Hey every one! Its me just a quick update I have a few things going on in my life right now so I'm learning how to juggle writing and working once again and quiet recently I had to put down my best friend Mako the cat my little fur baby to sleep he took ill in less than 48 hours and there was nothing I could do for my boy his brother and sister are still looking for him its hard explain to my other cats that their little brother isn't coming back, also I've been suffering from a horrible case of writers block I'm doing my damnest to shake it but nothing seems to be helping so suggestions would rock.

I'm hoping this is just a temporary posting in all my active fics, I've even stopped looking at the challenge work handed out in the group I'm in I'm so stumped, even my novel has dust on it and it's my baby! Any who drop me a line with help or an ass kicking and let's see if we and get my mojo going again cause this is causing me migraines too and my brain doc is off till January

Shannon Jethro Gideon Snape