Ichigo yawned as stretched on the window sill. Ears twitching, he laid out, basking in the warmth of the sun.

"Good morning, Ichi-nii!" Yuzu sang, reaching up to scratch him between the ears. Ichigo purred, leaning into the touch before the girl pulled her hand away again. She started humming, tying on an apron and beginning to cook. Ichigo resettled himself, curling into a ball. He started dozing off, enjoying the peaceful morning when-

"Ichigo! What are you doing?" Rukia demanded. Ichigo sighed, picking up his head to look at the cat in front of him. She was a little black cat, with a white belly and one white paw. She also had a white spot around her left eye, though currently she was glaring at the bigger orange tabby.

"… taking a nap…?" Ichigo replied. Rukia sighed, sitting. Her white tipped tail twitched behind her.

"Are you sure it's okay to relax right now?" she asked.

"Why not?" Ichigo asked.

"What if some of those strays show up again?" Rukia demanded. Ichigo sighed, curling up again.

"Then I'll deal with them, geez," he said. "Besides, it's not like they even try to get in the house..."

"That doesn't mean they won't try!" Rukia insisted. "You should be on guard at all times in case-"

"Listen, Rukia, I'm sorry I didn't come from the Seireitei Shelter the way you did, but I really don't get why you guys are so against the strays."

"It's not all strays, it's just the ones-"

"From Hueco Mundo Pound, yeah, yeah, I got it," he said. "But it's not like they can really help coming from the pound..."

"I'm telling you, they're trying to shut down Seireitei!" Rukia yowled. Ichigo sighed again.

The Kurosaki family had adopted Rukia a couple of months ago, after Ichigo had brought her home one night. He'd found her fighting another cat, and losing. He'd chased off the other guy, then carried her home, where Yuzu and Karin had cared for her while Isshin doted in the background. Ichigo asked her why she had been fighting the cat in the first place, and she had told him the story of Seireitei's long struggle against the animals of Hueco Mundo. Apparantly the owner of the pound was taking strays and experimenting on them to make them more violent. And then he was using them to attack the animals in the shelter, and eventually shut down the shetler. Ichigo had found it all very interesting, if a little far fetched.

As it was, he got up and stretched with a yawn.

"Fine, fine, if it'll make you feel better, I'll go check the yard," he said.

"Then I will patrol inside the house," she replied, strutting off with her tail in the air. Ichigo watched her a moment, then shook his head and jumped down from the window. He padded across the room and out the "doggy door" in the front. When he got outside he did a quick once around the yard, then went back to the front. Sneaking a peek at the house, he found a nice, sunwarmed spot on the front porch and curled up to get to his nap. However, it wasn't long before a shadow crossing over him made him look up.

Leaning with his face mere centimeters from Ichigo's was a large doberman.

Ichigo yowled and jumped back, hitting the wall.

"Sorry, didn't mean to startle you there~!" Ichigo looked on the doberman's back for the speaker. It was a cheerful raccoon, whom was wearing a battered white and green striped hat for some reason.

"Who the hell are you!?" Ichigo asked, still recovering from waking up to a faceful of doberman. The raccoon grinned, jumping down from the doberman and giving a bow.

"You can call me Urahara, the humble and sexy shopkeeper," he said.

"Shopkeeper?" Ichigo asked, sitting down. The doberman followed suit. Urahara nodded, putting a hand under his chin.

"Yes, yes, I have a cozy little home where I happen to sell and trade things I... collect," he said. "But, as I have already introduced myself, wouldn't it only be proper to recieve an introduction in return?"

"...Ichigo," the tabby replied. Urahara nodded as if it were all to be expected.

"Ah, I see, I see~" he said. The doberman turned to look at him.

"Owner, aren't we supposed to be looking for Kuchiki Rukia?" the dog asked. Urahara flinched.

"Ah, yes, that's true, that is why we came here..." he said. Ichigo stood.

"What business do you have with Rukia?" he asked. Urahara looked up.

"Hm? Oh, were just some old friends here to check up on her. You know, make sure she's alright," he said, smiling and clasping his hands. Ichigo was growing more and more suspicious the hat-wearing raccoon.

"Really? Well then, she's fine," he said, sitting again. Then, more to himself, he added: "And being a regular pain in the ass, too..."

