"Yeah but don't you wanna stay here and celebr-"

"Of course but Bryson just got here! I promise we won't be long okay?"

"Yeah but-"

"Don't worry, I'll have her back home by five this evening,"

"Jerr wait!"


Zach, and I watched as the stubborn girl hopped in the car with her boyfriend and drove off. I scratched my head and leaned against the screen door. Her boyfriend actually was shocked to see us here, but he didn't press on with the issue after Jerr tried explaining everything to him. He just rose his hand up and told her not to say anymore since he was getting confused.

After that, it took him less than a minute to convince her to go with him. She didn't even notice the living room since the others decorated it with the colorful banners and other things.

Zach rolled his eyes and slammed the door shut, storming past me and Sasori who only glanced at each other and we both shrugged. I sighed, rubbing the back of my head, watching the sun peak through the clouds, the smell of the aftermath of the storm was still lingering in the air. The sound of Iris sneezing brought my attention away from the outside and to the others who were seated on the couch.

"Well, what the hell are we going to do now?"

I took a seat next to the angry Zach and sighed, letting my elbows on my knees, staring at the plasma television even though it was quiet. Frankly, it didn't matter to me if Jerr went with her boyfriend. I mean, she hasn't seen him in almost a year… but then again, why do I even care?

"Well I guess we can finish up with the decorations…if there's any left." Kat suggested lazily, she was sitting on the arm of the recliner that Kakashi was sitting in; she was leaning back and sipping something in a black mug.

The door opened and in came Iris. She took a slow, deep breath and leaned in the doorway. She sniffed but you could hear hear the mucus and whatnot clogging her nostrils. She looked at everyone and coughed. "There is no need for that. I've already collected every gift that was purchased and wrapped them." Iris sniffed again and exhaled through her mouth. Her eyes were watery and red. A wad of tissue was hidden in her fist. Her nose was colored a light shade of red from her blowing it so much.

Kat nodded but frowned when she got an actual look at the sick girl, she lowered the mug from her lips. Zach blinked and took another look at Iris, he quickly came to her and put his hand on her cheek. He then placed the back of his hand on her forehead and frowned. "My God Iris! You're burning up!"

Iris shook her head out of Zach's hand and wiped her nose on her tissue. "I'll be fine. Don't worry. But I came in here to talk to you so come." She took his arm and pulled him out of the room.

I rolled my eyes as everyone began to chat about what they were doing to do until Jerr got back, I pulled myself up and decided to go outside and get some fresh air. I pushed open the double doors and a gust of cool wind pushed my hair back and greeted me. I sighed and examined the huge backyard, wondering where I was going to relax at. I spotted one of the five lounge chairs on the patio and it was suddenly appealing to me. I made my way over, and sat down in it, leaning back with my hands behind my head. I closed my eyes and my brain began to give me a rundown of everything that's happened to me.

Getting 'wished' here was the main thing that astonished me. Here out of all places with a guy and pretty much three girls. Not only that, but Sasori was brought back…right after that pink-haired girl killed him. It seemed like his death didn't really faze him much since he's been here. But every time I pick on him just for my enjoyment about the situation he gets all annoyed and shit.

Another thing I pondered over is the possibility of the whole group getting stuck here permanently. I mean anything could go wrong and currently the stupid assholes lost the damn crystal ball. Iris and Zach claim that it's in this house somewhere but I say bullshit. I mean, we would have found the damn thing by now.

Iris keeps telling us that it's actually good for us since we're killers and public outcasts. It'll help us become more 'social' and 'acceptable to society'. Cheh, whatever. I don't give a damn about what people think. I enjoy doing what I do. Whether it's from blowing up people bit by boring bit, empty buildings or even buildings jammed full of people, I still get that rush of excitement from my art. It's what I created it for. Unlike my bastard of a partner who just likes to sit there and play with his dolls all day long. He calls that shit art. Yeah right, art my ass. Just because I got pulled into this world doesn't mean I have to stop making my art or even blowing it up. These brats can't tell me how to enjoy myself. I'll be damned if I do.

