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Anyways, here's a peaceful chapter! It's just to prepare you guys into the shit storm that's coming! I had intended this story to be divided into 3 Parts and this is where PART 2 ends. Be ready for many many feels and canon related story editing... their relationship is evolving, they had much to talk about and discuss, there's the Council, their future, their friends and there is also Padme. I'll try to write as much as I can in this free week, hopefully I have much more ready soon!


Luminara and Barriss had to check on Obi-Wan later that day. They walked in to see both Jedi asleep, holding on dearly to each other. The younger healer woke Anakin with a soft poke on the hip, "Anakin, we have to make sure he is entirely okay now." She smiled down at the worn-out face of the Jedi knight, "Give us some time, it will be quick, alright?"

Anakin blinked at Barriss and then he sat up. Making sure that Obi-Wan was still breathing, he stood and stepped away quietly. There, he lurked in the corner, watching as the two female Jedi put their training to work, checking on Obi-Wan's vital signs as well as his now freed connection with the Force.

As the two women continued with their work and Anakin watched protectively over his Master, the door slid open. There stood Quinlan, still dressed on the same robes as before. He didn't walk into the room, though, only sending vigilant gazes towards the sleeping man in the middle of the chamber surrounded by the two concentrated Jedi. Deciding that he was no threat to his Master's being, Anakin decided to forget about Vos' presence, turning his attention back to Obi-Wan.

Some minutes later Quinlan called for Anakin to follow him outside. "It will be just a second, they will be taking care of him."

They stepped into the hall, which was covered by a dark cloth and the glimpses of hovercrafts outside the building flying by. It had been days since Anakin had felt at all like he was at home. The walls, just sunsets before, had seen more of a cage than an actual niche. With his human arm he ran his palm along one of the pillars of the temple, sighing. It was then when he finally understood. The Jedi Temple hadn't ever been his home, not entirely, at least. It was Obi-Wan. Wherever Obi-Wan and he were together, that was Anakin's true home.

"Anakin, we need to talk." Quinlan observed as Anakin hid both of his hands behind his back.

"Alright. What about?"

"I think you know very well what I want to talk about, Anakin." Quinlan stepped closer to Anakin, arms crossed and a solemn concerned look worn on his face. "I wanted to wait, maybe so I could talk to you both together, but the sooner I warn you the safer you'll both be."

Anakin wasn't as worried, not anymore, nothing could beat the last hours of horror. Most of his apprehension had washed off after he had Obi-Wan back in his arms. "What are you referring to?" He eyed Vos' unreadable expression. "Obi-Wan is back, we're all fine now. The rescue was a success, we proved Count Dooku that even in his own ground the Jedi are able to defeat him. The Separatists are losing force and the Republic is finally…."

"Anakin stop." Quinlan raised both of his eyebrows and he placed his palms open in front of him, gesturing Anakin to slow down; the young Jedi's heart was bursting out of his ches and his breathing had accelerated. "I'm not talking about the war, I'm talking about your relationship with your Master."

It was then when Anakin's heart came to a stop. "I don't know what you're referring to." He rubbed his knuckles with his thumbs, still hiding his hands behind his back, wondering if Quinlan could notice them sweating. "What about Obi-Wan and I?"

The Jedi Master shook his head and continued, never breaking eye contact with the younger Knight. "In Dooku's fortress, when I went to look for you and Obi at the cells, I… I saw what you did, Anakin." He sighed and blinked. He glanced uneasily at the windows of the hall, trying to find a way to say his next words without aggravating Anakin too much. "What you did. The way you used to force to get rid off Dooku, you let yourself be host to the Dark Force. No Jedi is capable of that much force. Dooku was about to overpower you but suddenly…" Vos cleared his throat. "In your eyes, I saw a glimpse of something I have only seen on the Dark Lords. I saw darkness, Anakin."

Anakin wouldn't break contact with the door that led to Obi's resting place. He wanted to go back, he knew having this conversation was important, it played a big role on whether or not he would be elected as part of the council in the future, but he need to go back. Just before, he had promised Obi-Wan that he wouldn't abandon him anymore, ever. He had to go back to Obi-Wan, what if he woke up and he found himself alone.

"Anakin, are you listening to me?" Vos uncrossed his arms and shook them before Anakin's sight. "Anakin!"

"Look!" He needed to get it over with. "I know what happened, I lost control, but what was I supposed to do? I could sense Obi-Wan through the doors, he was so near and he was in misery, I could feel his pain and I wasn't going to let our entire mission tear to pieces just because I wasn't strong enough. I had to let go, alright? I could feel it, coursing through my veins, but after Dooku was done I let go of the darkness. You were there. You saw I let go. I'm alright. Obi-Wan's alright. We're all fine. It won't happen again." He began walking away, past Vos and past the windows, towards the sliding doors of the Healing Hall.

Just as he was about to go back inside the room, Quinlan called out his name. The boy halted immediately, for Quinlan's voice emitted command, and if he wanted to be a Master in the future, he had to obey. "Anakin, just be careful." There was something hidden behind those words. "Be careful with everything… and everyone. You let your guard down during the mission, don't let it happen again. Remember the Jedi code." And he walked away towards the Council Room.

