some violence blood gore and anger be warned not your regular klaine fanfiction. Though it will have some fluff and some smut and as always my people are humanized so deal with it.

The Anderson home (10pm) Kurt had just left

Blaine sat at the kitchen counter talking with his mom about school and his upcoming Six Flags show that summer. When his dad came in and slapped a stack of papers down in front of him. "What is this" asked Blaine.

"We need to talk snarled" Ken as he stood hovering over Blaine. "What about" asked Blaine nervously. He had been hit before over money and failing to measure up to his brother's fame. "Your lack of income" snarled his dad. "I'm 16 dad and still in high school" said Blaine. "Cooper brought in this much a month while still in school" yelled Kenneth Anderson as he pointed to the paper on the counter. "Well I'm not Cooper" yelled Blaine.

Not this again thought Blaine as he tried to text Kurt.

Blaine: come get me please. Its about to get ugly. Help me bring back up please.

The message failed to send but Blaine had no way of knowing it at this moment.

"Blaine look at me" snarled his dad. "I am looking at you" snapped Blaine. "Watch your mouth boy" snarled Mr Anderson. "Sorry" said Blaine. "Kenneth stop this. He is just a boy" said Hannah Anderson. "I will not. He is a man and needs to act like it" snarled Kenneth Anderson. "Kenneth, he is a boy still" snapped Hannah. 'Stay out of it woman. Its your fault he's the way he is" snarled Kenneth. "No she's not. She did not make me gay" bellowed Blaine.

"That is to be seen" snapped Kenneth. "No its not" bellowed Blaine.
Blaine stands up and attempts to leave the room. "Sit down boy" snarled Kenneth. "No. I'm leaving" said Blaine defiantly. "No you aren't and stop back talking" snapped Ken. "Treat me like I'm human and I just might" snapped Blaine as he grabbed his keys from the table and headed towards the back door.

"Just where do you think you're going" snarled Ken. "To the Hummel house" yelled Blaine. "I don't think so" said Ken as he grabbed Blaine's arm. "Let me go" screamed Blaine as he felt his shirt sleeve tear. "You aren't going anywhere specially to that flaming faggots house" snapped Kenneth. "Stop calling us names" growled Blaine. "Then act like you know you should" yelled Kenneth. "I am" growled Blaine as he reached for the door knob. "How is having marks on your neck (slaps Blaine's neck) like this shit acting like you should" snarled Kenneth. "Its nothing Dad. I irritated myself when I was shaving this morning" lied Blaine.

"No you didn't and I do not appreciate being lied to" screamed Kenneth as he backhanded Blaine right into the glass on the door. "Kenneth let him go" screamed Hannah as Blaine jerked free and bolted up the stairs.

"You hurt him. Are you happy" cried Hannah. "He is fine. Its just a scrape" snarled Kenneth. "Clean up the glass" said Hannah as she went up the stairs. "No Blaine will. Go bandage him up and bring his ass down here to clean this mess up" snapped Kenneth. "Fine" said Hannah.

Blaine's room

"Kurt answer the phone" groaned Blaine as he held a towel to the side of his head. The call went to voice mail. Blaine hung the call up and called the house number. Carole answered on the second ring.

Carole: Hummel Residence. Whats wrong Blaine?

Blaine: (crying) Please come get me.

Carole: Oh my god honey what happened?

Blaine: my dad hit me. Lots of blood help me. (sobbing)

Carole: Kurt just walked in. We are on the way.

Blaine: Good I will get my stuff and meet you out front. (crying)

Carole: On the way as soon as Kurt uses the bathroom. He said he was dying.

Blaine: I need to go too but I'm dizzy. (crying)

Carole: calm down and sit down for me. Breathe.

Blaine: (slowly stops crying) I'm trying. (hiccups)

Carole: what happened?

Blaine: I'm gay and don't make enough money to cover all of my expenses.

Carole: come again. You're 16 years old.

Blaine: I know. please hurry.

Carole: We are leaving now. Get some clothes and your school stuff together. Bye baby.

Blaine: Okay bye. (still lightly sobbing)

Blaine hangs up the call and grabs his large duffle bag from the closet and stuffs his bear some underwear and other clothes and shoes into the bag. Then heads to his bathroom to figure out a way to go pee while keeping the towel on his head. The cut above his right eye was bleeding something terrible.

Blaine undoes his pants and drops them with one hand and sits down to pee. Once done he kicked the pants off and grabbed some sweats from his drawer and pulled them on and one of his hoodies and went down the front stairs.

"Blaine stop" called his mother as she reached him in the living room. "I can't stay in this house with that man" snarled Blaine. "I know baby. Go to Kurt please" said Hannah. "I am" sniffled Blaine. "Here take this with you" said Hannah as she handed Blaine his insurance cards and some money. "Call me so I know you got there safely" said his mom as she kissed his forehead. "I can't drive with this gash open on my face" said Blaine as he lowered the towel to reveal the open and bleeding wound. "You need stitches' said his mom. "I know. I called Carole. she is on the way. I love you" said Blaine as he opened the door. "Be safe Blainers" said his mom. "I will as long as that man is nowhere near me' snarled Blaine. "I wish you were straight like your brother sometimes" said his mom. "Well I'm not" snarled Blaine. "I will get my car later" said "Okay baby. I love you" said his mom as she watched him walk down the driveway.


