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Previously on Ray's Anatomy:

"Hi. My name's Ray Kon, I'm an intern. They told me to look for Doctor Hiwatari."

"Behind you." a husky voice sounded at my back. I felt chills for the proximity of the voice. "Are you done? Or are you going to continue drooling?"

"Good morning, Ray."
"Good morning Doctor Hiwatari."
"You can call me Kai. ... The patients are still asleep. We should leave them rest a little longer."

"What a beautiful anatomy you have Ray."
"Kai, you know that in the hospital we do not tolerate favoritisms, do you remember?"

"What is wrong with you? What do you have against me?"
"If Kai has favoritisms with you, then everyone is going to complain with me, and I don't want any more problems. It will also affect your credibility. Your abilities could be blocked if everyone else thinks you're chosen by feelings and not for what you are capable of. You understood?"
"That happened to you Brooklyn?"
"Yes, I'm sorry for taking this personal."

"I told you he was weird."
"Ray, you really want to be with Dr. Bryan? Remember you will have to spent more than 24 hours with him every three days. You sure about your decision?"
"Not really, I'm not sure, but Dr. Bryan is an excellent doctor and he needs an intern, so I'll be it."

"Ray, what's wrong?"
"Kai, it hurts me to tell you this but, this between us has to stop. It's not right.
"Ray, come on. You have a lot of pressure at the moment, that's all."

"I love you Ray."
"Don't make it more difficult for me Kai, please. I love you too."

"Ray, I'm so sorry. Miguel. What are you doing here?"
"You would know if you had answered any of my calls."
"Hi, I'm Miguel Hiwatari."
"And you must be the one who's been screwing my husband."

I couldn't believe it, I just couldn't. Every person with whom I try to establish a relationship, ends up walking away one way or the other.

When I knew Kai had a husband, I decided to leave the hospital as fast as I could. It was raining but I didn't care. I left the bike parked and just ran aimlessly, letting my feet lead the way.

When I finally stopped, I raised my face to see where I was. I was standing in front of the Mercy Hospital. Since it was Friday, the visiting hours were until 8:00 p.m., I remembered leaving the General Hope around 7:00 p.m., so I should still be in time to go inside. With decision I walked inside and headed to the reception. The same miss, as the last time, was in there.

"You again..." she said with despise, but after looking at my wet face from the rain and tears and because of the fact that my eyes must have been swollen and red, her voice and expression softened. "You are in visiting hours. Who would you like to see?"
"My older brother... Kon." I said with low voice.
"Kon? Let me see..." she stood up and looked to some papers. Then she turned to look at me again. "Lee Kon?" I nodded. "He's in room 2015, doctor." she said smiling tenderly.
"How do you know...?" I looked down and saw I still had my scrubs and lab coat. " Oh..." I tried to smile back but I only managed to make my lips shake and that more tears fell down my cheeks. " Thank you." I told her and walked to the rooms.

People looked at me as I passed by, because I was all wet, crying, and had my scrubs on. I really don't know what others might think, but at that moment I couldn't care less. When I reached room 2015 I knocked on the door and when I got no answer I went inside slowly.

"Lee?" I called him when I saw the room was really dark. Thinking he might be asleep I started to back out, all of the sudden the light on the side table turn on. Lying there is my brother Lee. His name is Lee Wong, really we are half"brothers, but for me he's just my beloved brother.
"Hi Lee!" I greeted him with mix tears of happiness and sadness.
"Hello doctor." he greeted me. "Are you here for more analysis?"
"No Lee... it's me, Ray, your brother.
"Brother? I have a brother?" he turned his head to the side.
"Yes, Lee. I'm your brother.
"Why do you say that doctor? How are you?" he said freaking out.
"Calm down Lee, I'm Ray Kon." He examined me with his eyes. Then he turned to a mirror that was in the room. We only share father, but we look alike. The same golden eye color. The same black hair and tan skin. The greatest difference between us are our noses. Mine is just as my mother's, very fine and delicate, and Lee's is just as our father's.
"We do look alike." Lee said with trembling voice.
"How come I don't remember my own brother?" he yelled taking his hands to his head. I approached him and hugged him, that calm him a little.
"Lee, you had an accident, you hit your head really hard and that caused you brain damage, in the memory, on the temporal lobe.
"What happened?" his eyes were shinning, clearly worried. I sighted.
"We had just arrived to the city and rent an apartment. To celebrate you wanted us to go to a restaurant, and to celebrate too our start as interns. It was raining, but we still got on the car and headed to the restaurant."
"Was I driving Ray?
"Yes..., a car skidded near us and was heading to my door. You freaked out, and trying to avoid it you turned the steering wheel and we saved from that crash, but... our car hit a lamp post. The window on your side broke and you hit your head. You fell unconscious and I took you to the hospital, they has to take you to surgery... you had internal hemorrhage. They were able to treat you, but your memory was seriously damaged."
"Did something happen to you?
"I only hurt my neck, no big deal.
"How long ago?
"About two months ago." We remained silent for a long time. Lee looked ar me the whole time. Until he spoke again.
"Who are you?" he asked sweetly.
"Oh, Lee." I took his hand and caressed his cheek. He just observed me speechless. The door opened and a nurse came in.
"I'm sorry the visiting hours are over." she said.
"Yes, ok course." I answered. "Lee I have to go." I looked at him tenderly.
"Ok, doctor. Good"bye." he said smiling.

