SUMERARY: Margaret's son MJ has AIDS due to a blood transfusion. Becker is the treating Dr. and now he has to tell Margaret there is nothing more that can be done for MJ. AU because in the show MJ was not Margaret's child.

"Margaret? We have to talk," Becker said to her.

"Am I in trouble," Margaret asked.

"I wish," Becker said, "No... I'm afraid I have some news that you are not going to want to hear. There is no GOD!"

"Dr. Becker you have tried to convince me of that before. I'm not buying what you're selling."

"I just got the results of MJ's latest blood tests," Becker said, "His T cells are down to almost nothing. The next time he gets a cold I'm afraid that it's the end."

"He could still recover," Margaret said, "And if he dies then he... he..."

She couldn't continue. She simply broke down crying. Becker grabbed her and held her rubbing her baby while she cried.

"I know how you feel," Becker said, "I lost my daughter Sara when she was eight years old. She had the same malady that MJ has."

"Isn't there anything you can do to get his T cells up," Margaret begged.

Pray, he thought to himself. Instead he just said, "I'm sorry"

Okay vote: Should MJ recover or should he die?