I snorted and rolled my eyes, staring up at the colorful banners that blew gently in the warm wind. The sun was steadily weaving in and out of the clouds, giving me a light, vibrant view one moment and a cloudy, calm one the next. I closed my eyes again, deep in thought until I heard the door behind me open and then close quietly. I didn't open my eye just yet. That is until I felt a poke to my shoulder. I cracked one eye open and saw Tobi standing above me.

I groaned, shifting in my seat a little.

"Senpai looks upset. Is he okay?" I closed my eye and ignored the masked goofball. I rubbed my forehead. This guy annoyed the shit out of me. Every day… "Senpai this, Senpai that. Senpai look what Tobi did!" It's aggravating to be bothered by one guy who just won't leave you the hell alone. I wonder…everyday how in the hell I – I out of all people in the whole Akatsuki organization managed to get stuck with this…naïve nincompoop. Why did Sasori have to die? He just had to be a bastard and get killed by that pink-haired brat…without even realizing who he was leaving behind! Cheh…like he even cared. Just about his dumb puppets. Destiny was a complete asshole to me. Out of all the bad, no good, incompetent people, fate thought it would be amusing to send a lousy excuse for a criminal to become my "companion". My life was truly fucked up to say the least.

"I am now that you're here Tobi." I never bothered to look at him or even move, I expected him to go off on me or begin to yell. But I got neither one of those spontaneous responses which, indeed, is very odd from a guy like him. Usually he would have been tackled me to the floor and begin whining to me about everything or how much he's missed me. I cracked my eye open again and there he was, still standing beside me with his head tilted to the side, standing there all quiet. . . something very unlike him.

"Tobi stop standing there like an idiot and leave, yeah." I ordered him gruffly once again. I still heard no movement whatsoever. I cracked an eye open again and sighed, sitting up slightly.

"And you're still here, yeah. Why?" Tobi backed away a little. He had his hands behind his back and began rocking back and forth on his heels. Once I noticed his hands behind his back, I narrowed my eyes and leaned to the right a little to get a closer look at what the guy was hiding behind him.

"What's that you're hiding behind your back Tobi?" Said masked man chuckled nervously and scratched his mask (I'm assuming this is where his chin would be located). He looked down before speaking to me.

"Tobi didn't mean to do it Senpai...It was on accident, really it was." I tilted my head and wondered heavily on what the hell he was talking about. He then sighed and revealed what he was hiding behind his back. It was a doll…well more like a puppet. I stared at it for a while and then it came to me finally. It seemed Tobi knew exactly what I was thinking because he began explaining to me what happened.

"T-Tobi has never seen or talked to Sasori-san before and so…his puppets looked fun for Tobi to play with. Sasori-san is going to be angry with me isn't he senpai?" I never answered him, I just turned my attention back to the doll and winced. It looked like it had been through hell and back. Its clothing was ripped in multiple places and his pale, porcelain skin was cracked on its face. A long line decorating from its forehead to its chin, there was also a crack in its shiny, glassy red eyes. It stared back at me lifelessly and I frowned. I'd recognized this thing as the main tool for Danna on our missions. It was used to quickly collect data and for quick attacks and diversions when Danna's larger puppets couldn't get the job done or was busy with multiple enemies. Its jaw was wide open, its jagged teeth glinting in the sun's rays when it decided to come out of hiding from behind the clouds.

Danna was not going to be happy about this at all. And for the first time in a long while, I actually felt just a tiny bit sorry for the poor bastard. Sasori wouldn't even let me touch his creations. He deemed me "unworthy" to lay a finger on them. I didn't know what to say to Tobi to be honest. I wouldn't even know what I would do if I was stuck in a situation like this. Just when I was about to tell Tobi that he was out of luck, the sound of the back door opening up swiftly interrupted me. Tobi panicked and quickly took a spot behind me to make his body as small as possible. I looked to see Sasori standing in the doorway. His usual calm and bored expression was completely erased from his face and replaced by a mixture of aggravation and anger. I couldn't decipher which one overrode the other. All I knew that Sasori was pissed and was most definitely not in the mood to be playing around.

