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Something horrible, yet superbly awesome happened to me. Well, not just me, but to a couple of other friends of mine as well. I have no idea how in the hell I got myself (or the others) into this mess. But I have to tell you, it surely is one hell of a ride that we're all taking.

So I decided to write this down to let everyone else who reads this story experience our tribes and tribulations as well, so… yeah.

So where do I start off?

Well, let's begin this thing by saying that everything started off at my apartment as a party. A couple of my best friends were having a mini party if you'd call it that. We were all graduating high school (except one of my buddies) and before we all head off to college we wanted to spend the whole summer together and party it up.

Usually we'd go to a house party or something like that but we were tired of other people. All we needed was ourselves (because we are fucking awesome like that).

"Whoo Hoooo!" My thoughts were broken when my best friend Zach shouted next to me. I blinked and looked up from my seat. He was sitting next to me, playing on my old Xbox with a cigarette in his mouth. He was playing against my two best girlfriends, Iris and June. The two girls were sitting on the edge of my old couch glaring at my T.V screen keenly. They were losing by seven points and couldn't seem to catch up to the grinning boy. They were getting pretty frustrated.

I frowned as he tapped the end of his cigarette, dumping the ashes in his ashtray. I hated the smell of cigarette smoke, but I tolerated it most of the time because my dad was a smoker. But when I moved out on my own, I pretty much hated the stench all over again. Zach knew that I hated it, and sometimes he liked to do it in front of me to get a rather violent reaction from yours truly. But I guess I'll let it slide tonight. I don't feel like causing drama tonight over something small.

"Relax guys, it's just a game. No need to go all competitive and shit." I said from my seat, shaking my head and getting up to get my camera.

I loved to take pictures of just about everything that was exciting and moving around. I grinned and snapped a picture of Iris and June's faces and Zach's excited grin.

Eventually, I was gonna have to go to Walgreen's and get the pictures developed and finish my collage of our random adventures we tended to get ourselves into.

I laughed as June was about ready to break the controller in half. I took a picture of that also.

I eventually sat back down and swished my cup of sprite in my hand. I was really content with my life; my friends were everything to me.

Speaking of friends please let me introduce you all to my mega dysfunctional family.

I give you Zacharie. He goes by Zach most of the time. Well for starters, he's really extremely hyper. Give this boy a Monster… we're all fucked. He's super fun to be around. Except when he drinks, he's a little too loud for my liking after that point. But nonetheless, I love him as he is. He's a twenty three year old six foot one, slender dark-haired, chocolate eyed bastard who smokes occasionally. Yep, that's my Zacharie for ya.

Next in line is my girl June.

Total brunette, everything… Brown eyes, Brown hair, Tanned skin… Just, just everything. Got it? She's another Shikamaru. Lazy as fuck. She's also another Choji. She loves to eat a lot! Except, I have no idea where in the hell she puts all of that! She's eighteen and five foot five. Pretty short if you ask me. She's also quiet and has a very calm nature.

Last but assuredly not least, my girl Iris. Beautiful red haired, baby blue-eyed goddess. I met this chick through June. Her personality is about equal to a ditzy blonde girl most of time. But don't get me wrong, she's super smart in school. She's just like that when it comes to Anime which we talk about most of the time. I understand about the other anime shows but one thing that shocked everyone is that she has no idea who or what Naruto is. She doesn't even watch the show or read the anime books. What a fucking weirdo. Anyways, she the shortest of our group. Five foot three. Yasser, she's a shorty alright. She's also the youngest as well. We sometimes call her the runt. She's freaking seventeen! FUCKING BABY! Haha.

Welp, that's about all that I have for summarizing all of my friends.

I'm guessing some of you guys are wondering about me as well, right? Well, I don't wanna take up the whole thing but I'll give you a couple of insiders about me. One thing that everybody knows about me is that I'm an Anime addict.


I LOVE Anime. Been watching it ever since I was six years old and got addicted. Another thing is that people would've never believed is that I used to hate Naruto with a passion. Hell yeah I said it; it pains me to even talk about because I was very judgmental about the show at one time. My cousins tried to change my mind many times but I was stubborn as a mule. I never wanted to have anything to do with Naruto for shit.