Obi-Wan was still asleep and the two Jedi were still checking his vital signs as well as the damaged force wall on his mind.

"We're slowly trying to recover all of the unconscious information that he hid deeply inside during the torture, it's all mixed and lurking in the shadows of his mind. Please, Anakin, step back, it will take a while." Luminara had her eyes closed and both of her hands gently placed on Obi's head, she didn't move anything but her lips and tongue as she spoke.

Anakin, not daring to interrupt his Master's well-being, stepped back to his place in the wall and waited for the healers to finish their deed.

Hours passed and the sun went to sleep, but Anakin kept his eyes wide open, watchful over his dormant friend. He was slightly shocked to see that neither Obi-Wan nor the two Jedi had moved even an inch during the entire process. It wasn't until after three more hours of silence and stillness that Barriss Offee finally opened her eyes and stretched out her arms. "He's doing better now."

She walked over to Anakin and took her robe off the hook where it had hung for more than twelve hours. "Luminara is just bringing him back to consciousness now, it won't take long." Offee covered her fatigued face with her black hood and walked away.

Anakin waited another half hour for both his Master and the healer to come out of their trance. When they did, they both opened their eyes at the same time and Anakin immediately hurried over to the table where Obi-Wan lay. He waited until Luminara gestured him that it was safe and Anakin helped him up. Obi-Wan looked better somehow, and Luminara's expression only gave exhaustion, she looked as if she were about to collapse.

Making sure that Obi-Wan could take his own weight, he walked over to Luminara and caught her just as she was about to fall. He lowered his lips towards her ears, "Thank you." He then took her into his arms and covered her with her Jedi robe. He glanced over at Obi-Wan, who was now standing straight, looking at his grown padawan.

Anakin had carried Luminara in her arms to her dorm, dropping her off, still unconscious, with Barris. Now they walked in silence in the middle of darkness. Obi-Wan was slow, his left knee forced him to leap, but he used Anakin as a leverage so that he wouldn't have carry his entire weight. Yes, he had gone through the healing process, but his entire body ached and there was a mild headache warning him to rest. Anakin had offered to carry him to their dorm but Obi-Wan had insisted to walk. They were quiet after that, walking through the halls and stairs, listening only to the low rumble of hovercrafts and their own easy breathing. Now and then there was an unconscious grump from Obi-Wan, a small ache somewhere in his body, but immediately Anakin would pause and eye Obi-Wan to ask him if he was alright. The six times it happened, Obi-Wan answered the same: "I'm alright, Ani, it's okay." and then he shrugged.

After a long walk, they finally arrived to their dorm.

They headed to Obi's bedroom without even discussing about the matter. Anakin helped Obi out of his robe and into his bed. Once his master had his head resting on his pillow and his respiration had calmed down, he covered him with a blanket as he felt Obi's muscles relax. He waited for Obi to close his eyes and then walked away slowly.

"Anakin." he whispered, "where are you going?"

The younger man stood under the door frame, his eyes running back and forth between the door to his own room and the sight of his injured friend. "I… I have to rest, Master, you… you have to rest…"

"Ani," he coughed, his speech was dry… forlorn, "Come, please, I… I can't lose you." He opened his eyes.

Anakin's heart came to a halt at the sound of the petition, and at the sight of Obi's devastated eyes in the middle of the moonlight he turned his entire body towards his friend. "Master, I will still be here, I'll be in my…"

"Stop, Ani, just… I don't want to be alone. I've had plenty of loneliness for a life time. I don't want that anymore." His voice turned softer, pleading. "Stay."

His head was still debating. Anakin remember his conversation with Quinlan, how he had been directly warned by a Jedi Master himself. Anakin knew the Jedi code by memory; his life was devoted to that promise to the entire universe, to protect the feeble, to be loyal to the Force. What was happening between him and his master was wrong, it was inappropriate, what he was feeling, it all went against both of their believes. The cognitive dissonance wrecked his brain as Obi-Wan looked at him with expectant eyes; there was still pain in his stare. He took a step.

This was what stood between the love towards the only person he had truly cared for, a step, but in what direction? What had he sworn his life to? To his destiny? His devotion? What did he want now? If he was to become a Jedi Master like he had planned for his entire life… he had to renounce to this love, he had to walk out of the room and forget all about his feelings Obi-Wan. He was to let go. After all, his master was safe now, in his bed, that's what really mattered. Wasn't it? He wanted to be with Obi, he needed to make sure he would be alright; he needed to make sure he was here, with him. A Jedi shouldn't love, it was wrong. It was prohibited by the Jedi code. It was dangerous.

But, as he shook off his robe and took off his shoes, as he climbed into bed with Obi-Wan and held his hands in his, soothing the rough skin, as he kissed Obi's forehead and caressed him to sleep, whispering in his ear that everything was going to be okay, that he would never again be alone, Anakin finally decided that what they had was not wrong, he swore to himself that he would never give up on whatever they had. This was real, and whatever would come later didn't matter, as long as he and Obi-Wan were together. As long as they were there for each other.