"Where is it?" He demanded in a no nonsense tone. It was pretty calm but I've worked with Danna long enough to know that this tone was anything but calm, but quite the opposite. He didn't have to say the name of the person he was talking to because he knew damn well who the culprit was. Tobi quickly figured out that if he didn't confess now, he'd be in a shitload of trouble and would be in a world of pain, all caused by an angry Sasori. He stood up, the doll behind his back like last time and he slowly made his way to my former partner.

"Tobi is sorry Sasori-san…Tobi didn't mean –"

"Where is it?" Sasori repeated again, his voice getting lower the longer Tobi stalled. I could almost hear the latter gulp. He finally pulled out the doll from behind him and Sasori snatched it from his gloved hands and his frowned deepened even more, his eyes narrowing.

"Tobi just wanted to – gahhh!"

Before he could finish his sentence, Sasori's chakra strings quickly wrapped themselves around Tobi's neck and he dragged him off to the middle of the yard. I sighed, shaking my head and laid back in my lounge chair, placing my hands back behind my head. I closed my eyes to enjoy my time before somebody else decided to interrupt my quiet time. Well…not so much as quiet anymore…

I opened my eyes when Tobi's gagging died down and saw that he was hanging from the tree with his arms tied together on one branch and his legs to another branch with Danna's chakra strings. He begged for his forgiveness while Sasori on the other hand was walking back to the patio, his face its regular calm expression again. I didn't see the destroyed doll in his hand so he must have put it back in its scroll he creates for all his puppets. He walked passed me with his eyes closed, obviously still irritated. I decided not to bother him with questions or even talking at this time. I watched as he went inside and the door closed again. My eyes closed for the nth time that I was out here and I sighed. The sound of the door opening again was much quieter and calmer than the last one made my ears twitch a little and I was curious to see who it was but I kept my eyes sealed tight, pretending I didn't hear it. Nobody said anything to me or touched me and I began to wonder if I was hearing things.

"What did he do this time?" The deep voice of Zach had me looking up to see him and I smirked a little. He had one hand on my lounge chair and a lit cigarette hanging lazily out of his mouth as he watched Tobi swing back and forth while tied up. I shook my head and chuckled a little, sitting up from my chair.

"Crazy bastard broke Sasori's puppet, yeah. Sasori found out and voila, Tobi hanging in a tree helplessly like an animal waiting to be slaughtered." I chuckled again as I remembered what happened, I then looked at Zach who was smirking a little, while still in his mouth he took a long drag of the cigarette and then plucked it from his lips, exhaling through his nose.

"I see. I'm surprised the dude didn't do much more damage." He said, puffs of smoke leaving his mouth as he spoke. I nodded, agreeing with him and chuckled softly to myself.

"But I know you're not out here just to ask why his ass is hanging upside down like a pig waiting to be roasted, yeah." I noted languidly. Zach laughed at this and nodded. "Yeah, you're right. I actually came out here to ask you if you wanted to come with me to pick up Jerr's last gift before she comes back."

I quirked an eyebrow at him and blinked. "I thought Iris said that you were done with shopping for Jerr." It was true. I mean come on! How many damn gifts are you going to buy the damn girl?!

Zach inhaled the smoke of the cigarette before he spoke. "We did. We just had this one on hold. It's for a very good reason because this present is very hyper and loud and playful." I tilted my head at his answer, not really understanding. I didn't want to strain my brain so I just rolled my eyes and pulled myself out of the lounge chair and stretched for a minute or two. I felt my muscles contract and relax as I stretched out as far as I could. I yawned and then followed Zach back into the house, completely forgetting about Tobi.

We entered the kitchen and I saw Kat and the Leaf ninja. Kat was sitting at the round, glass table eating something out of a bowl while Kakashi was sitting in front of her. I rolled my eyes but took note as she was smiling and he looked as though he was having a good time talking with her. Zach and I entered the living room where everyone was doing their own thing.

"You fucking bastard! That was MY damn soda in the fridge!" Hidan's angry voice boomed at Suigetsu who was lazily standing in front of the crazy Jashinist sipping out of a soda can that was probably Hidan's originally. The boy only shrugged.