Then one day, I got bored and coincidentally there was nothing on T.v. I was flipping through the channels in my little brother's room and came upon Naruto for the first time (this, by the way kids, was when Toonami was AMAZING back in the day). It was my lucky day because it was a goddamn marathon. I put away my differences against the show and began watching it. After about an hour or two later, I was officially addicted to the show. I began googling each of the characters one by one after each commercial and crammed everything into my head. Read up on their backgrounds and what Jutsu and Chakra was. Then about a few months later, I knew almost everything about the show. That's when I began reading the manga online and researching the characters' back story and read up on it a bit more. Haha… yeah, I had quite the Naruto obsession. Nobody could tell me shit about the show because I researched every ten seconds.

Another thing if you haven't noticed about me is that I'm a completely Naruto obsessed fan. My family (my dad most of the time) thought I was a weirdo after that. I talked about the show after every new episode and couldn't wait until the next one came out every Saturday night. I even got my siblings hooked on it as well! So yeah, that's how I came to be the perfect Naruto fan.

Whoops, I think I took up most of your time by explaining my useless crap… Sorry!

Back to the storyline!




I laughed out loud as the game was finally over. June and Iris lost epically, while Zach was doing the cabbage patch to emphasize his victory. "See! This is why I hate playing against Zach! He's a fucking cheater and he even used that damn move a thousand times against me! Stupid controller!" June was highly furious and crossed her arms, sitting deeper in the couch next to Iris who was rubbing her forehead.

I sighed and rubbed my cheek. "Talk about teamwork huh?"

"Aye! Aye! Aye! Yeah! Yeah Yeah!" Zach was doing the running man now. He was still celebrating his victory. I quickly took advantage of this and snapped a shot with my camera of the dancing boy.

Iris rolled her eyes and got up, heading towards the kitchen, she pushed him over and he slipped, falling down on his back.

"You big headed meanie!" He yelled out. She ignored him and shrugged while walking into the kitchen.

Seriously guys, I had the most weirdest friends ever. People always ask me how I can put up with them.

But either way, I loved them.


I gritted my teeth and sat up slowly from my seat on the hard wooden floor in my best friend's apartment. Psh, Iris was just mad at me because I beat her ass badly in the game. Talk about good sportsmanship. She had none at all. I rubbed my back and pulled myself up from the floor. I looked at my watch and yawned. It was getting late, and I was getting really tired. It was three in the morning, so yeah… I think that it would probably be a good idea to head home and get some much needed sleep. I stretched and walked towards the door and leaned on it. "Hey guys, I think I'm going to head home now. It's really late."

June turned around and blinked. You're kidding right? You? Going home before us? I think that the apocalypse is on its way." I rolled my eyes.

"Haha June. Very funny, I'm just very tired." June stuck her tongue out at me.

Jerr tilted her head to the side and Iris ran out of the kitchen. "You're joking… You're seriously going home right now? I don't think you've had enough Monster's!"

"As much as I hate to agree, the girls are right. I can't believe that you're the one to state that you're going home first. Quite a shocker." Jerrie smiled and took a sip from her cup.

June got up from her seat and stretched."Yeah well, I think that he's right though. We should be turning in." Iris frowned and sighed.

"I guess June is right."

I chuckled and started to open the door. But only to be stopped by an irritated Jerrie.

"Wait a second Zach, get your ass in here and clean up this mess." I frowned. How in the hell is she gonna blame me for a mess that I didn't make! I crossed my arms and pouted. "I didn't make that mess! Besides! Iris was in the kitchen before me! How do you know that she didn't make that mess herself?"

She narrowed her eyes at me and ground her teeth together. "Zach, I don't have time for this. Get your ass in that kitchen and pick up those Monster cans."

Oh… Then I did make that mess. Dammit. Oh well, I refuse to clean it up because Iris was just in there so she could have clean that crap up herself.

"Jerrie… Why can't you have Iris do it! She was just in there!"

That was it. Jerr's anger was starting to show. "I'm giving you ten seconds to go clean up my kitchen."

I gulped, but still stood my ground. June nudged me and tilted her head towards the kitchen. "I think you better go now Zach. You know how Jerr's anger is."