Blaine walked to the end of the drive and sat his school bag and duffle down and went back to his car and retrieved his gym bag. Right as he reached the end of the drive he saw Kurt's car coming up the street.

"Oh thank heavens" said Blaine as he carefully stuffed his bags into the car. "What happened" asked Kurt from the driver's seat. "He hit me again and sent my head into the back door" sobbed Blaine lightly. "Kurt drive us somewhere safe so I can check his head" said Carole. "Okay" said Kurt as he drove off from Blaine's house.

The mini mart parking lot.

Carole gets out of the car and goes to the backseat and checks the gash on Blaine's right temple. "Oh my" said Carole as she ripped her first kit open and stuffed gauze on the gash and wrapped Blaine's head up. "Kurt head straight to Lima Memorial and call your dad" said Carole. "Okay" said Kurt.

Lima Memorial

As soon as they arrived at the intake desk of the hospital they were rushed to a room. Once in the room Carole asked Blaine to tell her what had happened.

"Well" sighed Blaine. "In the mail today was a bunch of medical bills from my surgeries. He got pissed and told me I needed to start earning my keep or not get sick and need things" sighed Blaine. "You're 16 years old. It's his job to provide for you" said Carole. "Not according to him" said Blaine. "I am old enough to earn money for the things I need" said Blaine. "Like what" asked Kurt. "Clothes, food, everything" said Blaine. "That explains your pants and weight loss" said Carole. "Yep" said Blaine. "Same clothes I wore freshman year and as you have seen they no longer fit but he refuses to buy me anything new" sighed Blaine. "We will get you some new things tomorrow" said Carole. "Its okay" said Blaine. "No its not. You need clothes that fit and feel good on" said Carole. "I know and my head hurts" said Blaine. "They will give you something after you talk to the police" said Carole. "Do I have to talk to the police" asked Blaine. "Yes I'm afraid you do sweetheart" said Carole.

The doctor

"Well hello" said the doctor when he entered the room. "Hello" said Blaine. "Let me take a look at your head" said the doctor. "Okay" said Blaine. "I'm gonna lay you back and look at the gash on your head first. Then do a full assessment of your body for the police records" said the doctor. "Okay" sighed Blaine.

"So tell me how this happened" asked the doctor. "My dad slapped me and my head went into the glass window on our backdoor" said Blaine. "Okay" said the doctor as he removed the covering and checked the wound. "How bad is it" asked Blaine. "Its not too terrible. but it will require some stitches and you will need your vision checked in 24 "said the doctor. "Great. More money out of old tight fisted pocket" groaned Blaine. "I will take care of it" said Carole. "Thanks" said Blaine. "Okay this will sting" said the doctor as he stuck a needle into Blaine's cut. "Ow" cried Blaine. "All done. Now to close that gash up and get some xrays" said the doctor.

Ten minutes later Blaine is stitched and bandaged up. "I need to pee" said Blaine. "I will find a nurse and a bathroom" said Kurt. "Thanks babe" said Blaine.

"Here. Pee into that" said Carole the second Kurt left the room. "Thanks" said Blaine as he pulled himself out of his underwear and into the bottle. He started peeing a moment later. "Ahh" moaned Blaine. "You had to go kind of bad" said Carole. "Yeah" said Blaine as he tucked himself away. "You have to say something sooner" scolded Carole. "I couldn't this time. The doctor was sewing my head back together" said Blaine. "Okay. This time I will let you slide" said Carole. "Thanks" said Blaine.

A knock to the door startles them both. "Why is Kurt knocking" asked Blaine. "No idea. Come in" said Carole. The people that entered were not Kurt. They were police officers.

"Hello" said the taller officer. "Hello" said Blaine as he started shaking. "We aren't going to hurt you" said the smaller one. "Okay" said Blaine as he still shook. "We just want to talk" said the taller officer who introduced himself as Jim Watson. "Okay" said Blaine as he pulled Carole's arm closer to him. "Ow honey" said Carole as she got up and sat on the gurney beside him.

Blaine immediately snuggled up against her. Its okay soothed Carole. They are here to help you. I know said Blaine. I'm just scared. I don't want to live with strangers cried Blaine. You won't said Carole. You are going home with me. That is fine said the officers. Really said Blaine as he relaxed a little. Yes said the officer named Mark Calloway. The Hummels are good people and have agreed to look after you. We also spoke to your mom and she wants you to stay with them for a few days said Jim. Cool said Blaine.

