Light learns to hate his professor L while he slowly falls in love with his roommate Ryuzaki. Little does he know that L and Ryuzaki are one and the same L X Light AU-ish

A/N: Hello all! Here's a new story. It's mostly just a romantic comedy with L and Light fighting, yelling and lying to each other as always. But L actually does the most lying, which is new. Lol! In the orginial series, L was very quick to tell Light that he was L. But that's not the case here. Poor Light believes L and Ryuzaki are two different people for quite some time. I thought this idea might be fun to try. And it's on a college campus setting, which I haven't done before.

Hope you like the new story!

Chapter 1: First day of class

At first Yagami Light had planned on attending To-Oh University for a variety of different reasons. Obviously, one of the main benefits would be living at home. He did NOT want to live in a dorm. The very idea of sharing a room with a complete stranger was repulsive. And horror stories about community bathrooms kept replaying in his mind. Unsanitary conditions and a lack of privacy were more than enough to scare him away.

Yet, here he was…in a dorm. A disgusting, filthy dorm far away from To-Oh University.

Why was he here? For one reason and one reason only. Supposedly, the famous detective L was going to teach here. Light came to this university for the sole purpose of meeting L. He had L's Criminal Justice class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10 am. Getting into L's class was even more competitive than admissions to To-Oh University. Of course, Light managed to get on the exclusive list.

Everyone knew that the crime rates have been soaring to record highs. L's assistance was needed everywhere. Many people speculate that's why L decided to start teaching. According to rumors, he was looking for help. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. If Light proved himself to L, maybe he could start working as a detective right away.

And so he chose Wammy University over To-Oh. Light's father didn't exactly agree with his decision. It was definitely risky to make a choice based on a single teacher that may or may not like him. But Light was confident. He could make any teacher adore him. L would be no different.

Besides he was still in Japan. He could always take a train home if this turned out to be a huge disaster.

Light arrived at his dorm yesterday and he claimed the right side of the room. He had an uncomfortable bed, a small closet, some drawers with a mirror on top, and a desk with some shelves above it. The left side of the room was still empty. It was possible that Light lucked out. The best roommate was a nonexistent one.

It was already 9:30 in the morning and it was the first official day of school. Today also happened to be a Wednesday. L's class would start in thirty minutes. Even though walking to the auditorium wouldn't take that long, he left the dorm early.

After all, he was only here to see L.

It was almost one in the morning. L had been crouched in front of his computer for hours. There were exactly 23 Wammy Universities, each of them in different countries. L was expected to teach one class at all of these universities. But he was already planning to cancel 19 of the classes. He would test the students and if they failed, the entire class was dropped.

This whole experience had been quite disappointing. So far none of the university students have passed the test. Maybe L would have to start sending cases to his successors at the Wammy House. He was always flooded with cases nowadays. He would prefer getting assistance from another adult, but all of these students couldn't even pass his first test. It was frustrating.

L's next class was in Japan and in their time zone it was 10 am. He enabled the connection between his laptop and the computer screen all the way in Japan. Obviously, he could only visit so many classes through the use of technology. Across the globe, a class of Japanese students would be staring at a screen with the letter L on it.

While they could only see the gothic letter, L had a perfect view of the entire auditorium. All of the students were sitting down, filling up every row in the large room. There had to be over three hundred students present. Almost all of the students were gazing forward, giving him their complete attention.

But there was one boy who stood out from the crowd. He was sitting at the end of a middle row and he was staring out a window. L stared at the boy in annoyance. There is only a 37 percent chance that he hasn't noticed the screen turning on.

L spoke with his voice technologically altered. "Can I have everyone's attention?"

Now that boy was the only one in the whole class refusing to look at him. What nerve… All of the other classes have disappointed him. He was already in a bad mood and this guy wouldn't even look at him!

"That includes you. Whatever you find so fascinating outside that window can wait."

The rude student finally turned his face towards the screen. He was surprisingly handsome, but his attitude was still irritating. The boy crossed his arms as he replied boldly. "Why should I make eye contact with a screen? I haven't seen any proof that you're the real L."

L gazed at his laptop in shock. "You think I'm an imposter?"