I rolled my eyes. I really didn't want to clean up that mess…


"Jerr! I didn't do it!" I pouted again. "Please! Tell Iris to-"

She turned around and counted down louder. "Eight...Seven…Six…Five" I sighed. Fuck it… I'm just gonna go clean the shit up.

"Fine fine! I'll go clean it up jeez!" She stopped counting down and sat back down, picking up her cup and drinking out of it.

I grumbled under my breath and picked up all of the cans and quickly walked back out. "I'm done, now can I leave?" She eyed me up and down, got up and went to go inspect to see if I did a good job. She came back out and gave me a small smile.

"You can go, just next time please clean up your mess, even if it's not yours." She eyed Iris and she rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, yeah. Anyways, goodnight dude." I waved her off and opened the door. June and Iris fell in step behind me, but not before giving Jerr a hug. "We'll be back tomorrow morning. Only if we're not sleeping in till two in the afternoon."

Jerr laughed and stood at her door as we walked down the stairs. "Goodnight guys!"

She shut her down and June opened her car door while Iris was already getting in.

"Do you want a ride hun?"

I shook my head. "Nah, I can walk home."

Iris rolled down her window and gaped at me. "What? You want to walk out in darkness like this? Are you nuts? Look, just let June take you home! You could get hurt out here!"

I laughed and scratched the back of my head. "Look here runt. I'll be fine. I can protect myself. Besides, I need to get a little fresh air."

June and Iris frowned once again. "C'mon Zach, please? Just for tonight."

I leaned on the car door and shook my head once again. "Girls don't worry about me. I only live two blocks away. So no worries."

They sighed and rolled their eyes at me. "Well when you get home, you better call us you stupid bastard." Iris cursed at me. I grinned and gave them a thumbs up as June started up the car and drove off slowly.

I began walking down the street. I pulled out my pack of cigarettes and lit one. After taking a long drag of it, I looked up at the sky, studying the stars and the half moon. I could hear the local dogs barking and the occasional singing cat. It was quite peaceful.

This is exactly what I needed. A nice long walk to ease my mind. Not bad at all. I guess I'm gonna have to start doing this a lot more often. I decided to take a shortcut through a small ally since after the entrance my apartment was right across the street. I took another drag of cigarette when I heard yelling deeper into the ally.

Uh Oh.

I walked a little faster and caught a couple of guys ganging up on this old peddler. I raised an eyebrow and blew out the smoke. Well that wasn't nice… I better go see if I can stop it…

"Give us what you got old man!"

"Yeah! What he said or you're gonna get it!" One of the two men was holding up a pocket knife, pointing it close to the peddler's torso.

The old man froze quickly and raised both of his hands up. "Please young men... this is all I have. I need this to survive..."

As I walked closer to the two men, one of them saw me and gasped, dropping his things. "W-who the fuck are you kid?"

I shrugged and sighed. "Nobody actually. Just happened to be passing through to get home… I think that you and your friend should leave before I call the cops." My cigarette was almost out as I took the last drag of it.

The other man with the pocket knife shoved the elder to the side and began threatening me.

"Maybe you should leave kid before we kill you."

Oh boy, this really wasn't going as planned.

The man power walked towards me, readying his hand for a punch. "Aye Jimmy! Maybe we should teach this snot-nosed punk about messing with adults!" I barely dodged the armed man. I quickly tripped him with my foot and put my knee in his back while twisting his arm in order to get the knife out of his hand.

"Agh! Jimmy! Jimmy what the fuck are you doing? Get your ass over here and help me!" I blinked and my body tensed unintentionally as I awaited the next guy's move.

He only stood there, his eyes wide in horror. I twisted the man's arm harder, emitting a gruff scream from him. He twisted and squirmed underneath me as I put more pressure on him.

"Give up."


The man known as Jimmy quickly dropped the elder and ran off down the alley. "F-fuck this shit! I ain't about to go to jail again!"


I twisted the man's arm harder. "I'll let you go if you never come back here again… deal?"


"Is that a deal? Yes or no?"


I shrugged. "Good enough for me." I slowly let his arm go and he pushed me aside, he ran down the same way that his partner did.

