-Chapter 5-

"I'm surprised Potter." Snape said as Nick served them a drink. Harry frowned glancing at Snape. His office was still in shambles but that didn't stop him from opening the club, it just meant that he would be spending his night on the floor.

"What?" Harry said cautiously watching dark eyes roam through the room.

"Most people find out they're gay and their eyes wander right away. Yours have been planted on the bar for the last half hour- how do you do your paperwork with all this noise?" He said with a slight sneer. Harry frowned and took a sip of his drink choosing to ignore the first part of the comment.

"I'm used to working with the noise, until I sound proofed my office I was dealing with it every night." He said dropping his pen. He needed a break any way. He stretched the kinks out of his back and stood up for a moment.

"It's not as though people aren't looking." Snape said his voice slightly chilly. Harry glanced in the direction that the man was staring and found several girls and guys blushing and staring. He frowned.

"They only do that until they realize that my eyes are actually like this, besides, that one is looking at you." He said turning a icy gaze onto the young man who had taken a step forward. The kid glanced at him and then Snape as if to see if it was worth it but someone leaned over and said something and he took off like a bullet.

"Well don't scare him away I'm not getting any younger." Snape said amused. Harry sneered at him.

"That one had an STD." He said annoyed and more than slightly jealous.

"How do you know?" Snape said with a frown.

"He's a regular." Harry lied.

"Obviously he wasn't or he would have been scared before he could even think about it." Snape said suspiciously.

"Whatever." Harry said tersely. Snape narrowed his gaze and something indefinable and decidedly frightening flashed through them.

"You're just as bad a liar now as you were when you were twelve." He said silkily. It was all Harry could do not to shudder; in fact he was pretty sure that he did shudder.

"Don't flirt with me Snape I'm the clingy type." Harry said scooting away a bit but Snape grabbed a hold of his stool and pulled him back.

"That's not a 'no' then?" He said softly. Harry pursed his lips.

"I could die in the next year Snape, you've seen the test results." He said softly. Snapes gaze hardened his eyes blazing to life.

"If there is one thing that I have learned about you Harry Potter it's that you are probably the rare person who is going to die a remarkably old age simply because you're too stubborn to know when to quit." He said forcefully. Harry swallowed thickly as a long finger hooked under his chin and tilted his head up. "If you were going to say no Harry, now would be the time." Snape whispered. Despite the music Harry could hear him perfectly.

"I'm not a fling." Harry said his voice shaky. Snape's gaze softened.

"No…no you're not." He whispered before sweeping forward. Harry gasped at the first brush of lips so gentle that it almost tickled before the pressure increased and drew him in. Slow burning fire slid through him and his heart felt as though it wanted to escape from his ribcage when a skilled tongue traced his bottom lip before slipping in at his permission. Snape's other arm wrapped around his waist and Harry felt more secure than he'd ever felt in his life as he was drawn closer still until he was leaning into the man relying on him for balance. When Snape pulled away he was dizzy. That had never happened before.

"Definitely gay." Harry said with a nod. Snape smirked.

"Mine." He said brushing a bit of hair behind his ear. Harry felt something rise up that nearly choked him with the intensity of it.

"Yours." Harry agreed breathlessly.

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