Now all of the other students were staring at the boy with similar surprised expressions.

"Not necessarily." The handsome boy answered nonchalantly. "I only said that you gave us no proof. I knew you probably wouldn't come in person. But even in important meetings, you'll send Watari to set up the screen for you."

"It's true that I'll send Watari on occasion. But you have never attended one of those meetings. You wouldn't know Watari's appearance anyway."

"My father is Yagami Soichiro. I could always ask for a description from him."

L quickly adjusted laptop's camera and zoomed in on the boy's face. He bit the edge of his thumb as he eyed the student with interest. "Yes. I know your father. So that means you are Yagami Light. If I send your father a message through work, would that be sufficient evidence to prove my identity?"

Light actually looked pleased. "Yes. I would appreciate that."

He is the only student who ever asked for proof. His personality definitely suits being a detective. "Does Light-kun intend to pay attention to me now?"


L corrected him. "Yes, L-sensei."

"Yes…L-sensei." Light reluctantly repeated after him.

L smiled at his laptop. He was the teacher after all. Now that Light seemed to believe L wasn't an imposter, he was willing to follow orders. And giving Light orders sounded like fun.

"Just as a precaution, Light-kun needs to sit in the front row."

The teen bristled. "I already agreed to pay attention."

"Yes, but I don't want you getting distracted. Move to the front."

Light bitterly rose from his chair and started walking down the steps of the large auditorium. Before he reached the end of the stairs, he sighed. "L-sensei, there are no free seats. I can't sit in the front row."

L zoomed out the camera and discovered that Light was right. Then L quickly scanned the first row and noticed a large male student with odd behavior. The older student had bloodshot eyes and he was swaying slightly in his seat.

"Do not come to my class with a hangover."

The exhausted swaying student seemed confused.

"Yes, I am referring to you. Come back when the alcohol is completely out of your system. Leave and let Light-kun take your seat."

The student with a nasty hangover stood up and started stumbling towards the exit. Light sat down in the newly available seat. That was a lot better. Now L didn't have to zoom in as much.

L announced. "I need all of you to take a test. The handouts are on the table next to the screen. Light-kun, you will pass them out."

Light looked irritated, but he stood up anyway. He silently walked towards the screen and picked up the handouts. Now L was getting an extremely close view of him. The teen's appearance was immaculate. Not a single strand of auburn hair was out of place. And his clothes fit his slender frame perfectly as if they were tailored. Also he had a very healthy glow; there were no dark circles around his brown eyes. He looked like the opposite of L, which only interested the detective more.

L almost sighed when Light turned around, concealing his face. The teen began handing out the packets, row by row. After a few minutes passed by, L was feeling impatient.

"Pass out the packets faster, Light-kun."

He could see Light twitch slightly in annoyance. "Yes, L-sensei."

Once everyone had a test, Light returned to his seat. The whole class began reading through the test while L watched. This was always the boring part. Without a doubt, most people would fail the test. Yet L was feeling strangely hopeful this time.

The test described a murder case and the students had to figure out the killer's identity and motive. All the students were given the same facts and evidence. But they usually disagreed between two potential suspects. And the third suspect was completely forgotten every time.

After ten minutes, a student finally raised his hand and asked. "Where are the questions?"

L spoke once again with a technologically-altered voice. "There are no questions on the test. I expect all of you to take a vote on who murdered Mrs. Jones. Has everyone made a decision?"

Some the students were nodding their heads while others were still quiet like Light. "Good. Who believes the husband is the murderer?"

A clear majority raised their hands. That was to be expected. The husband was always the obvious choice, but not the correct one in this specific case. L noticed that Light did not raise his hand.

"Who believes the wife's secret lover is the murderer?"

Fewer students raised their hands than the first time. But now everyone had voted, except for Light. Well, this was interesting.

"Light-kun, who do you believe murdered Mrs. Jones?"

He answered confidently. "It was the daughter."

L's eyes widened in surprise. This was what he'd been waiting for! "Why does Light-kun accuse the twelve-year old daughter?"

