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When I'm Sixty-Four

"And how is my wife today?" said Willow from the doorway. Tara glanced blearily up at her, one hand scrambling for her glasses. When she put them on, she saw Willow. Slightly wrinkled, greyer than she would like to admit and holding a tray of what smelled like the most delicious toast ever.

"Embarrassed" she said quietly as Willow placed the tray over her knees and sat next to her on the bed. "I can't believe I fainted"

"Hey. It's OK." Willow started comfortingly. "You're an older lady now-"

"Thanks" Tara interjected dryly.

"-and that means your allowed to faint once in a while. They were all really worried about you. Dawn looked ready to cry" Willow continued, a little more sternly, though that faded in to a warm smile.

"I suppose" Tara said uncertainly, taking a bite of her toast and smiling appreciatively. "This is the best thing you have ever cooked me"

"Which really says something about my cooking" Willow replied jokingly. Tara smiled and hugged her.

"How was everyone else?" she asked, taking another big, appreciative bite of her toast.

"Buffy and Faith were searching for the demon that obviously did it. Xander was making jokes and generally doing that mood lightening thing he does so well. He was worried though. Anya took their kids home, but told me to make sure you stayed OK" Willow said, ticking them off on her fingers, her tongue sticking cutely from the corner of her mouth. "Fred and Wesley looked you over. Angel and Gunn distracted the other kids with some story they probably should have heard and Cordelia got lots of coffee. I mean, lots"

"And you?" Tara asked.

"I may have had a slight nervous breakdown. But, it was only slight and I otherwise kept control of the situation" Willow said.

"That is good to know" Tara said, smiling.

"The doctor said he can't tell what it is, and that I should call him when you wake up" Willow continued. "Which I suppose is right now"

"I think we'll give it a while. I just want to snuggle" Tara said. Willow smiled mischievously at her in response.

"That reminds me, we have someone who's worried" she said as a small bundle of energy burst into the room.

"Hey, if it isn't my favourite grandchild!" Tara cried happily as the little boy leapt on to the bed, Willow quickly saving the tray from flying everywhere. "Hey Georgie"

"Hi mummum" he said. "Just wanted to make sure you're OK?"

"I'm fine. Just a little tired" she said, smiling at him. "Pauline downstairs then?"

"Yeah. She was very worried. Brian called as well, but he's out in Tokyo on business so he can't be here" Willow said. Tara sighed with fake exasperation.

"What's the point in having kids if they can't turn up at a moments notice to care for their ailing mother?" she asked rhetorically. Willow smiled at her.

"That is a very good question" she said, leaning forward, lips puckered expectantly. Their lips drew closer, and closer, until they were just about to touch...

In two separate places, in two half empty beds, a redhead and a blonde awoke, the faint brush of a kiss on their lips.

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