"I didn't see your name on it. Besides, there's more besides this flavor. Stop being a damn baby." I chuckled when Suigetsu said this, he was one of the few besides Kakuzu and me to actually stand up to the bastard and speak our mind.

"What did you say kid?! I'll fucking kill ya!" Hidan balled his right hand into a fist and swung right at the white-haired boy and the second it made contact, Suigetsu's head quickly morphed into water splashing it everywhere and he even dropped the can of soda he was drinking out of.

Suigetsu quickly solidified again and he growled. "Hey! You asshole! You made me drop my soda!"

"It was MINE!"

I looked over to Zach who was only leaning against the wall, half of his cigarette lazily hanging out of his lips once more, but this time it wasn't lit. "Well damn. That escalated quickly." He only said and I smirked, a few seconds afterwards, Kat pushed through the door, an angry look plastered on her face.

"Look at this…this mess!" She hollered, hands firmly planted on her hips. "Look at what you did to my floor!" She pointed downwards at the random puddles of water and a large red puddle of the bubbly liquid.

"Hey, at least the floor isn't carpet…" Suigetsu noted, a little frightened by Kat's temper. "Good thing it's marble."

"Shut up Suigetsu." Kat sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "I want both of you to clean this up. Now."

I smirked when Suigetsu looked shocked. "W-What? He hit me first! Why do I have to do it?" Hidan only crossed his arms and turned his back to Kat.

"Fucking make me bitch. Last time I checked, you ain't my damn boss." Kat growled and brushed her bangs back, spinning on her heel facing towards the stairs.

"Pein!" She yelled, and then there was a quick silence, seconds later, leader appeared. He was upstairs, his hands resting on the railing that were lining the stairs.

"Hidan, do not make me repeat myself. Clean up your mess before I decide to deal with you." He said, his voice low, meaning he was serious about what he said. I smirked when Hidan pouted and then marched into the kitchen angrily along with Suigetsu. Seeing Hidan get in trouble always entertains me and sometimes puts me in a good mood.

The fool always acts like a child and then gets pissed when he's treated like one. Tch, how naïve of him.

"Well then…that was entertaining enough." Zach finally spoke after everything was over. He plucked the cigarette from between his lips and sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Deidara and I are leaving for a little bit to go and finish up tying a few strings that are still loose. Would anybody like to come along and help us?"

"I wanna go! It'd be nice to get out of the house, even if it's for a little bit." Suigetsu grinned, handing Hidan the mop and stood next to the slender boy. Zach shrugged.

"Fine by me, anybody else?" It was quiet after that as everyone obviously didn't go, or they wanted to go but couldn't because they didn't look normal enough for this world such as Kisame and Kakuzu.

"Well, since there is nobody else, we're off then." We all turned to the door and headed out.

I hope everything goes well since Iris is sick and Kat won't tolerate Hidan's nonsense much longer.


I was upstairs looking out of the large hallway window while Zach, Suigetsu and Deidara left to get Jerr's last present. I coughed and leaned against the wall, feeling tired and just…out of it. I guess it was a bad idea to go outside when it rained that day. Now I feel like total crap. I went downstairs to go and lay on the couch since upstairs I felt lonely.

"Well…since it's just us, who'd like to go and play a few games of pool huh?" I heard Kat as she was floating up in the air with Pein's assistance while hanging up one of the many pictures Jerr and I took while we toured with everyone. Pein was looking rather bored as he held up his hand – obviously controlling Kat so she wouldn't fall.

"Pool? Do you mean as in the swimming pool? Kat I don't even think we have any swim wear to even think about that." Kakashi told her as he was sitting in the recliner, reading his usual book. Kat giggled a little and shook her head.

"That's all Pein, thanks, Jerr was annoying me on getting this picture put up," Pein let her down and she stretched, finishing up what she was about to say. "And no silly, pool is a game that you play…" She tapped her chin and sighed. "Well, I can show you better than I can tell you. Now who all wants to play?"

