ok this is chapter 4 kind of i have this disease called CBAWB (Can't be A****d wirters block) didn't even think i was gonna get this out today but i did but i will update when i can this is the shortest chapter you will get sorry for the long break

Chapter 4

When Danny finally convinced Steve that he needed to go home after school, he wished he never would have. Somehow Danny thought this happily ever after just got a twist

"Daniel do you remember a conversation we had the other day about Steve McGarret, when i told you to stay away from him. Because i got a call today saying that you made out with him in the school cafeteria, in front of the entire student body. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!" Victoria screamed.

"He made out with me too, and i liked it, big deal. I'm going to my room. Excuse me". Danny walked past her and made his way upstairs. But someone grabbed him before he could make it halfway, and dragged him roughly through the house and into the basement.

"you want to act like Cinderella go live like her, you are not going back to that school, no more computer, you will have chores and you will sleep down here until you die so get comfy".

"YOU CAN'T KEEP ME DOWN HERE LIKE AN ANIMAL" he shouted up the stairs but it was not worth the sore thought she was long gone. He had to sit in here and get comfy. Well at least there was a window to look out of and wallow in self pity. He couldn't go to school that meant no seeing Steve. And he couldn't even use the computer to explain. Great he was going to leave before it began.


Steve went to school happy, he had a boyfriend sort of, were they boyfriends, they didn't really get a chance to talk. Each time either one came up for air to say something the other would stick their tongue back in. Steve would talk to Danny today and get it cleared up so that he could introduce him as his boyfriend and walk down the hall with Danny hand in hand. When he got out of his can and made it to the front of the school some of his friends were around so he went to greet them. He wasn't really listening to one of his friends from the football team was talking about, because he was too busy looking for a blonde bundle of hair. When he didn't spot him right away he got worried maybe he'd see him a lunch, or he was just late.


Life really sucked at the moment for Danny he missed Steve and it had only been a day. He wondered if Steve would miss him. He wondered if anyone would come save him, would Victoria have a change of heart and let him leave. Doubtful he was on his own.