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"He is not a lover who does not love forever." - Euripides

Chapter Forty Two - The Start Of Forever

The next morning Maura woke first. She smiled as she remembered what had happened the previous evening and stretched against Jane. She then realised that Jane's hand had moved during the night to rest underneath her top on her stomach. This was something that had regularly happened in the past but she now didn't feel guilty about enjoying the sensation. She ran one of her hands over Jane's and felt her hand twitch. Straight after this Jane yawned and opened her eyes.

"Hhmm, good morning." She mumbled.

"Good morning honey." Maura grinned and turned around in Jane's arms to kiss her.

"Honey?" Jane asked with a smile.

"You call me Princess?" Maura laughed.

"And you call me Janey, sweetie." Jane replied with a smirk which Maura returned. She leaned down and kissed Jane's collarbone and up her neck to her lips.

"I like calling you Janey and honey." She murmured, bringing her right hand up to cup Jane's face, her other hand on Jane's hip. Jane returned the kiss eagerly. She raised her left leg to bend next to Maura's body and brought both her hands around Maura's waist to rest on the curve of her backside. There was a strip of skin showing there and Jane's fingers caressed her back, her fingers dipping slightly under her waist band. Maura groaned and tore her mouth away from Jane's, staring down at her friend. She was panting slightly as she spoke. "Please don't start something you aren't prepared to finish." Maura smirked.

Jane leaned up and gave her a quick peck on the lips. "Who said I wouldn't finish it?" She asked before quickly flipping Maura on her back, reversing their positions. Maura gave a shout at the sudden movement and smiled up at Jane, wrapping her hands around her neck.

"Are you not worried we're moving too fast?" Maura asked hesitantly.

"As much as I'd like to make love to you right now Princess and I really, really do, I think we've pretty much been dating for a while so I don't think it's too soon, I do want to take out time, I want to ... treasure you." Jane frowned. "That's not exactly the word I really wanted to use but I can't think of another right now." Maura was about to reply when there was a loud knock at the door.

"Maura! Are you ok?" Angela's voice said loudly, sounding panicked. "I heard you shout." Maura couldn't help it. She giggled at the look of exasperation on Jane's face.

"I'm fine Angela, thank you." Maura called.

"Are you sure?"

"Ma! She's fine! We're fine!" Jane shouted loudly. There was a long pause and then Angela's voice spoke again. This time she sounded really excited.

"Oh good. Well I'm going to go and make Maura's birthday breakfast, I'll see you girls shortly." And there were the sounds of Angela moving away from the door.

"I swear I'm going to ..." Jane started but Maura merely pulled her closer and kissed her so the rest of what Jane was going to say was lost. When they broke apart this time Jane smiled at Maura before jumping out of bed and headed for the closet.

"Oh I forgot!" She exclaimed as she went.

"Forgot what?" Maura asked as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stretched.

"This." Jane said as she came back into view holding a badly wrapped present. "Sorry about the paper but it's hard to wrap." She handed Maura the gift and leant down to kiss her quickly, "Happy Birthday."

"Jane, you shouldn't ..."

"Yes I should, you're my best friend and my ... my girlfriend." Jane flushed bright red at these words but Maura beamed. She pulled off the wrapping paper from the present and her mouth opened in shock. It was a beautifully handmade name plate with 3D wooden letters that proclaimed:

Dr. Maura Isles.

"It's not finished because I didn't know if you'd want it painted a colour or varnished." She told her, sitting next to her.

"Oh Jane, it's beautiful." She smiled, studying the work in front of her.

"Good," Jane smiled, clearly relieved. "So ... varnished or a colour?"

"Varnished please." Maura told her.

"No problem." Jane said, "I'll sort that out for you tomorrow."

Maura smiled at the nameplate and traced the letters with her fingers. Maura's wealth had sometimes become a bone of contention between them but whenever Jane made something for her she could sense Jane's feelings about her. She always took the time to make something that she would really love.

"Let's go have breakfast before Angela comes back up here." Maura suggested, getting to her feet as Jane did the same. They got ready slightly slower than usual due to them both feeling the need to simply kiss the other at certain points as they were passing each other. They approached the kitchen about half an hour after Angela had interrupted then to see her and Nonna sat whispering to each other and stopping instantly as they saw the other two women enter. Jane raised an eyebrow as she glared at them.