I sighed and dropped my cigarette butt on the ground, stepping on it to put it out completely. I then walked to the old man who had now pulled himself up and was trying to catch his breath.

"Are you alright mister?" I patted his back.

"Y-yes... thank you young man for saving my life. I really appreciate it." He turned around and began to dig around in his H-E-B basket full of junk.

"Please take this as a token of my gratitude. I am forever in your debt."

I blinked and waved my hands while smiling. "Oh, no sir. Please don't worry about that! I just hate to see when people think that they can get over and they know they can't"

He pulled out a baseball sized crystal ball then he rolled it around in his hands for a second before he handed it to me. "You get six wishes on it... hehe. Use those wishes wisely now." I blinked at him as he slowly shuffled away, the basket scratching against the hard pavement.

I looked down at the ball and worked it around in my hands. It had some weight to it… I started to wonder if he this thing was really a real crystal ball or just something he randomly picked up out of the basket.

Hmph, who knows?

I slowly began walking out of the ally and towards my now visible apartment. I was tempted to call up June and the others to tell them what had just happened to me but I did not want to risk getting my head chopped off.

So let's just wait until the morning comes.


The next morning I was woken up with a phone call. I groaned and buried my head in the soft pillow that it was resting on. Seriously... It was seven A.M. Who the heck calls at seven in the mother loving morning?

My cell phone rang again... I rolled my eyes and pushed my arm out from the blanket. I shuddered for a second as the cold air brushed my warm limb as it continued to quickly search for my steadily ringing phone. I snatched it up and checked to see who it was.

To my surprise it was Jerrie. She never gets up this early. It must be pretty important then. I answered it, my voice rather hoarse and quiet.


"Morning sleepy-head. Hey... Can you and Iris come over here? I'm not sure what's going on but um…Zach is over here with a strange crystal ball..."

A crystal ball? Really? She woke me up for a freaking crystal ball...

"What? Why do you want me and Iris to come over for a stupid crystal ball? Why'd he even get up this early to even tell you? Couldn't he even wai-"


I flinched and pulled my phone away from my ear a couple of inches back. Tch. She sure is a bossy girl.

"Ok...Ok... But could you give us a couple of minutes to sleep? I mean it's really early..."

I could tell that Jerrie was really irritated and she wasn't hearing any of my complaints this morning at all.


I flinched again as I tried to reason with her once more.

"Yeah but Jerr-"


That witch hung up on me... Dang it… I'd better hurry up and get ready...

I pushed my aching body out of bed and shuffled towards Iris's room. She and I were roommates... We could barely afford the rent alone so we decided to partner up and pay the rent together. We both worked jobs in the evenings on the weekdays. So yeah, we're basically supporting each other. She's like a sister I never had.

"Iris... C'mon girl, get up... Jerrie called and we have to be over there pronto." I sat on her bed and pushed her back and forth.

She didn't budge.

I rolled my eyes and thought of a different method. She was a really hard sleeper. But usually she'd get up on the first try.

I pulled the blanket back a little and I tickled her bare feet. She jerked them away from my fingers and groaned. She totally hated when I did that.

"June... C'mon... It's seven in the morning... Tell her we'll be over there in a little bit." she whined as she turned over, facing me.

"I know kid... I already told her… But she wasn't hearing it this time so we gotta go. Now get up. We're already behind time as it is."

I waltzed back to my room and quickly got dressed. It was nothing special. Just a plain white t-shirt with black basketball shorts and flip-flops. See? Nothing special at all.

I brushed my hair together and grabbed the keys to the car.

I decided that I was gonna brush my teeth at Jerrie's since we were so behind time now. I was already reaching for the doorknob when I heard a weird gurgling noise. My head snapped around to find Iris behind me. She laughed and scratched her cheek. "Whoops, looks like I'm hungrier than I thought..."

I rubbed my forehead and headed out the door. Looks like I'm gonna have to buy some Mcdonald's on the way."


I was already examining the crystal ball. I've never seen one this small. Zach was already in my kitchen searching for something to eat. I tilted my head up to look at the time. It was seven forty. Where in the heck are those girls?