Kakashi shrugged and then stood up. "I suppose I'll give it a try." Then next thing I knew Itachi, Pein, Hidan and some others were standing up. I rolled my eyes and coughed, making my way over to the couch.

"Hey… are you alright?" I never noticed Kat by my side as I was holding my head.

"Um…yeah, I think so." I said softly, my head was spinning and I was feeling very dizzy to actually make out coherent answers. I felt a cool hand on my forehead and I sighed, closing my eyes.

"Jeez you're still burning up! Here, come and lay down." Kat walked me to the dark blue U-shaped couch and I laid down. "Can somebody get me a cold towel? She's running a fever!"

"Don't worry about it I can handle it from here Red." I cracked an eye open to see a blurry image of something blue…I moaned softly since I was beginning to become cold and I softly requested for a blanket.

"Sorry squirt but no can do, until we break this fever, you're gonna have to endure the chill for now." I heard a familiar voice and I opened my eye to see Kisame wringing out a towel for me.

"Go ahead and go play pool, I can handle this." He urged the others. Oh goodness…the feeling of a cool rag on my forehead felt so nice. But my body told me otherwise and I shivered. Dammit, why did I have to wear my pajama shorts and tank top…I'm freezing!

Next thing I knew, there was silence and the removal of the cool rag from my forehead. I growled and whimpered, wanting to feel the coolness again.

"Hold on Squirt. Calm down. I'm just cooling the towel again." Kisame's voice rung in my ears and I opened my eyes to see him sitting on the floor next to me.

"Kisame…" I softly acknowledged, feeling a blush creeping up my cheeks and I don't think it was because of my fever. He was shirtless and only in a pair of shorts. I could see his gills a lot more clearly this time, but surprisingly, it didn't disgust or creep me out. It only piqued my curiosity. My hand reached out and I touched the gills that were located on his shoulders. I felt so confused and I was still freezing.

"I don't…see why…people think…you're a monster." I whispered and smirked a little as I saw the room spinning round and round.


I felt the cool rag on my forehead again and I closed my eyes once again. The sound of water being wrung from a towel caught my attention.

"Wow, ya really seem out of it. That fever's got you good huh squirt? It's weird hearing ya say stuff like that."

Before I could even comprehend what he was saying, I yelped when I felt something cool rub up and down my legs. "Whoa there runt, its fine, just rubbing you down with cold water so I can break this fever, keep still." I sucked in a deep breath when I felt the cold towel on my other leg and then on my arms, which activated my shivering even more.

"Looks like it was a bad idea to go outside in that rain, I bet Jerr's going to get pretty sick too since she's been out there the same time as you." I sneezed and then coughed, opening my eyes.

"Pretty blue..." I cooed, reaching my hand out to cup his cheek. His cheek was cool; it reminded me of the ocean in some ways. He stopped and then looked at me and sighed.

"If only you were in your right mind, I'd be happy to hear that from you."

I only giggled and and caressed his cheek some more, as he continued to rub me down with the cold rag. He smirked at me and let out a small chuckle.

"Is there something funny, runt?" I giggled again but didn't say anything at all.

"Stay here for a second." The coolness of his wipe-down was gone and I sighed, flipping over the towel on my forehead and my eyes fluttered closed.

"Here, take these." Minutes after I was resting, Kisame came back with two white pills and a cup of water. I sat up a little and he pushed me back down. "Stay still."


"Aspirin. Now hush and take them." I blinked but nonetheless complied. Kisame then went back to rubbing down my legs and arms. Soon enough, I was beginning to get sleepy and I groaned.

"Feeling a little better?" Kisame asked me and I was bordering between sleepiness and consciousness.

"Hmm..." I could feel my eyes fluttering open and closed as I was finally succumbing to my fatigue. My hair was being stroked and I moaned a little. Even though I felt nauseous and dizzy and just overall sick, I was beginning to feel relief.

"How beautiful you are even though your face is still red and very warm. Oh little runt…this isn't good…this isn't good at all." I heard Kisame mumble before falling completely asleep.

