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Chapter 6

I briskly walked towards them, jogging on the spot every few minutes to attempt warming myself up, not that it helped much.

Once inside, I finally allowed myself to relax inside the caves. There was no wind or rain. Or badgering parents. There was only golden-red earth with words carved into the hard walls.

Quil + Claire 4ever

Jacob was here

S+H 1989

I had always loved the idea of carving my own name and leaving messages for others to find and to keep memories for myself.

I knelt down quickly and grabbed a seashell, avoiding getting my jeans getting dirty and covered in wet sand and began carving my name onto a blank patch of earth on the walls of the cave.


Edward what?

I had no idea what else to write. I thought on it for a second and came up with nothing original that would mean something in the years to come.

-was here.

I sighed, carved the two short words after my name, deciding to leave the cliché mark of my being there for other to see.