"Yo Jerr! Where's all the food at?" Zach called out from the kitchen.

I sighed. I knew that he had a hell of an appetite but dang! Well... At least he wasn't going bananas on me like he usually does. "Yeah yeah! I know I know... We need to go shopping sometime today."

After about a good five minutes, my head turn to see my two girlfriends walking in the door... With a big bag of Mcdonalds. I'm guessing that Zach quickly caught the mouth-watering scent because he quickly came into the living room, his arms open wide.

Everyone quickly settled down in my small kitchen as we ate. Iris was the first one to question about the crystal ball. "So... what is this gorgeous thing supposed to do?"

Zack licked his fingers as he explained the balls' purpose. "This old man told me that the ball can grant us six wishes. ONLY six wishes."

"Hmmm... Sounds interesting… Do y'all think we should try it out now?" June took a bite out of her hash brown.

I tore off a piece of my Mcmuffin and plopped it in my mouth. "Yeah Right! As if I'm supposed to believe that!"

Everyone except Zach, who was too busy concentrating on stuffing himself, shook their heads. "I can't believe that you would say that Jerr. Maybe it is true." June had a rather shocked expression on her face.

"Whatever! Fine! I wish that everyone in the Akatsuki (except Zetsu and Konan) and Sasuke and Suigetsu from Naruto would show up in my apartment right now!"

Nothing happened.

I grabbed the clear ball and gave it a strong glare, expecting it to glow or something.

Once again... Nothing Happened.

Everybody shook their heads. Zach finally spoke, only with his mouth full. "I shtill tink dat' it werksh." (I still think that it works)

I didn't want to hear none of their foolishness any longer so I ordered everyone to come with me to the store to go shopping for some groceries.

They quickly finished their breakfast and headed out the door with me, leaving the crystal ball on the table.

Then, as the door clicked shut, the clear, glass ball began to shine a very bright neon red.

If I only knew how wrong I had been...


After an hour of shopping and arguing on what foods we should get, we finally came home to Jerr's apartment, still talking about the crystal ball, err, rather more like arguing again.

"NO! NO NO! If it really works then why didn't it summon the Akatsuki and half of Team Hebi!" Jerrie was fuming as she was being contradicted by Zach.

She hated to be contradicted by anyone. No joke. She's just that stubborn to not admit that she's not correct. Even if she knows that she isn't right, she'll try to find every way to prove that she is correct and the other person is wrong. She picked that trait up (unfortunately) from her father. I have no idea how she could juggle that sweet nature she inherited from her mother. So confusing… She's just a bundle of surprises.

"I'm telling you bro. I really do believe that the wishes are true..."

Grabbing the house key to the place, I could hear faint talking and shuffling around the house. My eyebrows quickly rose up. Did I really hear someone talking? Or am I going berserk? I shook my head and stuck the key into the hole, slowly and quietly turned it.


"Fine! I gotta go anyways. My brother called me when we were shopping. I have to go his house and help him move into his new apartment." Zach playfully pushed Jerrie, who was still angry at him.

I sighed and waved him off. After Zach left, June started to try and calm Jerrie down. As I was taking the key out of the eye, I heard the same shuffling noise again. I slowly turned the doorknob and walked in expecting something scary to pop up in front of my face.

As Jerrie and June walked in last, shutting the door, I headed to the kitchen. Nothing there.

I set down all of the bags and went to the bathroom as I felt the need to go pee.

"Would you just chill out Jerr? There's no need to get all emotional over nothing!" I could hear June coaxing Jerr. I giggled as I opened the door a little more and turned on the light.

Just seconds before I walked in, I felt large hands wrap around my mouth and pull me into the darkest room. I swear, I could almost feel my heart burst in my chest. I wrapped my hands around the strangers' and attempted to pry them off my mouth as I kicked and squirmed. I tried to scream but the intruders' hands tightened around me more.

I felt lightheaded as I kicked over one of Jerr's lamps. I had to make some noise, to get both of the girls' attention… Oh god… please help me….

I had to get out of this stranger's grip.


Well, how was this chapter? I really loved the ending! It's exactly how I wanted it in the original one! Um… As I said before, I wanted to take out Aaron, so sorry about that once more…

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