~~Yugi: Well Pony, this is your 1st time doing an OC X Hetalia character.

~~~Atem nods.

~~~Both Kid Flash and Jinx are just eating chips ready to read Pony's brand new story….

~~Pony: Mmm, but nobody's payin' of like, any attention….. *sigh* No 1 ever pays any attention to my stories… _-_


Ch. 1: On Deck


It was a beautiful summer morning out at sea. Both above & below the surface water line was calm. People; namely seamen and such, all say watermaids, were real. They say that if you grant 1 wish from the watermaid, then she'll grant you a wish. Pretty much, it was a fair wish trade. Though, many have tried to seek them out & fail. But, for the 1's that did find them & take them, they're worth 1,000,000's. Because of all this, the watermaids have all agreed to never go up to the surface again.

So, back to the point. There was, 2 watermaids that loved to go to the surface. The girls; their wishes could only be acomplished by humans. And only humans can do just that.


There's 2 small girls in the water. 1 of them was dark brunette who had her short hair in a ponytail. Her bangs were covering her left eye, at the end of her bangs & ponytail, was the color of aqua blueish green & throughout her hair, are streaks of the same color. She had aqua blue eyes with hints of pink like hues. Her skin was so light, it was like a very, very pale sun.

The girl that was beside her had a light sun kissed tone on. Her eyes were aqua green with hints of amethyst like hues. Her waist long light blonde hair was in a side ponytail, with crimson streaks in it & her bangs were covering her right eye. They were both 18 years old & they were looking at the clouds, just sittin' on some off shore rocks.

The dark brunette looked over to her BFF, "Uhhm, Summer?"

"Ya Natsu?" replied the blonde.

"Do you see what I see? A ship over there?" Nastu pointed near the island's shoreline.

Summer looked to where her dear sister like friend was pointing at, "Huh. You're right Natsu. Let's go check it," Summer said excited, already under the surface swimming to the ship. Natsu only smiled after her friend as she swam to catch up with her.


*On Board*

The pirate, Captain Arthur Kirkland was walking around on deck barking orders at his crew. After a while, the captain went to the side of the his ship. He stared out towards the sea, thinking about all his treasures & pillages. He then looked down at the crystal clear waters below him. Kirkland then noticed some ripples a little to his left.

He saw something glitter in the water. When he looked closer, he saw a silhouette of a girl. But he then saw another 1 coming up from behind her. He was about to call out "Girls overboard!" when he saw what was glittering; his eyes widen.


~~Pony: *sighs a relief* uugggh

~~Yugi: ? What's wrong?

~~Pony: Ohhh nun', just really am tired of messin' 'round myh room. Damn messy room….

~~~Atem just looked at everybody then decides 2 go get something to eat at McDonald's…

~Both Pony & Yugi: WAIT FOR ME!