"The daughter knew of her mother's affair and she was a self-described 'daddy's little girl.' The husband was definitely a sick and twisted man though. I believe he was having an incestuous relationship with the daughter. The daughter was so corrupted that she believed her mother's death was the right punishment for cheating on her father." Light explained nonchalantly.

All the others students looked disturbed by Light's idea. But this was a disturbing case. While everyone else had focused on the husband and the lover, no one even considered the daughter. They also couldn't see the clues of the horrid relationship between the daughter and her father.

For hours, L had suffered disappointment after disappointment. Now that he was finally impressed by someone, he wasn't quite sure what to do.

"Light-kun is correct... Class is dismissed." L turned off the connection from his laptop to the auditorium's screen.

He sat alone in his dark room, with only the laptop as a source of light. Beside him, there were dozens of empty plates and bowls. L stared off into space, still in awe of his discovery. I found one. L took out his cell phone and held it up between his thumb and index finger. He speed-dialed Watari's number.

On the second ring, Watari quickly answered. "What is it, L?"

"Cancel the cake delivery. We are going to Japan."

The rest of Light's day was extremely boring compared to L's class. Even though L took joy in bossing Light around, at least he was interesting. The famous detective was obviously giving Light special attention. During the whole class, Light was the only one called by his name. Light was also the only one to pass the test. He assumed that he impressed L, but he had no real evidence to support that claim.

L didn't praise him at all… He just dismissed the class like it was nothing. Oh well. I'll have more opportunities to impress him later.

Light was sitting on his bed in the dorm. A roommate still hadn't shown up. Maybe he really was going to live alone. That would be fantastic. He loved the peace and quiet. Plus he didn't have to worry about anyone invading his space. The community bathrooms and the filthy shower stalls were enough of a hassle for him. At least this room could be his sanctuary.

It was 9 pm when his father called his cell phone. Light took his phone off the dresser and answered the call. "Hey, Dad."

His father demanded seriously. "Light, what did you say to L?"

Am I in trouble? "Well, I answered questions for him. Why does it matter?"

"I just came back from a private meeting with him. L kept asking about you."

Light's heart raced excitedly. "What did he ask?"

"Everything! L practically demanded to hear your life story." His father sounded frustrated. "What did you do?"

So I did impress him! He smirked proudly. "I didn't do anything wrong. I answered his questions correctly, that's all."

"Then why did L ask if you were diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder?"

"I'm not narcissistic. And I don't know where L could've gotten that idea from." At the very moment Light said it, he knew it was a lie.

"L also told me to give you a message. He says that you wrongly accused him!" His dad shouted through the phone. "What does that mean? How badly did you anger L? "

What kind of message is that? Is L trying to piss off my dad? Light let out an aggravated sigh. "It's not what you think, Dad. He means that he's the real L. I merely wanted proof of his identity."

"You accused L of being a fraud!"

"Well, not exactly in those words…"

"Light! What were you thinking?" His dad nagged him. "From now on, don't give L any trouble. Just do whatever he tells you."

"Okay, Dad." Light spoke through gritted teeth. You have no idea what you're asking of me.

Over the phone, he could hear Sayu in the background. "Oh! Is that Light? Let me talk to him!"

"If I hear L complaining about you again, there will be consequences." His dad sternly warned before handing the phone to Sayu.

Light gulped nervously. Well, he definitely knew who his father sided with…

Then Sayu started talking happily on the phone. After Sayu, his mom took the phone and spoke kindly to him. At least his mom and sister were still on his side. By the time he got off the phone, it was time to go to sleep. His first class tomorrow started at eight in the morning. He turned off all the lights and laid down on his bed. Even though it was quiet, it still took almost an hour for Light to fall asleep.

He was a very light sleeper. When he heard the sound of doors and dressers opening then closing, Light woke up. He barely opened his eyes before he noticed that someone had turned on all the lights on the left side of the room. So the roommate finally showed up.

Light lazily rolled over onto his side then gasped in shock.

There was a black-haired man standing by his bed, staring down at him. His wild hair was sticking up in odd angles. He was also incredibly pale and had dark circles around his eyes. Those wide black eyes were shamelessly looking right at him.

The strange man smiled. "Hello, Light-kun. You can call me Ryuzaki."