Chapter forty six journey's end

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OK this is the final chapter which is just some quick epilogue so what that means is that this chapter is probably going to be rather short.


Makina was now with military officials and debating on what to do now that the threat was resolved.

"It's been three months since Isaac's reappearance and defeat by the Igarashi boy. And in the time between then and now the individual known as Minastuki Takami had been released from prison and given a new identity to conceal the matter, as of now she's staying wih her brother, and the other known as Senji Kiyomasa as awoken from the near death coma like state he was put in by the Wretched egg but has yet to be discharged from the hospital. The question is what do we do from here?" one of the officials said.

Makina was quickly to give a reply.

"That's obvious."


"Of coarse, the simple nest measure or action which ever you'd prefer to call it would be to repairs the damage done."

"Well said." Another official said.

Soon a third one spoke.

"So it's decided."


Ganta was now standing at the ruins of the former themepark like prison known as deadman wonderland.

Because of the Wretched egg going into a rage prior to her final fight with Ganta everything was destroyed or rather everything except for the ferris wheel which regardless that it was still standing it wasn't working anymore.

Ganta then remembered his fight with the Wretched egg and then remembered how he was reunited with Shiro and how Isaac came back even after he was reported to have been killed by Minnastuki.

Soon Ganta heard a voice say his name and spun around to see Shrio.

"Why are you going to do now that that sicko is gone?" the Albino asked.

"I'm not really sure, but for starters I guess I should rebuild the life that I had taken from me due to my being framed for the Nagano mass murder."


Shiro then grew a pained expression of guilt.

Ganta then walk over to and embraced Shiro as he spoke.

"Shiro it's OK, I don't hate you."

"You mean it."

"Yeah I thought I proved that when I kissed you that first time."

At this Shrio's face turned red.

"Th th that w was…gross."

Ganta was now smiling as he responded.

"For somthing that was gross you still did the same to me that other time."

"B but th that was only because you wanted me to."

"Riiight." Ganta said sarcastically.

Soon Ganta kissed Shiro and ran off laughing.

"No fair Ganta you kissed me before I was ready for it."

"Sorry I couldn't resist."Ganta said while laughing.

Soon Shiro was chasing after him as they headed away from the ruins.

cemetery ( eleven years later)

The adult Ganta was now walking to his mothers grave holding he hand of a small Albino girl.

Soon Ganta came upon a grave with the name Sorhe Igarashi and went onto thought.

"Mom regardless of everything that happened all those years age, there's one thing about it I'm glad about, I'm grateful that I met Shrio again and since then I've rebuilt my life with her, I don't know what happened to the others that I met at deadman wonderland, I'm now married to to Shrio, so far we only own a small apartment and we had a…"

Ganta was snapped out of his train of thought when he heard the child speak.

"Daddy, are you OK."

Ganta smiled at the Girl.

"Yeah, I just remembered a few things about your mom and Grandma, anyway we'll go home soon Hallow."

The child named Hallow who was Ganta's daughter quickly responded.

"OK mom should be there when we get back."

After A few minutes Ganta and His daughter Hallow left and were soon headed home.

The end

Well that's the end of the story and to clarify a few things.

Yes Hallow is a child Ganta had with Shiro.

And as for where the others are, well it's safe to assume Senji became a cop again, as for Yo and Minnastuki… I'll leave that to your imagination.

Any way that's the end of the story but for those who are interested there will still be three more chapters talking about the development of the OC's.