"Now can you tell us what happened" asked Mark. "Yeah okay' sighed Blaine. "We got into an argument over me being gay and not earning my keep" said Blaine. "I tried to leave and he hit me and caused my head to break the glass on the back door" said Blaine. "Okay. "We need to take some pictures of your head" said Jim. "Okay" said Blaine. "The doctor also said you have several older bruises on your chest and arms. Has he hit you before" asked Mark. 'Yes he has but the bruise on my left arm and onto my back isn't from him. I tumbled down four steps Saturday at the Hummel's said Blaine". "Yes he did. I witnessed that accident" said Carole. "What exactly happened" asked Jim. "Water gun fight got out of hand and I tripped and slid down a few stairs" said Blaine. "Okay' said Jim. "I can verify that" said Kurt as he entered the room. "And you are who 'asked Mark. "Kurt Hummel. His boyfriend. I am the reason he didn't fall down the entire flight of stairs" said Kurt. "Okay' said Jim.

"I need you two to step out into the hall while we mark him and take the pictures for our repor't said Jim. "No. Please let Carole stay in the room" cried Blaine. "Alright. She can stay" said Jim. "Thanks" sighed Blaine.

The pictures for the report.

"Okay Blaine. Strip down to just your underwear for us" said Mark. "Okay" said Blaine as he pulled his shirt carefully over his head and off. "Tank top too" said Jim. "I know" said Blaine as he pulled it off too. "Remove your pants but keep your underwear on" said Mark. "Okay" said Blaine as he dropped his sweats to the floor.

"Alright" said Jim as he snapped pictures of Blaine's covered cut. "Can you carefully remove the dressing" asked Mark. "Sure" said Carole as she removed the bandage from Blaine's head. "Okay good" said Jim as he snapped pics of the now stitched up gash. "You can recover it now" said Mark. "Alright" said Carole as she redressed the wound.

"What else" asked Blaine. "Tell us about the bruise to your side" said Jim. "Um well my dad kicked me last week. I'm a disgrace to him" sighed Blaine. "That doesn't give him the right to hurt you" said Jim. "I know" blushed Blaine.

After twenty minutes of talking and snapping pictures the two officers leave.

"What happens now" asked Blaine. "We go home and put you to bed to rest" said Carole. "The police will go over to your parents house and take statements and do a crime scene assessment. Then arrest him if need be" said Carole. "I don't want to make this nightmare worse" said Blaine. "I know you don't but he has to be punished for those 14 stitches in your head baby" said Carole. "Yeah I know. I just don't want to be beaten up again when he gets out of jail" said Blaine. "He does and he will go right back into the jail" said Carole. "Yeah" yawned Blaine. "Someone is tired" said Kurt. "Yeah" said Blaine as he closed his eyes. "Its a school night too" said Carole. "I know" yawned Kurt. "You both are tired. Take a nap for now boys" said Carole. Blaine was already asleep in Carole's lap. "He is asleep" said Kurt. "I can tell. His breathing slowed and relaxed" said Carole as she rubbed Blaine's bare back. "Oh" yawned Kurt.

Blaine's house.

Meanwhile while Blaine was being stitched back together several police officers and a crime scene team had descended upon the Anderson home. Kenneth was taken straight into custody and removed from the home. Hannah was questioned and removed from her home for the night. She left in Blaine's car and head to a nearby hotel.

The crime scene team secured the home and began their investigation. The blood trail from the door to Blaine's room verified both Blaine and Hannah's stories. As did the broken glass that still littered the kitchen floor.

"Wow. How can a parent hurt their child like this" said the lead investigator. "No idea" said the only female on the team. "Lets get the evidence we need and get that door fixed for the night and get out of here" said the lead investigator. "We are" said his team.

"Remember to check the sink drain in the bathroom upstairs in the boy's room. There is blood and glass on the counter up there" said the lead investigator. "We will" said the team as they went to work.

The Hummel house

"How did this happen" asked Finn. "No idea son' said Burt. "Poor Blaine. He doesn't deserve this" said Finn. "I know that too" said Burt as he paced the kitchen. "Where are they" asked Finn as he joined Burt in his pacing. "No idea and you need to be in bed for school tomorrow" said Burt. "I'm fine. Just worried about Blaine" said Finn.

A knock on the kitchen door startles Burt and Finn from their pacing. It was Sam and Puck.

"What are you two doing here" said Burt as he let them in. "I called them. Blaine needs some support when he gets here" said Finn. "Yeah we came as fast as we could" said Sam. "What the hell happened" asked Puck. "We aren't sure" said Finn. "All Kurt said was Blaine was hurt and needed stitches" said Finn. "Who hurt him" asked Sam. "We don't know" said Burt. "Well when we find out I am kicking his ass" said Puck. "No you aren't" said Burt. "Well why not" grumbled Puck. "You being in juvie won't help him" said Finn. "True" groaned Puck as the back door opened and Blaine, Kurt and Carole entered the house. "To bed boys" said Carole as she closed the door. "No problem" yawned Blaine as he disappeared up the stairs.

"Who did this to him" demanded Finn. "His dad" said Kurt. "Oh my God are you serious" said Puck. "Yes" said Kurt. "Please let him tell you tomorrow or when ever he is ready to talk about it" said Kurt. "We will" said Sam. "Goodnight guys" yawned Kurt.