I left the hospital and it had stopped raining, but my clothes were still damp. I had to go back to the Hope General for the bike, but I was in no mood to see Kai. Even though I started walking to the hospital. When I was mid way, the rain began again. A light blue truck stopped besides me. The driver lowered the window. It was Max.

"Hi Ray. I don't think you wanna head home in your bike with this rain, do you?" he asked worried.
"No." I answered coldly.
"I can give you a ride, if you want." he said with a wide smile.
"Thank you, but I don't want to bother you." I said ashamed of my rudeness.
"No problem."

He opened the door and I got in. I told him where I live and it seemed he knew the place, even though he was surprised when I told him. We arrived to the building and Max got in the parking lot just like that, like he knew it. He parked and we went to my apartment. I invited him in. I changed my wet clothes while Max waited in the living room. Then, we began talking.

"Nice apartment Ray." he told me looking around.
"Thank you."
"Someone else lives here?"
"He should... but no." I sighted and looked how Max was staring at me. "Do you remember the tenth intern?"
"He should be the one living here too. He's my brother, but he's... away."
"Oh wow, then, he's on a trip?"

We kept talking for a while. About our residents, our hard times as interns, of the other interns, of the bosses... When we were talking about Kai, I got a little nervous.

"Max... I really like you, do you like me?"
"A lot." he smiled.
"Then, we are friends, right?"
"Of course! Don't doubt it."
"Good, I need to talk to someone and I believe you are the only person with whom I can do it."
"Tell me."
"Kai, I mean... doctor Hiwatari, the first day I met him I couldn't help... mmmhh... drool for him" I blushed when remembering."And he acted coldly towards me, but the next day, when we went to rounds, he kissed me in the elevator." I looked at Max, he was watching me with interest, without judging me or getting upset. "After, in the welcome party, he kissed me again and told me I was cute. I tried not to continue further, following Brooklyn's advice, but I couldn't help it. I felt in love with Kai. One morning... " I blushed again. "We gave ourselves to one another."
"Whoa..." Max was really surprised. "That's why you had trouble?"
"No, you are the first one to know... oh well... yes, with Bryan I had trouble for being late that day. But Brooklyn only saw us kissing, and when we had supposedly broke up, Ozuma saw us kissing too and told Brooklyn."
"Oh, wow..." Max looked at me sweetly. "But why are you so sad?"
"Because today I found out that Kai... that Kai is married."
"Yes, to the new doctor... Miguel."
"Miguel Lavalier.
"Yeah, Miguel Lavalier-Hiwatari."
"Wow Ray, I'm sorry." he hugged me strongly, I couldn't help it and tears began falling from my eyes like a waterfall. Max tightened the hug and caressed my hair. When I finally calm down, I thank him and he told me my secret was save with him. We parted and I asked Max how he knew the building.
"I live on the next floor, right above you." he said smiling.
"It's good to have a friend so close." I told him returning the smile.
"I'm amazed we haven't seen each other before. 'Night Ray."
"I know, 'night Max."
"I take you tomorrow, see you at 3:30 in the car."

Even though I was feeling really sad for what happened with Kai, being able to talk to Max and let out everything, really calmed me. I was feeling better.