Hey guys, quick idea for a twoshot I got while watching OUaT. Red Swan Fic, what would have happened if Emma ate that turnover. Slightly au for before that. Don't forget to review.

I've taken down the poll because ive decided I'll do the combination of a sequel to Angel and the house/oc crossover.

Despite the fact that she was working in six inch heels, moving back and forth between the dining room and the kitchen, Ruby had a smile on her face. The brunette was happy. Less than four hours ago, she'd seen her girlfriend's waking face and kissed those lips that were so appealing to her. In an hour, she'd take lunch over to her house or to the sheriff's office for them to share. She was finally happy in this small town.

Granny smiled to herself, loving the change that had come over the girl since she'd started dating Emma. Before the new sheriff had arrived, Ruby had been self-destructive and angry, always yelling. But after she'd worked for the sheriff during the whole Nolan disappearance case, she'd come back glowing and happy. Now the two of them were spending every non-working moment together. She knew they were in love, even if the two of them hadn't said the words.

A smile broke out on her face as Ruby started humming a song as she moved from table to table. Looking at the clock, Granny went into the kitchen to pack some lunch for the two of them. She'd just put it in a basket for Ruby when she heard something smash. Out in the dining room, the brunette was looking up at the TV, her normally stoic face ashen and tears leaking out from her eyes.

"Sheriff Swan was rushed to hospital today, after being found unconscious on her kitchen floor." The anchor was repeating, "Doctors had no comment on the cause."
Granny wrapped her arms around the girl, before she could slump to the floor. The brunette girl couldn't believe this had happened. This morning Emma had seemed fine, her cheeks blushing red as she woke up to find her girlfriend had been staring at her as she slept. She'd seemed fine when they'd taken the shower together, before Ruby hurried off to work and Emma went to bitch at Regina. Again.

"Come on, Ruby." The elderly woman tried to coax some life back into her granddaughter. "We'll go now and visit her in the hospital, come on." She looked around the half full diner, "I'm sure Archie won't mind looking after the diner for us, wouldn't you?" That last comment was directed at the psychiatrist sitting in one of the corner booths.

"Hmm," the absent minded psychologist looked up at the sound of his name. "Oh, yeah, sure." He went back to eating his apple pie. The elderly lady took her granddaughter by the shoulder, both physically and emotionally supporting the shaking brunette.

The car ride to the hospital took too long for Ruby's comfort. Even though she knew that her presence would have no impact, emotionally she had to be there, for support and to prove to herself that she was there and this wasn't her fault. Granny reached over and squeezed her shoulder, to which the brunette shot a small smile.

Mary Margaret met them in the lobby, Henry was with her too. The black haired woman wrapped her arms around the taller girl the moment she saw her. "Are you ok, honey?"

Ruby just nodded in response, afraid that any speech on her part would break the dam holding back the tears. She buried her head into Mary's shoulder as a couple of tears leaked out, despite her best efforts. "Please, where is she?" she whispered, "I need to see her, please."

The black haired woman pulled back and stared into Ruby's eyes, then nodded at what she saw. "Ok, follow me." She grabbed the girl's hand, and led her to a room on the second floor, Henry tagging along behind them.

Dr. Whale was in Emma's room as the trio entered. He nodded to them absently as his hands checked her vitals. Emma looked peaceful, almost serene and untouched. The heart monitor showed she was alive, the only thing convincing Ruby that she wasn't dead, because the blonde's chest wasn't moving. She sat in the chair, just staring at the inert body of the lover she had kissed upon awaking less than four hours ago.

"What's wrong with her?" Mary Margaret directed the question at Dr. Whale.

He shook his head, looking baffled, "I don't know. She's not breathing, but for some unknown reason, she's still alive. There is absolutely no explanation for it." He wrote something on her chart and left the room.

"What happened?" was whispered by Ruby, "She was fine when I left, so what changed?"

Mary Margaret shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know. I was upstairs when I heard something big hit the ground, and I came downstairs to find her unconscious on the floor. Henry was with her though." Both women turned to look at the boy.

"She was going to leave." He looked anywhere but at Ruby. "She went to see Regina and when she came back, she was going to leave." A tear ran down the brunette's face. "I'm sure she would have asked you to go with her." He whispered. "Anyway, she ate an apple tart and then she collapsed." His eyes widened as he realised what he said.

The young boy rummaged through his bag, searching for and grabbing his fairy tale book. "It's just like what happened to Snow White. Look." Henry presented them with the page about evil queen poisoning Snow White with an apple. "She was eating an apple tart from mum."

"Henry, this isn't one of your stories." An edge had crept into Mary Margaret's voice. "Emma's lying in a hospital bed, for god knows why…"

"How was it fixed it the story?" The quiet voice of Ruby reminded them that she was there. Her red ringed eyes and tear-streaked face looking expectantly at Henry.

"True love's kiss." Mary looked between both Henry and Ruby, trying to decide which of them was more crazy. Why would they discuss something like this as if it would actually help?

For Ruby, some inner sense was telling her to listen to the boy. In her head she knew that it was irrelevant, but her heart was telling her that this was important. She looked down at the inanimate body lying next to her and made her mind up. "I'll do it." If she said it out loud, it would have been in the barest whisper.

The brunette moved and stood as close to the hospital bed as she could. A trembling hand went to Emma's face and brushed an errant hair away from her eyes. "I love you, Emma Swan." And with that statement she, very gently, touched her lips to those of the blonde.

The kiss seemed to have an electrifying tingle to it. It spread outward from the point their lips touched, through their bodies, before seemingly being ejected, sweeping outwards. Ruby gasped into the kiss and broke off, memories of her previous life running through her head. And then she heard the whisper, "I love you, too, Rubes."

The brunette didn't have an answer, she just leant down and recaptured Emma's lips with her own. Several tears were running down her face, dripping gently onto the other girls face, the kiss slowly building up, releasing all of her pent-up emotions into it, until it threatened to boil over into much more.

A cleared throat behind her reminded them that they weren't alone and Ruby broke off the kiss, blushing at how close she'd come to feeling up the blonde in the hospital bed. The girl in question struggled up to a sitting position. "I don't mean to interrupt this moment between you girls, but that is my daughter you're snogging there, Red."

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