"Um hello anyone home?" Tai Lung shouted as he entered the palace grounds.

Shifu awakened from the familiar voice of his son. "Tai Lung..it can't be." He ran out to the training yard and saw before him his son. "I've return master and I mean no harm to you or your students." He saw Tigress hop off his back looking exhausted. "What happened to tigress were has she been?" Shifu asked.

"I saved her from a bull that wanted to do away with her but i got to them before he could do anything serious." Tai lung answered.

"Is this true Tigress?" She looked at her master and nodded in agreement. "Okay then you both may return to your rooms, but Tai lung tomorrow is judgement day."

He bowed and both went to the bunk house together she didn't speak to him didn't look at him, but when they got to their rooms she spoke "Thank you for helping me again, you have a busy day tomorrow so you should get some rest." But right after went into their rooms Po was creeping up the wall to his bedroom breaking the floor once again before going to his room.

A small thud woke Tai Lung only to be Shifu "Shh don't wake the others you have to come with me before the others so i can tell you what you'll be learning."

They two Kung fu masters walked to The Hall of Warriors before the bell rang. Tai Lung broke the ice between them "So what did you want to tell me Master?" Shifu sighed and looked up at his son. "It's good to have you back but don't think you'll be getting special treatment just because your new and one more thing it won't be easy gaining the villagers or the masters trust so please don't get angry for any reason no one is perfect promise me no anger issues."

Tai Lung sighed "I promise as long as the five or the dragon warrior is with me i can do it." Shifu smiled and turned to look at the sun rising.

DONG,DONG "Good Morning Master." The five said together after Po came out landing on the floor. "Good morning Master." Shifu chuckled and motioned them all to follow him to the kitchen. They all gasped in horror except for Tigress "Hello everyone I'm back and I have a lot of explaining to do, don't I?" Tigress only sighed and told him "You sure do."