Before I start I have to thank George Lucas for creating the amazing universe of Star Wars, all of this is a creation of his and I'm just playing around with the characters because I got bored ... Also the mature rating will become clearer farther on during the story. Hope you guys enjoy my very first FanFiction!



"We are running late to the Council meeting again, Anakin, I hope this time Master Windu recognizes who's to blame."

Anakin just frowned to his master's remark, knowing that any added comment would be fired right back at him. They walked quickly through the Jedi Temple's halls as the yellow light from the soft Coruscant sunset penetrated the windows. When another Jedi passed by, they saluted without delaying more their appearance. Walking side by side, their robes swiftly rubbed against each other and their footsteps rhythmically collided into harmony.

They entered the Council Room silently, trying not to get any attention from the already ongoing summit. "Well, it's nice for you two to show up." All the present Jedi Masters were concentrated on the tactics, but Master Windu never forgot to comment on Anakin's frequent mistakes, it was a recurring reminder of his doubtful feelings towards the young Jedi Knight. "I was actually expecting you both to be late yet again." He raised his brows and turned to the hologram of Master Plo Koon that stood in the middle of the dim room. "Take a seat."

Both Anakin and Obi-Wan did as told and sat around the holotable. Not many Jedi were present in the room. The war had made them divide and spread their few members through-out the galaxy, many of the knights, padawans, generals and masters were now probably either in battle, secret missions, or in diplomatic confrontations. Most of the members of the Jedi Council were, also, absent, taking care of the matters of highest importance. Master Yoda being one of them.

"Master Plo Koon, please continue." Obi-Wan's words were apologetic, he then gave a swift look at Anakin, whose response was a rapid wink.

"Actually, Master Kenobi, I had just finished with the report on the outer rim when you and Skywalker walked in." Obi-Wan once again scowled at Anakin, who was then beginning to feel a bit ashamed... only a bit. "But I will gladly tell you about the progress in person when you arrive."

With the Ken Dor's last words, Anakin was quickly off his seat and almost barked out, directing himself to both Master Windu and the hologram, "What do you mean exactly?" He was anxious to get out of the Jedi Temple. He had been waiting for another mission since his and his Master's arrival two weeks ago after a short misunderstanding in Ryloth. Once they had arrived to Corruscant they were both assigned to attend the Galactic Republic's meetings; there was something about guarding the senators and attending their political conferences that was too unfulfilling for someone like Anakin.

"Yes, Obi-Wan, your padawan , and yourself will go aid Mater Plo to the outer rim. He will explain more about your mission once you arrive to his battleship." Mace Windu, without any more words to say, left the room with a serious countenance, followed by Master Fisto's white smile, Ki-Adi-Mundi's signature wink and Secura's formal reverence.

"We will arrive soon." Obi-Wan turned off the transmission and turned to his companion. "You are so..."

"Provocative?" Anakin dimmed the lights with the force and walked out of the room, following his master.

"I was leaning more to a lucky and careless young Jedi Knight."

"Well, Master, I will take that as a complement." He showed a bright smile to his slightly annoyed master.

Obi-Wan, at the sight of Anakin's playful smirk, turned away, "Go find Ahsoka, we are leaving." He walked away, effortlessly moving his feet slightly above the ground, his bronze long hair marching along with a bump bump. Anakin was mystified by his Mater's usual yet unconscious marching, already recognizable for the long years of the two Jedi sharing their personal traits. The younger Jedi watched closely as Obi-Wan walked away, staring at his familiar muscular back until he was out of sight. "And Anakin, don't forget your light saber this time!"


Anakin walked into the dorms quietly, planning to scare his Master before their departure. The doors slid automatically and closed once he was inside. The warm sunset reflected on most surfaces, the view was magnificent, the whole city was at ease, it maintained its usual atmosphere of busyness and inwards soundless commotion, but it was still stunning.

He walked towards one of the doors, passing right by their small kitchen and living-room. He had shared this same dorm with his Master ever since he arrived to the Temple after the turmoil in Naboo, after they both lost Qui-Gon Jinn.

