Had this for abit 1:30 now and i'm just starting on 2nd chapter it all needs alot of work and any critisism and help would be wonderful its McDanno AU High School and based on a cinderella story

chapter 2 will be finished soon and with hope posted tommorrow

Chapter one


Screen name: Jersey Boy 4ever

Pass word: *********

Welcome Jersey Boy 4ever

As Danny typed in all of the login information and waited for the home screen to come to life. He fidgeted. It was like a nervous tick he couldn't help it he was excited to see if he had any replies.

[You Have Mail] - 1 new message [open e-mail]

Danny was very happy he clicked on the open button and there it was. It was from his secret pen pal. Capt'n 50.

No-one knew about him why should they it was private.

Him and Cyberspace

He read the message and smiled. He couldn't believe it. He sat at his computer thinking. How could he reply to that?

Dear Jersey boy4ever,

I want us to finally meet x

Capt'n 50

He was pulled from his daze by the posh voice of his step mother walking into his bedroom, without knocking of course. He quickly minimized his browsing and turned to face her.

"Ah, Daniel there you are. Stop playing on that silly thing before i take it away from you, i need you to do some chores while you're sisters and i go out. They need to be completed before we get back we have company coming, so be on your best behaviour and get everything done okay, okay here you go." She handed him a list as long as his baseball bat.

He stared in horror. "We'll be back in about 3 hours so you better get started now". How was he going to pull this off? He huffed back onto his bed after his she left the room and wondered how this had become his life.

It all began 7 years ago, when his heartbroken father bumped into, quite literally, the woman that would become Danny's worst nightmare.


See Danny's mother had died 3 years prior. Danny and his Dad were broken. It was just them against the world. They battled their grief together like a coping family. They struggled to pay bills, their house had to be sold they couldn't keep it 'Too many memories' his Dad had said and they couldn't keep up with the mortgage. So they moved to an apartment in the city. By this time Danny was only 6 years old. He was too young to understand what all the death meant but he knew that his mommy was never going to tuck him in his bed or read him his story. That was up to his dad now, but he was a mess. Danny really had to grow up a lot he was keeping himself occupied at home alone while his dad went for double shifts to get extra money. They were desperate, their rent was due and they were close to being evicted again. Danny could hear his father at night crying in his bed or even praying that a miracle would come and change their luck for the better.

It was if by fate that Victoria Diamond, millionaire heiress, came into his father's life.

They married in a big fancy church with all of her relatives on one side which included her two spoilt twin daughters Abigail and Bridget Diamond, and the Williams family on the other, well what was left of them any way.

Now that they were married everything was going well they moved from their dingy apartment in New Jersey and settled into a posh house in Hawaii, Oahu.

Danny didn't like it here it was too hot 'Just give it a chance you might be surprised' is what his dad had said to him countless times, he was starting to wonder where his dad got all his lines.

Until fate intervened on a different course

Heart attack

The funeral was held 2 days later. And Daniel Williams was alone.

It was him against the world from then on. But because he was only 7 years old at that time he was stuck, with Victoria Diamond' Williams, Abigail and Bridget Diamond AKA Danny's step family from hell.

He was their own personal slave he had to do everything and anything for them he couldn't get out he had nowhere to go.

He prayed that one day he would get his miracle and be free.


2 1/2 hours later Danny collapsed onto the couch

He completed every stupid task on that list including giving Bridget's cat a bath which was easier said than done he'd got the scratches to prove it.

His step family were back exactly 3 hours later just as Victoria had said. He got no recognition for what he got done.

He was sent back to work. He had to prepare 'food' for the 'guests' and he was not allowed to 'fucking burn it like the last time' as his step mother would remind him over and over like a broken record.

Apparently they were having a party the whole neighbourhood was going to be here including all the kids from kukui high school.

Not his friends no because he didn't have any. It isn't like he didn't want friends he just didn't know how to make them.

Losing both his parents at a young age made it pretty difficult who would want to play with the orphan.

Danny was perfectly content with his life at the moment he had his online romance and his space that's all he needed.

He got everything prepared and ready by the time the early people started arriving

He wondered if his 'friend' was going to show up tonight. They both went to the same school he wanted to meet, he really did but what would they really like him in real life as opposed to behind a computer.

The party was underway Victoria was somewhere he didn't really care.

He walked out off the kitchen holding a tray of crab puffs when he smacked right into 'him'.

The one guy everyone wanted to either 'be' or 'be with'

Steve McGarrett Captain of the school football team most popular guy in school

AKA Danny Williams' crush

End of chapter one