I woke up and groaned, feeling my head pounding and I sneezed. "Ouch…" I muttered to myself and opened my eyes to see Kisame sitting in the recliner across from me. He was staring at me with his head resting in his palm and I felt a blush creeping up my cheeks.

"Oh…um…Kisame. How long have I been out?" I asked softly, sitting up rather quickly and the whole room began to spin.

"Kisame sighed, and stood up, kneeling before me and placed the back of his palm on my forehead. "A few hours," He then left me and I stared at the ceiling then the banners.

"Bitch, you cheated!" I heard Hidan upstairs, then there was a quick silence and then the sound of balls clicking together. Oh yeah… I forgot everyone was upstairs playing pool.

"Not my fault you suck." Kat lazily drawled and the sound of balls clicking together was heard again. I smiled; at least she had them occupied.

"Say ahh," I opened my mouth, and then a thermometer was popped in my mouth. You know, I wonder where in the hell Kisame found all of this stuff. I don't remember showing him half of the things he found. He brushed some stray hairs out of my face and grinned, showing me his very sharp and white, jagged teeth.

"99.8. Not bad at all." He plucked said thermometer out of my mouth and placed it on the coffee table. He then took the now warm rag off of my forehead and dipped it in a bowl of water and rung it out, setting it back on my forehead. "Are you hungry?" He asked me, returning back to the recliner he was sitting in before. I shook my head. I didn't have an appetite. I felt a little nauseated anyways.

"No thanks, I'm still not up for it, kinda nauseous actually." I told the blue man, my hand slipped down to my belly and I rubbed it. Kisame nodded.

"7-Up is right next to you, I think it would be best if you drunk that for a little while then."

"Thank you. You're being pretty nice to me…" It was true, I was very confused because of what Jerrie, Zach and June told me. They all said that they were hardcore, merciless killers and yet they were the sweetest things ever right now… I didn't get it.

"Ain't I always squirt?" He flashed me a shiny smile, leaning back into his chair while I sat up a little, propping my head up with my hand.

"Yeah but…by what the others told me about all of you, you're supposed to be mean and grouchy. Also the three of us are supposed to be dead." I told him, basically letting him know that I was quite confused. Kisame shrugged.

"Ah well. We are like that, don't get us wrong but…I guess it has been a while since we were able to actually sit around and do nothing…without having to worry about our natural enemies searching for us." He informed me and I took a sip of my soda, nodding.

"I understand." Kisame and I sat in silence for a while, until I began to feel my eyelids getting heavy yet again.





"Well, well. It looks like you're up." I slowly opened my eyes to see Kat standing above me with her arms folded across her chest. She had a small smile.

"Um…" I mumbled, flipping over my rag. "Yeah, I am now."

"How are you feeling?" She asked me, sitting at the edge of the couch next to me. I yawned, and closed my eyes.

"Sleepy. I feel very sleepy." I admitted, placing one of my hands behind my head. Kat laughed and then stood up.

"Well are you feeling good enough to watch us play at least one game of pool? Hidan thinks that I cheat." I smiled and slowly sat up.

"Um, sure…" Before I could get up, the front door opened and in came Suigetsu, Deidara, and Zach.

"Has she come back yet?" Zach asked, dropping the car keys on the table next to the front door and he kicked the door closed. Kat sighed and shook her head.

"She hasn't even called yet." Kat said with an irritated tone, making Zach roll his eyes.

"I swear, that asshole always fucks things up." Zach growled under his breath, obviously irritated. He took a look at me and he came my way, kneeling in front of me.

"Hey, are you alright? How are you feeling?" He placed his hand on my cheek and I sighed, closing my eyes.

"I'm feeling much better," I assured him.

"Yeah, thank to Kisame," Kat giggled, sitting next to me while smirking at the blue man. I looked away and blushed.

"Oh shut up Kat, he just helped break my fever…" I leaned back into the couch and Zach smirked at Kisame.

"Oh is that right, huh?" He wiggled his eyebrows at said man and the latter rolled his eyes and avoided all eye contact, not saying anything.

