Star Trek: Khitomer

Chapter 1: Ritual Hunt

The 24th Century

Year: 2346

Location: Qo'noS

It was a beautiful day. A great day to die, if the need did arise. Even if death came from an attack during the ritual Hunt. Two members of the family of Mogh set out in the fields with weapon in hand. Mogh's mate was carrying a young son, an infant Klingon, in her arms. Mogh and his oldest son, a boy named Worf, after his grandfather Colonel Worf set out into the fields to hunt their game. The boy was only about 6 Earth years old. His father had taught him to use a bathleth, the Klingon weapon of choice in battle. The weapon itself was approx. 18 inches long and too heavy for Worf. As the pair got close the game they waited for the wind to shift and smell the scent, young Worf ran after it and grabbed it with his bare arms. His father cried, "No, son!" The beast was able to break free and attack the boy on the arm. To reduce further injury, Mogh killed the beast with his d'k'tahg. The father rushed his son into the infirmary and the doctors worked quickly to stop the bleeding. "We'll take him from here, Councillor," said the Klingon doctor. L'Kor, a friend of the House of Mogh, came to him, "Brother, I hope your son is well." Mogh answered, "He will be fine. Thank, L'Kor for your help." An hour later, Worf was released and he hugged his father, Mogh, said to his father, "I'm sorry, Father. I thought I could do it by myself. I've failed you." His father knelt down, "No, son. You did not fail me. You will learn and continue to grow, become a better hunter and warrior, through mistakes and successes. I'm glad you were not hurt more already. Let's go home." Mogh relieved his mate as she looked upon the boy's injury. A few hours later, there was a knock on the door. Mogh opened it to a messenger. "Councilor Mogh?" "Yes. What is it?" "A letter for you, from the Emperor. It's urgent" Mogh looked at the Klingon writing. Looked up at the messenger and put his fist to his chest and said, "Thank you. 'Kapla.'" His wife looked at him, "What is it?" Mogh looked at his wife, "The Emperor wants to see me. For renewal of the peace with the Federation."