Title: Better the Enemy You Know.

Written for: July Drabble War, to be posted during the 13th – 16th July 2012.

Written By: Nicia

Rating: M

Prompt used: Originally they put on a prompt restriction and the fic had to somehow involve the prompt 'freedom'. The prompt restriction was lifted, but since I'd already written most of this I stuck with it.

Summary: All Human! Trapped in a world that only sees her as a ready and willing body, Rose yearns for an escape. In a game of draw poker it seems that her dream might become reality. But she's fighting against another opponent. For Rose, winning ensures her freedom, but for Adrian it means his life. In the end, whose dream will be fulfilled? Would life with Dimitri really be the salvation she's been hoping for?

A.N. This is a drabble, so each chapter is as close to 100 words as I could get it. A few are a little bit over. In order to shorten the story so you aren't bombarded with tons of notifications, I'm putting two chapters in each update.

Warning: This fic features dark themes such as, prostitution, gambling, dub/con between both men and women, sexual and emotional abuse, human trafficking and also mentions of both slash and hetero sex. Anyone who's sensitive to those issues or ones associated with those should probably steer clear.

For those of you who do read, I hope that you enjoy the ride.

Huge thanks to Lissa Masen Cullen, laineylane03, cloemarrie, LanaW.81 and Little-Angry-Kitten for pre-reading this drabble. Your input and support is greatly appreciated! :) Lissa, thank you also for the great teaser banner. :)

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It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you. ~Author unknown, sometimes attributed to M. Grundler

Chapter One.

Rose POV.

It's cold.

That's all I have time to register before he grips my ponytail, wrapping my hair around his fist so that he can twist and jerk my head around with ease.

I cry out at the sharp, blinding pain that explodes where the roots are yanked tight, but the sound is choked off almost immediately when he pushes himself into my mouth.

I gag, and that earns me another sharp tug to the hair.

"Behave," his voice is a grunt and makes me shudder. "You know that I need to ensure all of my equipment is in good working order before a sale."

Chapter Two.

Adrian POV.

"Get up." He's angry.

I struggle to see through my swollen eyes, a grimace working its way across my lips as pain radiates throughout my tender body.

He really did a good number on me this time.

My face is sore, as are the palms of my hands, the soles of my feet. The muscles in my legs and chest feel tender; bruised.

I succeed in opening my eyes, and instinctively close them as the harsh, bright light stings like a fresh wound.

Then, like I'm expected, I suck it up and slowly push myself to my feet.

"Yes, sir?"

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