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Note on Chapter I: This is only a short prologue to the story. This story will contain some 'adult themes'. In the event that this story is pulled by FF, I intend to re-post on Adult FF (hopefully under the same name). Support and feedback is greatly appreciated. *Thank You*



Heavy, black clouds hang low over a thick, vast forest. The clouded canopy stretches right to the horizon, blocking out all sunlight. Rocky hills rise up from the forest in sporadic patterns. The wind howls with intermittent, violent gusts. Faintly, the sounds of the tides crashing against the rocky shore rumble on the periphery. The whole atmosphere seems to be charged with an ominous energy.

A black sedan speeds down a narrow highway. The road curves left and slopes upwards as the sedan reaches the base of a mountain. Continuing at a reckless speed, the sedan races out of the forest onto a mountainside roadway. On the right, the tide crashes against the jagged, rocky shore; on the left, the mountains rise skyward in an impenetrable flat wall. Higher and higher, the road inclines at a steep angle. Swerving left, than right - along the winding road - the black sedan veers within inches of a rusted metal guardrail.

As the first clasp of thunder cuts across the horizon, the road bends between two mountains. The vehicle turns sharply to make the abrupt turn, wheels screeching slightly. Now, in a narrow opening, the mountains seem to close over the highway and the black sedan is plunged into total darkness. The high-beams come on, but seem to be swallowed in the shadows. A raging thunderstorm begins. Reverberating in this cavernous roadway the thunder swells and builds in a roaring cacophony. The wind howls and moans around the speeding car.

This darkened passageway continues for some time as the road becomes more narrow. Trees and shrubs stretch out from the mountainside, bearing down on the road with crooked, outstretched limbs. The road begins to arch upward again. The passageway becomes so narrow that there is no longer enough room for two cars to pass. The headlights shining through the trees as the car speeds along seems to animate the shadows, like wild, emaciated dancers. The arch evens out again and the end of the passage becomes visible in the distance. Two successive flashes of lightning strike outside the opening.

Finally, the mountains open and a heavy downpour is falling on the road. Still the sedan speeds onward, winding round the mountain overlooking a precipitous, 40-foot drop into the valley below. Thick vegetation covers the valley and the mountains around on this side, unlike the barren mountains before.

Inside the black sedan, Adam grips the steering wheel, knuckles white with tension. Tears are streaming down his face. He clenches his teeth and curses under his breath. Falling heavily on the hood of his car, the rain drowns out his words. The windshield wipers swing back and forth but the road ahead appears distorted being all recognition. Adam grabs his head, then slams his hand on the steering wheel.

As the road straightens out, Adam leans forward and presses his head against the steering wheel. A clap of thunder cuts through the din around him. Suddenly, Adam hears the faint sound of static from his radio. An incomprehensible mix of static and garbled voices, like a radio tuning between two stations. He grabs the volume knob and turns it all the way down, but to no affect.

There's a flash of lightning and a deafening clap of thunder. To Adam's disbelief the radio begins to get louder. He begins hitting all the buttons but his radio only grows louder and louder. Voices jump forth from the static. Distorted voices. Almost as though they are in reverse.

A deep boom of thunder rattles the car. Now, Adam hears agonised shrieking. The radio climbs to a painful volume, with warped garbled voices, hoarse shrieking, and a roaring, colossal wall of static. Adam strikes out at the radio again and again. The dissonance from the radio becomes so loud it feels as though drums are going to burst.

"Stop! Stop!"

A flash of lightning.

Adam snaps his head up. The figure of a woman appears in the road. Adam tacks hard left. The car swerves, narrowly missing the woman. Skidding uncontrollably, tires squealing, the sedan slams full-speed into the side of the mountain, windows bursting outward in a hail of glass. Adam lies motionless, slumped over the steering wheel. The hood of the car is twisted and crumpled up like paper. Smoke rises up from the engine.

Broken glass surrounds the black sedan, shimmering like thousands of diamonds. The downpour falls on the roof of the car, producing a deep, hypnotic rumbling. Inside the vehicle, the blaring discord begins to decline, dropping in large, swooping steps. The static falls to the radio's minimum volume, an almost inaudible whisper, and then cuts out entirely.

A few feet ahead the rain pours down on a faded wooden sign. The sign reads:

"Welcome To Silent Hill."