"What?" She asked defensively.

"Nothing." Angela replied a little too quickly. "Happy belated birthday, Maura dear."

"Thank you." She answered. She was looking at Jane. She recognised that look. It was her 'panic' look. The look she had when she realised other people had been talking about her and making assumptions. She also looked angry. Jane's mouth opened as she was about to start ranting at her mother and Nonna but before she could take a breath Maura slipped her hand into Jane's and squeezed it. Jane's head whipped around to look at Maura and the anger melted from her face as she smiled.

"Would you like some coffee?" Maura asked her, ignoring the looks that Angela and Nonna were exchanging, knowing if Jane saw them, it wouldn't help.

"I'd love one." Jane answered.

After this, Jane's mood improved and she quite happily sat next to Maura as they drank their coffees and Maura chatted happily with Angela and Nonna. She leaned back in her chair and watched as Maura laughed at something Nonna was saying. She honestly wasn't paying attention to exactly what was being said, she could watch Maura being happy like this all day. She loved angry Maura, there was no doubt that the sexy pout she pulled when Jane was winding her up was incredibly attractive but right here, with her laughing and her eyes sparkling, this was the Maura that few got to see. When Maura excused herself to go to the bathroom, Nonna seized on her chance.

"Well?" She asked with a smile. Jane just grinned and that was enough for them both. Angela sighed happily.

"When are you going to ask her?" she grinned.

"Ask her what?" Jane replied confused.

"Well to marry ..."

"Whoa! Back up a minute. We got together last night. I think we'd both like a while to get used to this first before my crazy family start bringing up marriage!" She frowned at her mother.

"Honestly Angela." Nonna shook her head with a crooked smile. "Give it some time."

"They've practically been dating since ... well basically since they were kids!"

"Yes but we didn't know it." Jane told her, slightly more patiently them she normally would when dealing with her mother. The subject was dropped as Maura came back into view. She strolled over to Jane and ran her hands over Jane's shoulders as she took her seat.

The rest of the day passed pleasantly as Jane and Maura took Jo Friday out for a walk and watched TV as Angela and Nonna worked in the kitchen. Maura had offered to help out but had been told 'no' every time.

"It's your birthday." Angela had replied.

"My birthday was ..."

"Yes, yes. Last month, but it's the principle of it." Nonna interrupted.

At six o'clock, Frankie arrived and he and Jane immediately started discussing who was the best player on the Red Sox team. Not long after this Aunt Julia arrived. "Aunt Julia." Maura had exclaimed as she stepped aside to let her in.

"Happy birthday, Maura!" She smiled. "Angela told me that they were having this dinner for you and I wanted to be here."

"Thanks for coming." Maura said as she showed her into the kitchen where the four women stayed chatting away for a while. Just after that Frost and Korsak arrived too, just as Angela was finishing dinner, so they all sat at the dinner table and toasted Maura.

After desert, Jane leaned over to Maura and whispered. "Should we tell them all? I don't want to tell everyone because it's nobody's business but this ..."

"Is family." Maura nodded. Jane straightened in her chair and was about to speak to the whole table when Frankie spoke up.

"What are you whispering about Jane?" he asked.

"Well." Jane began awkwardly. "Me and Maura have to tell you all something." There was silence over the table and Jane looked around nervously. "Well we're ... we ... what I mean to say is ... we ..."

"Cough up!" Frost suddenly said to Korsak and Frankie.

"No way!" Korsak exclaimed. "They've not actually said anything yet."

"What are you guys going on about?" Jane asked.

"Just tell them you're dating." Frost blurted out. "I want my hundred bucks!"

Jane's jaw dropped and Angela, Nonna and Aunt Julia all laughed.

"You've been betting on my love life?" She asked dangerously.

"Tell me you didn't know that we bet on things all the time at the precinct." Frankie told her.

Jane was about to stand up to unleash her fury on the three men in front of her when Maura placed her hand on Jane's knee and she took a second to let the calming feeling flow through her. "Yes we're together now." She said to the men. "But that's your only issue with us dating? What I mean to ask is you're not ... upset with us?"

