Spike slowly opened his eyes to a bright ray of light that shine through the window, he shifted his field of vision beside him and saw the mare of his life, he couldn't help but let out a smile.

Spike carefully got out of bed and walk to the open window, "Man, another great night!" He said after a yawn.

Spike walk to the bathroom to take a quick shower, after the shower he dry himself and he climbed down the stairs and made way for the kitchen to make Applejack and her family breakfast.

He entered the kitchen and pulled out the usual supplies to make a apple foods for breakfast.

Spike was losing awareness of the house around him, and didn't notice the young filly walk in. Applebloom saw Spike working steadily on cooking. She walked up next to Spike and set her hooves up on the counter, "Morning Spike!"

Spike snapped out of his concentration while he was cutting up an apple in top speed with his dragon claws, "Morning Apple Bloom, need help with anything?"

"Na... I just wanted to watch you cook...!" Applebloom said as she switched her eye contact to the counter top where Spike was cutting up apples.

Spike returned to cutting up the apples, "Well... alright just don't surprise me again like that!" He said while chuckled.

After a while Spike was finishing preparing the breakfast and Applebloom spoke again.

"So... how things with my sister?" Applebloom said with a light tone on her voice.

Spike didn't stop making breakfast but answered, "Things are great... I really love your sister a lot!"

"Really... So there no problems with you two?" Applebloom said.

"Nope I really love Applejack and do you want to hear a secret... You have to promise not to tell her!" Spike said now stopping making breakfast.

Applebloom nodded.

Spike leaned down close to Applebloom and whispered on her ears, "I want to give her a birthday gift.. Because today is your sister birthday!" He smiled and regained his composure to continue cooking, "Remember don't tell Applejack!"

Spike and Applebloom could heard hoofs steps that are getting close by and Applejack walked in the kitchen, "Mornin' Applebloom!" she trotted up to Spike and they shared a quick kiss.

Applebloom saw her sister and the dragon kiss and she felt dizzy, "Argh... cross!" She put her tongue out.

After breakfast Applebloom walk outside, before Applejack walk outside with Applebloom who was already outside, Spike call Applejack before she reach the door.

"Hey Applejack do you need anything?" Spike questioned.

"Yes can you go to the pharmacy and pick up some headache medicine all this about the pregnancy is give me a migraine and the stomach is getting heavy!" Applejack said to her boyfriend.

"Okay see you in a few minutes!" The purple dragon boy said as he walked out of the store and headed left.

Applejack smile and walk to Applebloom who was waiting for her outside.

"Sister why your stomach seemed so big now?" Asked Applebloom looking at Applejack's stomach which got a little big.

"Spike got me pregnant!" Applejack said putting her hoofs on his stomach.

"oh my god... We're gonna have hybrid freaks on our family!" Apple Bloom said.

Applejack roll her eyes.

"So when are you going to give birth sister?" Apple Bloom ask.

"On six months from today Spike will be with me when I'm giving birth so I can grip something tight when the pain comes when I'm my labor day!" Said Applejack as she and Apple Bloom headed to the barn.

"When did you find out that your pregnant?" Asked Apple Bloom.

"Yesterday morning, Spike took me to the doctors and we found out that day!" Applejack said.

During the barn job Apple Bloom kept looking at Applejack to see if she was okay. Applejack was having a hard time to do her job as she felt her stomach more heavy that ever.

Three hours later, Applejack finally finished her apple job and she was the last one to finished it and to leave the barn. Applebloom was waiting for Applejack to come out of the barn.

"It was the job hard for you?" Asked Applejack as she come out of the barn and saw Applebloom waiting for her.

"Nope it was easy for me!" Said Applebloom as she headed to the Sugarcube Corner with Applejack, "Your finished in a hour and ten minutes late you getting old!" She said s she getting in line for the lunch.

Applejack roll her eyes ignoring Applebloom comments.

"Hello Applejack and Applebloom... What I can do for you two?" Asked Pinkie Pie.

"I want to have a ramen noodles with barbecue sauce and pineapple dripped in chocolate and 3 cupcakes" Said Applejack telling her order to Pinkie Pie and take her foods.

Spike who was already done with his task and heading on his way home when he spotted the jewelry store and for an unknown reason he found himself walking in and heading for the necklaces while he was looking around he heard a familiar voice was heard who was heading his way.

