Chit Chat on Author's Corner Crossover Challenge

Your chosen crossover character: Richard Castle
Your chosen crossover show: Castle
your assigned Criminal Minds character: Emily Prentiss

Ideas: rick marring Kate and Em is Kate's cousin with a little Hotch action on the side

He looked around; he knew this was then most important day in his life right next to the day she said yes. Richard Castle was the luckiest man in the world and all because Kate loved him! The ceremony went off without a problem in sight, sure there had to be added security for Kate's Aunt Elizabeth because she was an ambassador but his poker buddies need it to so it wasn't so bad but looking back and meeting the rest of the family was a bit of an experience that he would never forget.

1 year ago:

"You know I still haven't met your family other than Jim" Rick said as he glanced over at the love of his life "do you want me to get them together so you can meet them? They are a bit of an odd bunch and I freely admit that they are not all blood family but we are just as close as you and Alexis" she said looking up at him from the paper work that she was doing, closing the file and grabbing her coat "let me call Em and see if everyone can come up and visit for the week and I'll talk to Gates to see if I can get that week off and we can all get together and you can get to know everyone" "sounds like a plan I can live with and we do have spare room at the loft since the renovation that everyone can just stay there" grabbing her hand and pulling her close, he gave he a gentle kiss on her lips before she could smack his arm he let go " you know the rules not at work!" she let out with a huff " I know but it's a 20 minute drive home and I've been waiting all day" the man child whined, stifling the laugh that was threatening to come out "let's go I have calls to make and a very ruggedly handsome man waiting for me" "that I am!" he strutted off concededly

Walking through the door of the loft she was attacked from behind by Rick and his lips went straight to the spot behind he left ear that made her loose thought "stop Rick I need to make this call and then you can have your wicked way with me" Kate reluctantly said peeling him off her and heading straight for the office, this was one of the few times he was glad that his mother decided to move into the apartment above the school and Alexis was off doing last minute things with Paige and would be gone for the rest of the evening. Heading straight for the kitchen and for a bottle of wine to open and to let breath he caught snips and snaps of the conversation going on between the cousins

"Can you come to New York for a week? When do you go on stand down next? Hmmmm, let me ask Gates if I can get that off, bring the whole family Em even the kids, yes Ricks ok with it, it was his idea to meet every one before the wedding. Just to give you the heads up I'm calling Jason, yes I have his number and yes I know he went a bit loopy but he's been getting help and I want him here make sure everyone understands that if he does come not to bug him too much, oh and make sure Rossi behaves this time last time he came with everyone I had to get the boys not to kill him" peals of laughter where heard "see you guys soon, send my love to Erin you know how much she loves me" the sarcasm not missed as she giggled.

As the call ended the soft sounds of Sinatra filled the loft, turning to Kate, grabbing her hand and pulling her close; a privet dance as they spoke "so when is the invading armies coming?" the grin in the tone was evident and she smiled herself" in about 2 weeks they are on a 2 week stand down and they are coming up I just need to call Jason as well but I warn you now it might get hostel for the first bit, Jason is my uncle well not really he and Dad went to school together and stayed close afterwards he went on to the FBI and Dad law but at one point he and Em did work together but he left because the love of his life was killed because he was FBI, I understand the PTSD but he left with only a letter to Spencer" sighing "Oh Kate, come I have the feeling you are going to need a bit of distraction, call him tomorrow at lunch I'll remind you" before she could blink he had her scooped up into his arms and headed off to their room.

AN: So my lovelies! Here is the first part of the fic I have a feeling this is going to be the longest fic I have ever written and I have so much to add! I still need to do the Criminal Minds side of this all and with a Jason part to go with this! And then get the Family together and the wedding too! So much to do and I finally found my mojo to get the words out thanks to good old Blue Eyes and his good friend Tony LOL! Man I'm glad for the music and I'm sure it will keep showing up in this story.

So keep your eyes peeled for more and come and join in on the fun of the challenges that we get in the group so ttfn my lovelies and keep tuned in!