"Hell no." Korsak said. "You two, should have been together for as long as I've known you both." He smiled. "Doc, you got in your car and drove from Hartford to Boston, the minute you got a call about Jane being hurt and you ..." He turned to Jane. "You were like a caged animal when we thought Maura had been kidnapped, you two from what I hear, have always been like that too. I'm happy you both woke up and realised it."

"So when were you betting for us to get together?" Jane smirked.

"I thought you'd tell her when you woke up after the shooting." he shrugged.

"I went for Christmas." Frankie winked. "With mistletoe."

Jane sighed and picked up Maura's hand from her leg and held it tightly. They changed topic and everyone around them restarted their own conversations. Jane looked at Maura and smiled to realise that she was already looking at her. Nothing had really changed, except everything had. Maura loved her and they were together.

Not long after this, people started leaving and eventually Jane and Maura were alone again and as Angela and Nonna had already cleaned up, they went straight to bed.

"I'm going to see Dr Sluckey tomorrow." Jane said as they lay down. "I want to go back to work."

"Ok, do you want me to go with you?" Maura asked.

"Yes." Jane smiled as she leaned over Maura and kissed her. "I love you."

"I love you." Maura grinned before wrapping her arms around Jane's neck and pulling her back down on top of her and kissing her again. Maura tangled her hand into Jane's hair and groaned as Jane pulled away.

"Maur ..." She sighed, "If you keep doing that I won't be able to stop." Jane pinned Maura with a red hot gaze and Maura could literally feel every inch of her skin tingle with anticipation.

"I don't want you to stop Janey." Maura replied, stroking her hair with her left hand as her right hand dropped to the bottom of Jane's vest top and slipped underneath. She caressed Jane's stomach and felt Jane's breath hitch at the contact. She dropped her head to Maura's shoulder and practically growled in frustration.

"You're making it very hard to be a gentleman." She said.

Maura took advantage of her distraction and flipped them over so she was looking down at her. "Good." She smirked before claiming Jane's lips in another heated kiss.

When Jane woke up the next morning she didn't open her eyes. Instead she lay as still as she could and let her mind wander over what happened the night before. She could feel Maura pressed against her.

Her left arm was across Jane's chest with her hand on Jane's right shoulder and Jane's left arm was under Maura, resting on her hip. Jane opened her eyes and looked down at Maura's face. She was still fast asleep. Jane lifted the duvet slightly. Yes, she hadn't dreamed it. They had made love last night. Smiling further still, she dropped the duvet back into place and pulled Maura closer. Maura mumbled in her sleep and snuggled (for that could be the only word for it) further into Jane's side. The wave of happiness that rushed over Jane made her want to squeal with joy, but she curbed the impulse as she realised something. She and Maura were breathing in sync. Just like everything else in her life ... everything was in sync with Maura and she was going to make absolutely sure that it would stay that way.

Maura moved next to Jane and yawned as she blinked awake. Her gaze moved to Jane's face and a slow smile spread across her own.

"Hi." Jane grinned.

"Hi." Maura replied. She moved her body so it was resting more fully on top of Jane's. She leant down to kiss her best friend slowly. As she pulled away she again left her lips almost touching Jane's and happily felt the shudder go through Jane as she whispered to her.

"I love you." She kissed her again before pulling away to be able to properly see Jane's face.

"I love you too." Jane replied with a slow smile of her own.

"I bet you're hungry." Maura smiled. "Breakfast?"

"Can't we just stay here?" Jane groaned as she wrapped her arms more tightly around Maura.

"We can't hide forever Janey." Maura told her, kissing her cheek affectionately.

"Not 'hide', just ... hideaway, together." Jane clarified. "I just want to spend time alone with you."

"As I do with you." Maura told her, "But I have work today and I thought you wanted to talk to Dr Sluckey about being reinstated?"

"Ok Princess, ok." Jane smiled and let Maura slip out of her embrace and stand up. She stood and walked to her ensuite, completely naked and completely oblivious to the fact. Jane smirked as she too got out of bed. Maura was the most special thing in her life.

She was lucky. After all, how many people could say they met their true love at the age of ten?

The End.