"And that's not all. He was getting all touchy touchy with her. It was so cute!" Kat made a smooching noise and I placed my pillow on top of my face, denying anything and everything they said about Kisame and me.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"

"Kisame you never told us – hey! Where are you going?" It seemed Kisame left the room afterwards when Suigetsu and Deidara chimed in on teasing him. Zach 'awwed' and ruffled my hair.

"How cute. My little runt is growing up." He patted my head and I growled, shoving my pillow in his face and pushing him off the couch away from me.

"I do NOT like Kisame! It's all lies! He was just helping me get rid of my fever!" I mumbled, feeling my cheeks heat up even more.

I groaned when they continued to taunt me over and over, until Kat's phone vibrated on the coffee table. She quirked a brow and picked it up.

"It's Jerr…"

Zach rolled his eyes. "Well it's about damn time! She was supposed to be here four hours ago!"

"Where the hell are you?" Kat quickly answered, putting it on speaker. Jerr coughed on the other end and cleared her throat.

"Sorry. Bryson is dropping me off now, I'm a little sick."

Kat rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I figured at much, we'll be here."

"Okay, thank you."

Kat nodded and clicked her phone off and threw it in the armchair next to her.

"Alright guys, Show time."


"Bye babe," Bryson kissed my cheek and I smiled. I guess I had a pretty good time, though it seemed like he forgot about my birthday He took me out to eat, toured me around Corpus a bit but we didn't really do anything else. About time when I got out of his car, he was already on the phone with somebody else.

I watched as he drove away talking happily and I sighed, fishing out my house keys from my purse. I quickly opened the door and coughed; my hand flying up to my mouth. The house was dark and was quiet, kinda eerie even.

"Guys?" I called out, shutting the door behind me. I stayed where I was for a second to let my eyes get adjusted to the pitch darkness and I attempted to move around without bumping into anything. The damn light switch was way across the-


I yelped when everybody screamed and turned the lights on, there were colorful balloons and banners and streamers everywhere. Wrapped boxes with different kinds of wrapping paper and of all different sizes were placed everywhere around the living room. I completely forgot about my cold and grinned happily.

"Happy Birthday Jerr!" Various voices sounded around me and I was tackled.

"Happy, happy, happy birthday Jerrie-chan!"

Ugh, I huffed but laughed at the same time. Tobi squeezed the life out of me as my hands tried to push him off.

"Can't….breathe…Tobi.." I rasped, pushing against him. Damn he was so heavy!

"I knew we should've left his ass hanging in that tree, yeah!" Tobi was pulled off me and I gasped, catching my breath as the blonde scolded his partner. Dusting myself off, I got back to my feet and smiled even wider to see almost everyone standing around and Kat coming in with a cake in her hands with lit candles decorating it

Dammit! I cursed to myself. I began to get all teary-eyed and I hated that! Especially in front of the Akatsuki, I tried to hold back my tears as much as I could. I blinked lightly a few times so they wouldn't fall.

"Happy birthday." Kat gave me a lazy, crooked smirk and ushered me to blow out my candles.

Happy Birthday Jerrie.

From Zach, Kat, Iris and the Akatsuki.

It was plain but it made me so much more emotional seeing the Akatsuki's name on the cake as well. I giggled and blew out all of my candles in one go, not wishing for anything since I had everything I wanted right in front of me.

"Present time!" Iris quickly called out and I quickly agreed, though I wanted a slice of my cake first.


:: ::


:: ::

After ten minutes of slicing cakes and taking out the ice cream, I finally got to the presents.

"Pick whichever corner," Zach suggested, taking a sip from his energy drink. I grinned and actually went to the staircase where two present were 'hidden' there. I rested myself on my knees and read who it was from. It was from Kakashi and Kat.

I smirked and ripped it open, grinning when it was the trilogy of 50 Shades of Grey by E.L James. I looked over to the two and waved it over to them.

"Thank you so much. I can't wait to start reading it!" They both lazily shrugged as I spent ten more minutes rummaging around everyone else's presents. It varied from clothes, to shoes to hair accessories to picture frames for my pictures and others.

"So Jerr," Zach started as I was sitting in one of the corners unwrapping some more gifts. "What happened to your boyfriend? I thought he said he was going to stay for you to unwrap your presents?"