"As been a while, Spike!" The voice belonged to Soaring a pegasus stallion and ex-member of the Wonderbolts.

"Yes it has... what are you doing here?" Spike responded before looking back to the necklaces.

"Getting Twilight a pre-proposal gift and since this is where the others bought their lady stuff I might as well try it!" Soaring said with a slight smirk.

"Yeah, me I'm here for an early Applejack birthday gift!" The purple dragon said to the former Wonderbolts ex-member.

"I personally get the necklace that have a red small apple-gem!" The blue stallion pegasus said and waited for Spike reaction before smiling.

"I can't believe I'm going to be father!" Spike whispered so only the adult could hear.

The stallion pegasus smiled for a few moments and answered, "So you get Applejack pregnant.. Congratulation buddy!"

"Thanks... I think!" Spike said.

"Why didn't you and Rarity ever go out and why is she with Fancy pants?" The stallion pegasus, Soaring ask, he know that Spike liked Rarity more than any others but he also knew that the purple dragon liked Applejack in that way too.

With a heavy sigh the purple teen dragon answered him, "I suppose the reason for both is that Rarity know my crush on her but she also toll me that she was not interesting on me even after all the think I done for her... Well I was young back then but when I tun pre-teen ages I was still heartbroken!"

Soaring stared at him for a few minutes in, "Is that all?"

"No there is more... But I not want to talk about it!" Spike said.

"Okay buddy!" Soaring said.

Spike nodded as he paying for his gift and they headed for home.

"Applejack I'm back... Applejack?" Spike said after entering his farm house. He walked into the kitchen and placed the medicine by the sink. He did not see anypony around.

Spike walk to the room and hide the gift under his pillow.

It was now night time, Spike was in bed reading a book when the door to the bedroom was open came in his lovely wife Applejack who is nine months or lest pregnant and is ready to pop any day now.

"Man, am I tired" Applejack said as her green eyes stared at her purple dragon lover.

Spike put down the book a little bit to stare at his lovely farm mare wife with love in his green eyes, "You should get in bed and lie down" He said never taking his eyes off of Applejack.

Applejack smiled and was about to lie on the bed when she felt something break and a pain in her stomach, "AHH... SPIKE!" She shouted.

Spike put the book on the bed and got out of the bed as he raced towards her, "What is it Applejack... Are you alright?" He asked.

Applejack groan, "My water just broke... the baby is coming!" She said as she leaned down holding her stomach.

"WHAT NOW?" Spike shouted as he stood up with his eyes widened as he stared at his wife.

"Yes... NOW!" Applejack gasps, "The baby wants to come out now!" She said as she groaned.

"Alright.. alright don't panic everything is going to be alright!" Said a panicked Spike as he pulled a chair closer to where Applejack is and sat her down before going to the closet.

Just then they heard thunder and water fall outside.

Spike groan, "Oh great it's raining and on the day where my child is going to be born!" He muttered as he looked at the window before continue rummaging through the closet.

"What on Equestria are you doing over there Spike?" Applejack yell.

Spike came back holding a rain coat, towel and an umbrella.

Applebloom and Big Mac come out of they own room and see Spike punting the raincoat and the towel around Applejack and hold the umbrella on he tail.

"Spike what going on?" Applebloom ask.

"You sister is going to give birth!" Spike respond.

"SHE ABOUT TO GIVE BIRTH" Applebloom shouted.

Spike and Applejack nodded their heads. Spike went over to Applejack and put his arms around her.

Applejack on her stubbornness, "N... no I can walk... on my own!" She said pain.

Spike looked at her, "You can barely can move Aj don't worry!" He lift her up with with his dragon strength and carried her with his arms. He quickly made his way to the door.

Spike quickly made his way out to the hospital, he got there within half of hours running to the hospital paying no attention to anything around him, he focused on getting his wife to the hospital that was not too far of the farm place.

Spike walk to the hospital holding Applejack on his arm.

"Please help she's about to have a baby!" Spike practically yelled at the receptionist.

"Alright calm down sir... We have her ready in no time!" Said the female receptionist as a another female receptionist came and send three nurses to take Applejack away.

"Are you the father?" The second female receptionist ask.

Spike nodded, "Yes I'm the father!"

"Okay then I guess you can fill out these papers... Follow me please!" Said the female receptionist and walk with him up of the stairs to a floor where there were many stallion and in the waiting area.