He remembered arriving to Coruscant for the first time. The thoughts of never going back to his old life scared him, made him feel empty, incomplete and lonely; yet, his new life filled his adventurous heart with a small spark of thrill. Some months passed, while the Jedi Council debated on young Anakin's permanent stay and his training, but even when they agreed to let him stay, the worry and concern still hindered the boy's mind, time had no effect on his emotional state. He was alone in the universe, leaving his mom at Tatooine and Padme at Naboo, the only person that was there for him was Obi-Wan.

Like Anakin, Obi-Wan at first felt out of place and perplexed after his precious loss. He was confused about his life, his training, his master, the whole Jedi Council and the universe. But most of all, he was confused about his new companion, his responsibility. He wasn't sure if he could do it. Part because he didn't feel ready to teach the young boy and part because he felt guilty of his own Master's death and the thought of replacing Qui-Gon cut through his heart.

After talking to Master Yoda, he came to his senses and decided to pass on his knowledge to Anakin, after all, it had been his Master's last wish. With time they grew closer and closer to each other, not only as Master and Padawan, but as the only important parts of each other's lives. Their bond for each other grew stronger and deeper with the years and the missions and the sharing of small unimportant moments. However, it came to a point, in Anakin's maturing years, right before the Clone Wars had begun, where it became bewildering again. Not because he felt alone, but because he knew that if he lost his Master he would lose everything in his world. That particular feeling aroused, it became much more stronger once he found out about his mother's departure. It was then that for the very first time, he realized that his Master was the only one there for him.

Anakin heard a noise coming from one of the doors, his Master's bedroom. Intending to fright Obi-Wan before their new mission, he opened the door slowly and poked his head inside the room. There he was, muscular and slightly tanned from their last mission together. He was shirtless, his toned right arm was resting itself against the massive window that let the orange light into the dark room, he was probably finished packing for their new assignment.

Anakin observed as his Master inhaled and exhaled, watching his vaguely hairy chest go up and down at a peaceful pace. He stood at the foot of the door, pondering upon his feelings towards the man. How was it possible for him to feel this way? What would Obi say if he found out how he felt? What would everyone else say? Did Obi-feel the same way he did?

His gazing and thought became interrupted by somebody walking into their dorms. He quickly closed Obi-Wan's door and rushed towards the living room. "Ahso... Ahsoka, what are you doing here?" He tried to calm himself down by massaging his own hands, his breathing fast-paced. Had his Master noticed him leaving his door? Force! What's wrong with me!

"I came because Master Luminara told me to see you, she said something about leaving the temple to help out Master Plo in the outer rim." She was ready, sack in hand, lightsabers secured on her belt, prepared for any orders. Her expression was thirsting for action. "Master, are you okay?"

"Uhm yeah, I'm fine, let me go get ready... we will leave in a minute." He hasted without a second-thought to his room. Just as Anakin's door closed shut, Obi-Wan emerged from his room, he had his beige Jedi robes on and a small bag of supplies on his right hand, a large grin hanging on his unshaven face.

"Ahsoka, nice to see you, have you by any chance seen Anakin?" He walked with the glory of a powerful man, though he didn't intend to do so.

"Yes Master, he is getting ready to leave." She said, looking at her Master's room.

"Alright then, shall we wait for him at the Twilight?" With a nod from Ahsoka they both walked out of the dorms, walking placidly towards their ship, eager for their new mission, leaving Anakin alone in his room.

He began packing silently, his window's blinds closed, the light that dimly penetrated through them reminded him of his ongoing loneliness. He decided to only pack a clean pair of Jedi robes and a mental picture of his secretly beloved Master.

Anakin walked out of the room followed only by his own force signature.

**(By the way, before you continue reading, this story is based on romance, however it will also include action and violence, after all, it is Star Wars we are talking about. The next chapters will have some build-up on the romantic problems as well as in their Jedi mission. I hope you guys at least get to the end of part I, let's just say that it gets tense...