I rolled my eyes. Not this shit again. Zach out of everyone else hates Bryson's guts. We've had our arguments in the past but we're passed that now. I have no intention of reliving those hectic moments again with him controlling it.

"He said he had to leave early. He was a little busy." I quickly said, not wanting to speak about that right now.

"Are you sure he wasn't leaving to sleep with another girl?" He said bluntly and I stopped what I was doing. Even the normal bickering of Hidan and Deidara stopped for a moment. I turned my head to Zach who stared me straight in the eyes, not caring if he hurt my feelings or not.

"How…How dare you even think that of him!" I raised my voice, but it didn't faze him any.

"Think about it Jerr, he did this to you three times already! What girl in their right mind would take a guy like that back!? Do you really think he cleaned up his act?" He said, his arms folded, the silence in the room was really deafening.

"Look, can we not talk about this now?" I suggested, not wanting to argue about something so pointless. I turned back around to examine my presents.

"Fine, but don't think that fucker is getting away with anything, because we're going to be watching him…" He warned sternly. "Here,"

I turned back around, an irritated look plastered on my face. I knew it was stupid of my to take him back after all the trouble he's put me through be he was my first love…first boyfriend… and I couldn't bear to give that up…It hurt me to even think about it but the past was the past. I've already forgiven him and I intend to not bring that part of my life back up.

The slender boy tossed me a small purple collar with spikes around it. "Bring her in, runt."

I quirked a brow, getting ready to say we don't have a dog or cat for that matter when suddenly a high pitched bark broke the silence and the sound of claws scratching the marble floor was heard. A rather large puppy skidded into the living room and I gasped, getting up slowly.

The pup had lack splotches over its pure white skin. It had large floppy ears and a long tail. If it wasn't for its size, it would have passed off as a Dalmation,

"Happy birthday, Jerr."

I squealed when the puppy hopped in my arms.

"It's a girl. We haven't named her since she's your dog. She's a Harlequin Great Dane. She was the last one of the litter." Iris quietly said and I laughed, scratching the puppy behind her ear.

"Thank you guys so much! I love her already!"

The puppy barked happily and went around sniffing everyone. A few of the members petted her but Hidan completely despised her.

"Why in the hell did you get a damn dog? Didn't I just say that we have enough idiots in this house already? Jeez!" He rolled his eyes and stormed out of the room, but nobody cared… Well at least, I sure as hell didn't.

I placed the collar around my new companion and grinned, watching her run around the place, her long tail wagging from side to side as she made herself comfortable in her permanent home.

"PUPPY! PUPPY, PUPPY, PUPPY!" Tobi scooped the dog up into his arms and hugged her to his chest while Zach and Kat both placed a large dog bed in the corner by the front door next adjacent to her food and water bowl.

"Harlequin…" I murmured. She was so beautiful I just had to name her that. Also I favored that name a lot. The character off of batman was named Harlequin as well. The name was perfect.

Iris was lying on the couch and she smiled. "I like that name…very unique." I smiled and nodded, watching as Harlequinn was lying in Itachi's lap and he gently stroked her head.

"Huh, she's already making fast friends already. Let's just hope Hidan will get out of his damn feelings and accept her too."

"That's gonna take a while…" Kat said, while picking up trash around the room. I finally stood up and stretched, walking over to Zach and Iris. I gave them a huge hug, feeling teary-eyed again.

"Thank you so much…this was the best birthday ever. I love you guys…"

After letting them go, I turned around to everyone else and smiled. "I never knew that this day would have been awesome. I'm very happy that I wished you guys here. You don't know how much I appreciate you." I sniffed and quickly wiped a tear from my eye.

"It's going to be hard to see you all go soon…"

It really was. I mean…we were all bonding… At least I thought we were. It didn't matter, I was really having the best times of my life because of them…

"Everybody say Akatsuki!"

Iris quickly pulled out her camera and snapped a photo of all of us. I chuckled when everybody began complaining about them not being ready. I smirked.

Yep, this is one of the best times of my life…

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