Title: Caged Bird
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya, Side; Shiki x Izaya
Warnings: MalexMale Relationships, Smut, Rape, Slight Cross dressing

Izaya's POV

Warmth surrounding me is the only thing that I can think about as my mind starts to part from my pleasant slumber. I cuddle more into the source of the warmth and feel it shift underneath me. Something brushes down my back causing pleasurable shivers to run down my spine. My eyes start to blink open and meet a pair of caramel colored ones straight on. For a moment, I tense up because I don't remember where I am or who the person staring back at me is. Once the sleep induced haze starts dissipate, I begin to think more properly and I'm hit the memory of last night though . I start to blush when I realize that my naked body is pressed against the blonde samurai that came to my pleasure room by mistake a few weeks ago. A weird rush of emotions runs over me that I can't quite identify. His calloused hand comes up and brushes my raven colored bangs aside. The rough hand starts to caress my face, causing me to tilt into the touch.

"Good morning…" Shizuo says, his hot breath brushing against my face causing me to want to feel more of it. The samurai flashes me a small smile, making heat rush up and taint my face. He starts to lean in and presses his lips to mine causing my toes to curl from the electric sensation. I wrap my arms around his neck and tilt my head to make our kiss deeper. His lips part and his warm tongue pokes at my seal lips to ask for entrance. I part my lips and brush my tongue against his softly, trying to coax him to play with me. His muscle starts to press against mine but stops suddenly. I look at Shizuo with a look of confusion but he just shoves me away roughly. "Get dressed."

I blink, not quite understanding the sudden change of emotion, but then hear foot steps heading our way. I get up and grab my kimono from the floor, blushing at the memory of how it ended up on the floor in the first place. I quickly start to dress myself but only am part of the way dressed when the door was pulled all the way open. Shizuo and I both look at the door and try and cover over selves as we stare at the door in shock. In the door frame was a girl with dark brown hair that was braided and pinned up.

"Shizu-shizu! You-" The girl stopped talking when she saw that I was half dressed. The girl's brown eyes drifted from me to Shizuo and back to me before brightening up. "Ahhh! A forbidden love! Sooo cute! Ahh I bet you two fight over dominance and end up in all these weird positions while fighting, then realize your passion for each other and totally make love right there! So hot! Boy love is the be-"

"ERIKA!" Shizuo yells while finishing putting on his clothes, cutting off the hyper little girl from her ranting. I can feel my face getting redder by the second as finish redressing myself as well. "Izaya is just a friend." The samurai lies. I'm not quite sure why but I feel a weird tug on my heart at those words.

"Ahh! You guys are on first name basis already! I bet you two are going to run away together and have lots of se-"

"ERIKA!" I hear my foot steps coming this way and soon three men appear behind the annoying girl. A man with slicked back, brown hair pushed the girl, named Erika, out of the way and bowed slightly at Shizuo before returning into a normal standing position.

"Errr your father is looking for you Heiwajima-san." The man said causing Shizuo's eyes to go wide. He looks over at me for a moment before looking back at the four that are standing at the door. I just stand there awkward as he walks towards them.

"Thanks Kyohei. Errr…please keep a watch on Iza-err—Orihara-san while I'm gone." He says as he exits the room and disappears down the hall. The four of them look at me, not quite sure what to do. I don't blame them. I'm grown man; I can take care of myself!

The air of the room is awkward as none of us know what to say or do. After a few minutes though, the annoying girl starts to talk again.

"Hey…aren't you a geisha?" Erika asks as she tilts her head and points towards me. The men all gawk at her question and one with blonde hair puts his hands over her mouth to try and stop her from saying anything else. The one Shizuo called Kyohei bows towards me.

"Sorry about her. She reall-"

"I am." I cut off, not caring to hear this mans excuse. All the men's faces go red in embarrassment as they stood there gawking at me.

Heh. What a bunch of prudes.

"Look not that this isn't fun or anything…but I really should be going." I say as I try to leave the room, but a guy with medium length brown hair steps in my way.

"Sorry Orihara-san." The man says.

"What Saburo means is we can't let you leave. Heiwajima-san said to keep a watch on you till he gets back." Kyohei says with a serious tone. I let out a long sigh as I run my hair through my dark locks.

"You guys take your job way too seriously."

An hour passes before Shizuo finally returns, much to my happiness. After sitting here for an hour hear Erika talk about this and that, hell I would be relived to see Namie!

Okay well maybe that was pushing it a little bit…

The blonde samurai motions for the servants to leave and they promptly do. For a moment we are left in quiet before I decide to break it.

"So powerful~ I like that in my men~" I purr as I walk over to Shizuo and wrap my arms around him seductively. He doesn't make any move to return the action which causes my heart to strain a bit. I look up at him but he just keeps his head down, refusing to look at me. I run my hand up his arm to press lightly up on his chin so that he is looking at me. "What's wrong?"

He opens his mouth to answer me but then shuts it and looks away. I start to feel nervous at the quietness of the samurai, but wait patiently for him to answer me.

"My marriage to Vorona has been moved up."

My whole body goes cold.

I completely forgot that Shizuo was engaged…

My arms start to slip off him and I begin to frown. Both of us remain quite as neither of us want to mention the elephant in the room. I run my hand through my hair and look away.

"…how soon?" I ask, not really wanting to know the answer. There is an air of silence causing my throat to feel dry.

"…two weeks." He finally says. For once in my life, I don't know what to say. Shizuo just stands there, making me even more speechless. I think that we both know what has to be done…but neither of us wants to do it. I flinch when I feel Shizuo wrap his arms around me, pulling me into a tight embrace.

"Izaya…" He says softly, causing me to feel a flood of emotions. I refuse to look at him, knowing that will only complicate things more.

"Shizu-chan…this was a mistake." My heart breaks and I feel him tense up. I close my eyes tightly and push him away. "Please take care of Mikado for me." I say as I start to head for the door but am stopped when I feel him tug my kimono sleeve back towards him.

"You're not going anywhere!" He says as he pulls me into him to slam me into the wall. I squeak at the sudden force and take a sharp inhale which never gets released due to the samurai presses his lips into mine. Instinctively, I start to push him away but he just pins my hands above my head. The force of the kiss is nearly crushing, much different from the night before. I start to turn my head when I feel that I can no longer breathe. I'm suddenly released and Shizuo moves himself away from me. He looks really shocked, like I was the one who just forcefully pinned him to the wall.

What the fuck is going on?

"I'm sorry…I just…" He trails off as he looks at the ground, seemingly ashamed of his rather bizarre behavior.

"Shizuo." I say with a serious tone. "We can never be together. Things should have never gone this far." Even though it really does kill me inside to say this, I know that it is the truth.

And there is nothing either of us can do about it.

"Yeah…" He quietly agrees. I take advantage of the situation and slip out the door quickly. This time, however,…

He doesn't come after me.

I bite my lip hard to try and stop myself from crying. This was the reason why I didn't want to do anything with Shizuo. It was bound to fail even before it began. Somehow though, the bastard tricked me into falling for him and now I have to build the walls back up that he tore down. Its funny how one person can break something that you spent years building up.

I turn to start to head towards the room that we left Kida and Mikado but I stop when I hear muffled moans coming from a room a little ways down the hall. I know that it is none of my business, but my curiosity gets the better of me. Carefully, I tip toe down the hall way and make my way to the other room. The sounds get louder as I get closer and I can tell that the person that is trying to hold in their moaning is a female.

Once I get close enough, I slowly open the door just enough to see inside the room.

My breath is caught in my throat when I see Shizuo's fiancé lying naked on the floor with another man on top of her.

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