"Ah, that's good to hear, but, might we have a word with her?" Urahara asked, stepping closer to the tabby, still smiling. Ichigo hissed a little, and the raccoon took a step back, holding up his hands. "My, my, we're really only here to check up on her, no need for histilities~"

Whatever response Ichigo was planning to give, it was cut off by the appearance of Rukia herself.

"Urahara! What are you doing here?" the black cat asked, padding up to the group.

"You know this guy?" Ichigo asked.

"Like I said, we're old friends," Urahara replied, a tad petulant. Then he was smiling again. "Ah, Rukia, we came to make sure you were alright~!"

"I'm fine," she said, then glanced sidelong at Ichigo. Ichigo caught the look and blinked. "Mm, sorry, Ichigo, but could you leave us alone for a bit?"

Ichigo looked at her, then the smiling raccoon. He almost refused, but instead sighed and shrugged. Whatever, he didn't care who Rukia decided to associate with. He got up and padded around to the backyard, resolved to find another comfortable place to finish the damn nap he kept trying to take. But, as he settled at the base of a large statue, it seemed it wasn't to be.

"Hey, housecat."

Ichigo growled a little, the opened his eyes and looked up.

Lounging on the top of the wooden fence surrounding the yard was a large, blue tortoiseshell. The tom smirked at him.

"Can I help you?" Ichigo asked. The other cat shrugged, jumping down into the yard. Ichigo hissed, ears going flat as he got down from the statue to slink towards the other cat.

"Was in the neighborhood, heard about some housecat messing in stray business," the tortoiseshell said. He gave Ichigo an appraising look with glittering eyes. "Thought it might be interesting."

"The fuck do you want?" Ichigo said. He was tense and ready to spring. There was just somethign he really didn't like about the tom; be it entering the yard without asking, or that cocky smirk the cat seemed to continuously sport. Or maybe it was just the sound of his voice, but everything about the stranger was pissing him off.

"Not much. Thought I'd just come around and see if the little housecat has what it takes to handle the stray world," he said.


The tabby didn't turn as Rukia called his name, but he sensed her moving behind him.

"Oh, it's one of the Seireitei cats," the tortoiseshell said. Rukia ran up to Ichigo's side.

"Ichigo, that's one of the Hueco Mundo cats," she said. "His name is Grimmjow, and he's very strong. You shouldn't try and fight him."

"Pfft! That's right, housecat! Listen to the kitty!" Grimmjow said, sitting down to laugh. Ichigo hissed.

"Get. Out."

"Fucking make me," Grimmjow grinned. Ichigo hissed again and threw himself forward.

"Ichigo!" Rukia said, but it was lost on him.

Ichigo swiped at the tom, but Grimmjow reared up to try and bat him down. Ichigo got in closer to rear up as well, and the two cats tried to scratch each other's faces. After a few moments, Grimmjow landed a good hit to the side of Ichigo's head , and the tabby hissed and backed off. Grimmjow was still grinning, and Ichigo stalked around him warily, then darted in again. When Grimmjow started to rear, Ichigo bowled into him, causing the tortoiseshell to lose his balance and both of them went tumbling. They tried to scratch at each other, continuing to haphazardly tumble aorund the wall as they refused to back away from each other. Then, landing a nice scratch across Grimmjow's face, Ichigo lept back, hissing. Grimmjow panted, eyes going livid a moment...then he grinned again.

"Heh heh...heh heh heh...heh heh hehheh heh hehheh heh hehheh heh heh!" he broke into crazed laughter, startling his opponent. Then he suddenly stopped, grinning at the tabby. "This was fun, housecat. Wish I had more time to play, but it'll have to wait."

And with that, the mysterious tom turned and leapt back up the fence and over. Ichigo hissed a little after him, then snorted and sat to groom himself.


The tabby flinched. He'd forgotten Rukia was there. He turned to see that not only was Rukia staring at him wide-eyed, the doberman and Urahara were standing there as well. The raccoon had a calculating smile on his face, and Ichigo felt like he'd just gotten himself into something bigger than chasing a stray out of his yard...

So...yeah. this is it, final bonus chapter, tabby and tortouiseshell is now over. i know it's probably not what ya'll were expecting, btu someone requested another cat fight, so...there it is, another cat fight...

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