This is my first story that I actually will publish, and also first Fanfic. My OC is included here. Please enjoy ^^.

A Lenore FanFic/ OC ~Ragamuffin xSapphire~

Chapter 1, The Dream

Sapphire POV

Today was a too much of a nice day to stay inside the house, so I've decided to go out for once. "Mom! I'm going out!" I yelled as I put on my black laced/ruffled skirt, knee high boots, and a laced tank top with some bracelets, a choker and my pentagram necklace. I've always been…evil.

"To where?" My 30 year old mother asked me.

Yes I know what you're thinking, 30? There was a long story of my birth and of her life, but let's not go "there".

"I don't know, probably to Jae's to ask if she's busy and go get some coffee." I replied.

"Alright, just be careful, I don't want my daughter being snatched up by a pervert."

"Ugh I know mom! I'm 16 years old, I can handle things." My mom can be too protective.

"Just making sure, alright then see ya later."


Opening the door I took my small hand like bag with my phone and money in it. Leaving, I called a taxi. As one pulled up, my day began.

"Where to miss?" The checkered shirted driver asked.

"To 6428 Siverra Ave." I answered.

We drove off. I dose off in cars, looking out the window and watching the world play its role. Until something caught my eye, that mansion. It looked old, and abandoned. I wondered if it was still "livable", from there we arrived at my destination. Getting out of the car, I paid him the right amount of money and began walking to Jae's door as he left. Ding dong, I rang the doorbell. Humph… can't door bells have a different tune once in a while?


Oh, Jae was at the door…

"Ah Sapphire! You must have blacked out again? Haha." Jae giggled.

"Aha, yes I did it again, hey are you busy, maybe we can get some coffee or lunch."

"That sounds great, it's about time you get out Sapphire, and you need the sunlight."

No, I hate sunlight or even imitation light.

"Haha, I know, I'm just so bored at home and it's so hot out, it's a perfect day to go out." I exclaimed.

"Heh, well wait one moment, I gotta get my purse."

3 Minutes later….

"Ok so where to?" Jae closed the door behind her.

"I'm not sure, how about somewhere to eat, like In 'n Out Burger?"

"Oh sounds good let's go."

We started walking north and I started thinking, Where were Jae's parents? Then I asked her.

"Hey were your mom and dad home?"

"No, there on vacation and you what that means?" She stopped walking and stared at me.

"Um parties?"

"Oh yes Sapphire, yes yes, we can do whatever we want!" She yelled as she swung her arms in the air.

"You mean "you" can do whatever "you" want." I sighed.

"Aw don't be so down Sapphie, you should convince your mom to go somewhere." Jae smiled crookedly.

That's not a bad idea, not at all. I thought and smiled.

"Once I get home I'll try." I began walking again.

"Yay." Lilly followed.

10 minutes later we have arrived at In 'n Out and walked past by its glass door. An hour passed and we make our leave. It is 4:00 P.m. and we head for the mall.

"So Sapphire, how's it going?" Jae asked as we walked into Tilliy's.

"Sigh* good I guess." I wasn't sure what to say. I have been in the house all day and every day I have no clue how I've been.

"Welcome to Tilly's ladies." I snapped out of my thoughts when an employee (an 18 year old teen) had greeted us. "If you guys need anything let me know."

"Oh thank you we'll be fine." Jae replied to the nice looking Goth boy. Oh man…

We exited the mall after 2 hours and decided to walk around.

"So do you think your mom will take a vacation?" Lilly asked.

"Man I hope so. Hey have you seen that creepy looking mansion?" I asked pointing to the direction of where it is, "That's down town?"

Lilly looked at me and laughed, "That old house? Yeah I know some legends and secrets about it, why? You interested?" She smirked.

"I am. I wanna know if someone lives there."

"Hm, yeah I wonder too." I paused.

"Wait, didn't you just say you knew things?" I turned to her.

"Oh I do, just the things that I do know, it happened along time ago, like long long ago, 100 years maybe."

"Oh I see." Damn it.

"Well I'll be heading home, are you ok walking home at 7:00?"

"Yea I'll be ok, see ya later!" I called as I walked the opposite direction.

"See ya!"

Its dark, really dark, maybe I should've stayed with Jae, crap. I'm only 1 mile away from my house, and I stare into the sky. The stars are lovely, reminds me of my dreams, being free. Soon, I seemed to be past my house and into a dead end of bushes. I looked around, and noticed. Poo. Once I turned back, the bushes rustled. What the fuck was that? I turned quickly with a thumping heart and saw red eyes beaming at me. I ran without a thought, threw my door open, thrust myself inside, and slammed the door closed, gasping.

"Sapphire, is that you?" My mom was calling out from upstairs. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine mom, just saw a little kitten get run over." That was the most stupidest excuse I ever made.

"Alright sweetie, I'm going to bed so don't be loud."

"Ok, night." I said walking upstairs, into my room, closed the door, and plopped on my bed. Another day, another night. With that, I put my shorts and tank tops on and went to bed.

I awoke in a dark and snowy forest, the stars are out, and there beautiful as always. I walk along the stream I see near two tall white fluffy trees. I stop to see a figure coming towered me. It was a boy. And he had red eyes. He was gorgeous and very pale like the snow. "My darling, I found you atlas." He stroked my cheek.

I stared into his eyes, and he held my head with both of his hands, lips are a half an inch away from mine, "I love you." He says and kisses me gently.

I wrapped my arms around his torso and closed my eyes. I enjoyed his presence; it made me feel like I was truly loved. His hands shifted to the back of my head, scrunching my hair, he lifted his lips and slid them down my cheek and onto my neck, licking my collarbone. I moaned and with my left hand stroked his hair. I was happy, I felt safe. He continued to kiss my neck until I felt a certain kind of pain. He was biting me. My eyes went wide as my hands squeezed him, almost tearing his skin underneath the suit. I groaned in pain and confusion. He soon lifted his head and looked at me, licking my blood off his lips, and I saw fangs, his fangs. Then he smiled and stroked my bangs "I love you." He said when the snow fall began to storm. Everything went to a blur. What?