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Chapter 7:

The U.S.S. Intrepid Comes to the Rescue

A few light-years out and awaiting orders from Starfleet Command, an ensign signals the captain, "Captain, we're receiving a distress call." The captain,

named Drew Deighan, looked at him, "From where?" The ensign replied, "From the Khitomer outpost, in Klingon space." "Klingons?" "Yes, Captain.

Orders?" The captain rose from his chair and approached the conn, "On speakers." The ensign obeyed. The distress call was heard: This is the Klingon

outpost near Khitomer, we've been attacked and need immediate assistance. Repeat, we need medical personnel and supplies. Glory to the Empire."

The captain asked, "Are we able to answer?" The conn officer answers, "Negative. We're not in range." The captain spoke and asked, "How long til we're in range?"

"Approximately 3 hours." "Go to warp 9". The con officer acknowledged and entered the coordinates into the navigation and engaged on Captain

Deighan's command. After some time, tactical officer Shaver got the captain's attention, "Approaching Khitomer Outpost, or what's left it, sir." Drew

Deighan answered, "On screen". The tactical officer obeyed. "Are there any other vessels in the region?" Shaver answered, "Negative. Not even

Romulan ships."

"Open hailing frequencies". "Open". Drew turned to the viewscreen, "To anyone listening, this is Captain Deighan of the USS Intrepid. We are here to

render aid."

A Klingon answered, "Intrepid, thank the Emperor. We have many dead warriors. Many fought honorably." Deighan, "I understand. We'll bring a team

as soon as possible. Intrepid out." Tapping his communications badge, he contacted, "Bridge to transporter room." "Rohzenko here, sir." "Sergey, with

your experience in crisis management, take a team with you and ascertain the damage. I'll want a report in 1 hour" "Acknowledged, sir. Rohzenko out."

Deighan turned to his tactical officer, "Mr. Shaver, tell the officers on the outpost that a team is on its way." "Aye, sir."